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Part 39: .hack Quarantine - //Update 01.5 - Message Board Posts

Welcome to the bonus update. Most of the time between volumes, there isn't such a massive influx of message board posts. Quarantine is a special game in that regard.

There's going to be a point very soon where we won't see the message board for several updates, so the forum posts are front-loaded. Again, you guys can skip this update. The only thing you need to know from any of it is that the item collection event was suspended.

For the rest of you, buckle in. There's gonna be a lot of dumb words coming up.

An alternative to the monolithic ALTIMIT by Orange Computer. Orange Computer. Come on guys, you can do better than that for your thinly veiled commentary.

I don't smoke, but I can see several benefits to taking the habit up. I dunno if it's different where you all live, but around here smokers get extra - paid - breaks at their jobs. Every couple hours they get to go off by themselves for up to 5 minutes at a time and relieve stress. Those of us without the habit don't get any such luxuries.

I don't want to get too much us_labor_laws.txt, though. This is a let us play thread about anime computer melodrama.

I just Googled the conversion rate on Yen to USD. 40,000 yen is ~$332 USD. We've seen the types of phones they have in the .hack universe. They're shitty flip phones and candy bar feature phones.

I looked it up in my archives, and apparently this new phone was the one being talked about way back at the start of Outbreak - the one with a 90Mbps connection to the phone. In fact, here's the news article talking about it...

So it looks like the smart phone revolution is starting to take over in the dotHack universe. If that's the case, then $332 is actually fairly cheap for a cutting edge proto smart phone.

: Hey guys my friend got caught going to one of those sex shops.
: I want to go to a sex shop. Please tell me where one is!

Nukem6 is a fucking idiot.

I want to say this is just a Scientology analogue, but wanting to be informative I did an exact Google search for "infinite diversity theory" and came across a long dead forum ( talking about how Harald believed in this stupid theory.

Personally I like the Scientology explanation better. It doesn't remind me of Liminality 3.

A shady individual who says "There's nothing to worry about :-)" when talking about meeting in real life is the kind of guy who would string you up in some decrepit sex dungeon.

So, good on Yuki. She's finally starting to show a little intelligence in her stupid, empty head.

Yes, that .

We know that there's a reason for the garbled text unrelated to ALTIMIT, but Jesus. People are really quick to jump on the anti-ALTIMIT bandwagon. There's certainly a middle ground between "CC Corp, the WNC, and ALTIMIT all have our best interests at heart" and "Row Row Fight The Powah."

That's not some shitty South Park-esque "THE TRUTH IS IN THE MIDDLE!!!!11!!" thing, either. Just go with moderation. There's plenty of reasons to distrust the establishment, but the news story earlier said this is really the first major test that ALTIMIT has had in the last five years. Of COURSE things are gonna be bumpy.

That's kind of a shitty way to run an event. The second any one person's list is filled, it's over for everyone. You just know that if this were a regular MMO, the event would be over within minutes of the patch going live.


The following below happen after the rest of the first update finishes. Those of you that didn't skip this one get these posts as a "bonus."

Yeah, the Item Completion event is strictly post game only. If for some incomprehensible reason you want to do this, save every weapon and armor you pick up on Omega Server and stick them in your bank. Trust me on this, it'll make your life much simpler later on.

Anyway, that's it for all those forum posts, and me arguing with a .jpg file about moderation.

NEXT TIME: We measure data fluctuation for Lios. That just means we kill a data bug.

See y'all then!