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Part 54: .hack Quarantine - //Update 14 - .hack//Sign Data Ghosts

//Update 14

Today is solely focused on the .hack//Sign Data Ghosts. These things were available in Outbreak but I held off on recording them for reasons related to laziness.

There are nine sets of ghosts, one set for each main character of the anime, and it's just them spouting out a random quote before disappearing into the ether.


: ...... She vanished...

Each interaction goes like that. It's really same-y, though the rewards are pretty amazing considering you can do all of these in Outbreak.

The video I linked above has all of the quotes voiced.

This is also a source of nine guaranteed noble wines, in case you somehow need megalixirs.

Sutras, which I mentioned in the last update, are only possible to get through this.

Each of these Ghosts will give out 1 full heal, 1 full mana restore, 1 megalixir, 1 energy sutras, 1 spirit sutras, and a special gift at the end.

So you can get +90 maximum HP and +45 maximum MP from doing these ghosts. Honestly, that's probably a better reason to do them than the restorative items.

The Golden Grunty is Mimiru's last gift. After giving it, she disappears with a gold puff and a special noise, which indicates that you're done with her.


After Mimiru comes BT.

Considering you can get these as early as the first hour of Outbreak, the reward for BT's series is pretty decent!

I've also completely finished the name list while running around between the ghosts, and traded quite a few more times.


Bear's quotes are next.

Briefly while collecting these ghosts, I had the thought that I would look at and analyze their quotes and talk about what each of them meant and stuff.

Then I realized that I was going to have to do that for 54 separate quotes and fuck that noise.

Riveting, I know.

Sora is fourth up.

One of the questions in Sign was who, exactly, is Sora? That question is answered in the final episode. As he was data drained, the camera cut to the real world and showed the bedroom of a child, then it focused on a sign on the wall which said "4th Grade Class Schedule."

So the infamous PKer was a 10 year old.

Crim is fifth.

Silver Knight is sixth.

You know, if nothing else, these quotes are certainly at least a pretty good look at the individual personalities of these people.

This would honestly be a better reward if Blademasters weren't a dime a dozen. It's not even nearly as good as BT's wand.

A-20 is seventh. Hey, perk up - we only have two more sets to go.

I really like our version of A-20 better. Natsume has more personality than "cute little girl."

Collecting Golden Grunties is not a personality trait.

Subaru is eighth.

For those of you keeping track at home, we get +90 HP from the sutras from each ghost, +45 SP from the sutras, +90 more HP from Golden Grunties, and +45 additional SP from Silver Grunties. So tracking down these ghosts gives us +180 HP and +90 SP for about an hour's worth of work following a guide on GameFAQs.

Not too shabby!

Last but certainly not least is Tsukasa.

This update was awful and I apologize profusely. As much of a drag was it was to scroll past, I had to record and screenshot these. So trust me - I suffered just as much as you guys.

NEXT TIME: The return of the ultimate blood sport!