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Zone of the Enders: The Fist of Mars

by Scintilla

Part 38: Episode 25 - Epilogue


Music: Intermission

Contrary to what I previously thought, the epilogue is pretty much exactly the same as it was in the previous route. The only differences are that Phil is alive and therefore has lines in it, and Nadia is dead and therefore does not.

:…the terrorist group claiming to fight for Martian Independence. The group, which has lost its mastermind in the attack, is expected to lose power completely over time, and recent events lend hope to achieving peace in previously riot-torn territories on Mars…The Hellespontos government has evaluated the state of these areas gravely, and has stated that they will reconsider postponing the tax increase to a later time. In other news…

Music: Epilogue Theme

: I can't believe you! They're taking off today!

: Heh...sorry...Um, where's Razma at? He's not here yet?

: Hm? You're not together?

: Weird...He left before me...And what's with the guests of honor? They didn't jet already, right?

: They are going through pre-boarding procedures. I think they will be returning shortly...

: Heh heh...And thus the tangled web is woven...

: (…Mebius.)

: Phew...Why are stations so uselessly big? Just finding the counter took some doing.

: Heh heh heh.

:...Ah! Here they come!

: You're late! What were you doin'?!

: Hey, sorry. I was doing something.

: Oh, are you here to take care of business? That's pretty manly of you...oh, it's still unfinished, isn’t it?

:...You still didn't do it?!

: No! I'll DO it! But today...! This is killing me!

: What!? I'M going to kill YOU!

: J-Jojo! Pauly! And Gilbert...!

: Violence is bad.

: Yeah, Semyl!! Do it!

: Were you late because you were rounding up these children?

: S...sorry...

: Are you going away? I'll still be able to see you, right?

: Of course. I'm just going to go somewhere to find something.

: To find something?


: Really? Promise? You have to, because I'm going to marry you when I grow up.

: Ha ha ha ha ha...That's right. I'm looking forward...Owwww!


: Uh-oh.

: I'm really glad that I met all of you. A lot has happened, but that is why I am here like this. I am forever indebted to you. Thank you for taking me in the way you did...

: Well, nobody's forcin' you to go, ya know? You could just stick around...

: Precisely. If Mr. Deckson were alive, he would say the same.

: Thank you. But I didn't choose to come here consciously. I can't take the easy way out and stay.


:…don't know when that is going to be, but I want to go to different places and meet different people, feel different things, and then figure out what I am supposed to do. I want to give myself another opportunity to come back here because I want to.


: Semyl. You've done so much for me...I'm really sad to be apart from you again. But we're friends no matter how far away we are, aren't we? We'll always be friends.

: N-No! Don't cry. Come on, smile!


: Come on, Pops, say something.

: I can't deal with this stuff.

: You little...

: Mr. Yukito, Mr. Warren.

: Mm? Oh! Cage! um, er, what can I say...

: Uh, right! Pops, too...

: There's no need for that. From now on, you are going to have your experiences and teach yourself, right? That is much better than learning through what you hear from someone else. It would make me happy if you remembered us. But you need to paint over what you think you know now with your own experiences!

: Yes, sir!

: You don't have to think too hard about what he just said, Cage. Even if you lie around like a bump on a log, you're still going to gain more rings. Otherwise you're going to be old and crusty in your early 30s, like him.

: Heh heh...I think I know what you mean.

: That I can't tell you.

: YOU!

: Cage. Don't you think they're a funny mix of people?

: Heh heh. They joke around on the surface, but they've been through a lot together. Their friendship is based on a deep sense of trust.

: Of course. It's been that way for a long time now.

: Cage...

: What was that?

: It sounded like

: Razma. The sound's coming from that basket.

Fun fact; the character portrait is Phil’s, but the name on the text box is ‘Warren’. I re-checked the previous version and, sure enough, Warren is the one who delivers the line in the other playthrough. Looks like one of the developers slipped up.

: What?!

: Gilbert. You're not supposed to tell anybody about that kind of stuff.

: Ohhhhhh!! Cuuuuute!

: Y...You!! I can't believe it! I thought you would do it eventually, but...You moron! Who is the mother, and where is she?!

: She looks exactly like Mr. Razma around the eyes.

: Wait! You've got it all wrong! No! I wouldn't do something like that! Cage, help!

:...And how would I do that?

: I'm telling you, it wasn't like that! A person saying she was a big fan of ours gave it to me telling me it was food for all of us! I never thought there would be baby inside!

:...That's all you gotta say for yourself?

: Y-You're not getting it...

: Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!

: She won't stop crying. Maybe she's hungry? Just a minute, okay, I'll go find you some milk...Warren, will you hold on to her for a while? I can't trust them with her!

: Should I ask Yukito, then?

