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Original Thread: Let's Play dongs.exe

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download dongs.exe here and play!

Show me your dongs and you will be listed below!

dongs.exe Part 1
dongs.exe Part 2
dongs.exe Part 3
dongs.exe Part 4
dongs.exe Part 5
dongs.exe Part 6
dongs.exe Part 7
dongs.exe Part 8
dongs.exe Part 9
dongs.exe Part 10
dongs.exe Part 11
dongs.exe Part 12
dongs.exe Part 13
dongs.exe Part 14
dongs.exe Part 15
dongs.exe Part 16 speed run contest
dongs.exe Part 17
dongs.exe Part 18
dongs.exe Part 19
dongs.exe Part 20 fin yo, see video for details

dongs.exe continued by buddies below!


Holy cow, Let's Play subforum buddies! The Nerd Police is onto us!
let us play: bongs dot sex on x

may contain peanuts

I made a video for your thread.dc :?:<-


I did this
Depressing Drawers

Showin' my dongs in this thread
here be da dongs

SALUTATIONS let'sPlaythrough fandom tonight I'm gettin' atcha a video let'sPlaythrough. Here are MY filmings!

dungs.exe Part 1
dungs.exe Part 2
dungs.exe Part 3
dungs.exe Part 4
Let me show you my dongs.exe

dongs.exe 1


dsage posted:

Get mixing.

see part 16
try to beat my part 16 time please, use the space bar, your reward will be a new video & something nice i bet!13 secondsish 11ish seconds 10.5 seconds from start of level to flagpole touchdown is the time to beat!
THE winner
10.5 seconds by moeljbcp

moeljbcp posted:

10.5 seconds now. (Google video link as well in case it ever starts working Working now.)

With any luck nobody will beat this by tonight!

He is got the prize. But is it not the final prize. It is merely a shadow.
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