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Part 60: Supplementary Lore

Supplementary Lore:

The Tale of The One Sin Event - Why Orca is "pretty well known" in The World, by Senerio

Fuck the Internet - How Pluto's Kiss nearly created the Fallout universe, by pointlessone

Morganna - One player's tale of The God of The World, by Senerio

Fuck the Internet Part II - The rise of ALTIMIT, by pointlessone

Modified Characters - All about character models and why it's totally illegal to make your character look like an anime, by Senerio

Fuck the Internet Part III - Players, admins, hackers, and "The World," by pointlessone

Role Playing - Be whoever you want to be, by Senerio

Gott Statues - Mistral discusses the finer points of item collecting, by Senerio

About Grunties - Hotaru explains how Grunties work, by Senerio

Optional Party Members - Senerio explains about optional party members and why they're awesome.

About Magic - Nighthand explains the game's magic system.

Physical Skills - Nighthand explains melee skills for the various classes.

Class Skills II - Nighthand explains Heavy Blade skills

Fuck the Internet Part IV - Before "The World," there was a man, a woman, and a beta, by pointlessone

Class Skills III - Nighthand explains Long Arm skills

Affection - berryjon explains the game's affection system in detail.

Fuck the Internet Part V - "The AI Hunts" - pointlessone explains why the administration team of The World destroy all nascent AIs they come across.

Fuck the Internet Part VI - "Aura and the Black Box" - pointlessone shows just how creepy the creator of "The World" really was.

The Name of the Game - Onmi explains why the seven .hack games are named what they are

FredMSloniker asked if I would capture all the Grunty Food audio, both English and Japanese. The image below links to a video with just that very thing!