: Oh look, it's a little girl. All living things are most adorable when they are this small.

: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

: F-Fine! I'll hold it, give it to me!

: Ah...?


: She's asleep? Children are cute whatever they do...

: *Giggle* I agree...Perhaps we should...

: Hm? There is a letter...I see, the girl who brought this child is not her mother. She was protecting her because she is an orphan, and decided that giving her to us would be the most sound decision. She apologizes for the inconvenience repeatedly.

: She has nobody else; perhaps we should raise her.

: Good idea. All of us can...

: That won't work! She needs parents, don't you think?

:...You two take her.


: But...I don't think there's anyone else who can do it. Right, Twede?

:...I must agree.

: It’s just a formality. You wouldn’t have to get married or anything. Oh! Unless you want…

: M, Mebius! Say something! Please!

: *Giggle* She is so cute when she's sleeping...It's okay, little one. Everything's going to be okay...Did you say something?

: *Giggle*

: Look! She's laughing! You're awake? She's laughing!

:...Even in the most terrible of eras...No, especially in a time like this, we need to see innocent smiles. For that purpose, people will procreate and leave a part of themselves for the future...It's a very strange thing.

: W-Well in that case, you and Robin could take it...

: Really?!


: Oh...Cage.

: Yeah. I'm sorry to bother you at an important time, but we should get going soon...

: Oh yeah. Come back soon!

: You'd better come back before she starts talking. It'll be good training for you.

: If you get in trouble, just go to the closest NUT outlet, okay?

:...We'll be able to eliminate most problems from here.

: Heh heh...Thank you very much.

: Good luck! Send me an e-mail!

:...The end is near...

: Ain't no way! He is over!

: Ha ha ha...


: It’s…It’s n-n-nothing! Nothing at all. Take care!

: You too, Phil. Thank you for everything.

: Thank you, everyone. I am sorry that we are leaving, just when things are beginning for Mars...

:…I'll make everyone work twice as hard. It's going to get busy, folks!

: *Sigh* No vacation for us? But we can't complain – our actions made a difference. That gives me the energy to do just a little more.

: Of COURSE! BIS is forever!!

:...G...Good luck...Um, she might kill me before I see you again...

: Heh heh. Well, we're going now!

The music fades out and the scene switches to the shuttle about to leave Deimos station…

P.A. System:…fasten your belts until our departure. Our onboard monitors are showing a real-time picture of Mars...

Music: Born in Space

:…why can't people just get along? Is there no choice but to keep fighting? No, there must be a better solution than that. Everyone is human. Everyone is striving for the same thing, to survive...)

:…minute light, a split second. In the smallness of ourselves, we house enough anger, desperation, and destructiveness to set the entire universe ablaze...I wasn't able to figure it out, sadly. The next time we meet, if you've figured it out...please tell me.

: (Mr. Deckson....I may never find the answer to your question. But even so, I know that you can't stop looking for it. If you don't continue looking, you definitely won't find it...Do you think that things will be okay? Do you think that this hatred will pass, and become something more constructive? I believe that will happen. Everyone in the world...has the power to change the future...)

: Cage, what are you looking at?

: Just looking at Mars...

:...So much has happened. The complex relationship between Earth and Mars, Mr. Deckson and Phil...


:...I wonder if that baby is going to be all right.

: Huh?

: I wonder if she'll grow up happy.

: I wouldn't worry. Ms. Mebius and Mr. Warren are taking care of her. And everybody else will support them too.

: *Giggle* I know. But I'm sure she'll be kind and generous.

: A lot of lives have been lost, but for the sake of those lost lives, we have to protect the new lives.

: All of us need to keep moving forward. Let's always remember to move forward, together.

: Is that the right thing? How about everyone...

:…holds true for Pharsti, too.

: Yes...That day, if the two of them were given an invitation, I am sure they are together in the same place.

:...Hey, maybe they'll even be reborn together.

: If they can be born again with their souls united, I hope that they grow to be old and happy.

: Free...Yes, that would be nice.

P.A. System:…pressurized, please note that all communication devices will be temporarily unavailable...

: We're really going, Cage.

: I know.

: *Yawn*

: Mm-hmm. I'm sorry, I'm going to take a nap.

: Go ahead.

: Hey...

: Yes?

: Sure.

: (Ares, you said I was free. I'm going to go and see for myself. First, I have to change...right, Ares? I'm on my way...and I'm going to find what I'm looking for. My future...Ares, I am no longer confused. After all...

: (I'm not alone. I have Myona now.)


The screen turns white as the shuttle lifts off, carrying Cage and Myona to an unknown destination.

And that’s the end of the main story! Stay tuned for the credits and the secret scene afterwards – it’s pretty important in nailing down exactly where Fist of Mars stands in the grand scheme of the ZOE franchise.