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Part 52: .hack Quarantine - //Update 12 - Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field

//Update 12

Hello everyone! Welcome to the postgame content for .hack//Quarantine.

We're actually picking up at the tail end of the credits. It would have felt cheap to include the desktop and such after the ending and credits were a natural cutoff point.

It's worth pointing out that the 11th save is just before the final boss, while the 12th is immediately after. Yeah, that one fight took me an hour and eleven minutes to get through.

Oh Piros, you could never be in my way.

I was a little more proactive in getting party members up to maximum affection before the end of the game, so we got a bunch of really cute e-mails as a denouement to their individual stories.

Though I am legitimately worried for Kite's health if he's going to visit Ryoko at her house.

There is gonna be some nasty political fallout from the network crisis.


It's a little late to bring antitrust lawsuits against a company when your government made the laws mandating that everyone use their products. Of course that's going to create a monopoly!

Disbanding your organization and restarting with a different name just means the same people will be doing the same job again. It's not going to solve any problems.

I'm not an expert on medical matters, but I'm pretty sure if you've been in a coma for months, then you've got some pretty intense and painful physical therapy ahead of you, not to mention potential long lasting damage from being under.


: Why don't you go talk to everyone?

: Mistral haggled me down... There's no way I can win against a housewife.

: If you complete the item list, I heard there may or may not be a bonus. I wonder if anyone has completed it? Oh, he's crying... sorry.

: The system is gradually being restored. All we need now is just people coming back to play.

: I created the Aromatic Grass Society. You wanna join?

: Kazu is late coming home. He's gotta be accessing from somewhere.

: (Kazu) I'm accessing from an internet cafe. Don't tell sis. XD

Kazu is seriously about 50 feet from Blackrose. She's not looking very hard for him.

: You're late. :-| I can only play an hour a day now. Gimme a break! :_(

: Sorry. :-)

: Oh well. Anyway, there was this e-mail from Aura. Let's go to Δ Bursting Passed Over Aqua Field.

Poor Orca. He was a pretty nice crutch character at the start, and now that we can actually use him, he's so hilariously weak that there's little point in doing so.

: Come on, let's go meet Aura. I don't have time. :-(

Skipping ahead to the second floor of a dungeon I covered in depth four years ago...

: I'm having really bad flashbacks...

: The power it holds can bring forth either salvation or destruction at the whim of the user. You know what this means, don't you?

: Aura...

That's all the gameplay we're gonna be covering today. These postgame updates are gonna tend to be shorter, as there's no more action happening. I'm also cutting out simply baffling amounts of content because none of it is remotely interesting.

Nobody wants to see screenshots of me jamming summon scrolls down Orca's throat, for instance. Or of me trekking to and from an endless number of Springs of Myst. Furthermore, I wouldn't have anything to say about it beyond something perfunctory.

Who would have thought that a US politician would be corrupt? What next, someone's gonna tell me that the sky isn't really mauve?

.HACKERS is the dumbest name.

Oh it's you two again. Kindly die. Oh right, they also said something important.

: A cat? Can it be?!

At least all the Lost Ones have finally recovered.

You know there's a pretty severe conflict of interest in having the President of the US also be the chairman on the internet regulatory board.

All we know about Infinite Diversity Theory is that Harald based The World on some of its principles that it has an awful equation that tries to explain... something. I guess the reference is "The more choices you have the more results will be possible." Which, to me, sounds like complete nonsense - like Coleman strung words together and hoped that people accepted bullshit blindly.

Mistral's husband was one of the guards at the Mega Float that night. So just remember how awful and creepy those guards were to Kyo and Yuki and remember that one of them was married to Mistral. She specifically mentions that her husband was beaten up by three girls and a man in a hawaiian shirt. So yeah, he was definitely one of the creeps.

How do you fuck up so badly that you make a potato taste like a tomato?

Bigfoot Deception is an awful species name.

I have absolutely nothing to say to this. I don't even know what would be appropriate or funny to say about a bizarre press conference.

Helba is the real catch here, as she's cheated all of her stats to the absolute maximum. I'm also not ashamed to say that we're going to use her for an upcoming thing.

I've run out of witty ways to say it. This event is awful and if you have any remaining respect for your mental well being you'll stay well the fuck away from it.

Ω Hidden Darkside Holy Ground is added to the Word List.

Quarantine's bonus dungeon is a tad bit infamous. It's half as long again as Δ Reincarnated Purgatorial Altar and the data bugs in it are absolute bastards.

But that's for another time.

NEXT TIME: A short update where we look at the state of things as of the start of the postgame.