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Original Thread: Joat's Draws a Penis, With Friends!


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Join the somethingawful LP'ers in a riDICKulous game of DICKtionary. A game in which the player must DICKtate a word in image form and incorporate some sort of themed object. It gets pretty aDICKting, so join us in a game of,

We are playing on because, well,
I was banned from Isketch for drawing a small dong.



Our protagonist, Pencil, comes from a hard life that has worn him down over the years. Even though he has been in the darkest places and had his spirit broken to pieces, his experience makes him sharp as a needle. He is going to need his unsurpassed whit to survive the insane challenges that await him.


The Line is Pencil's ultimate weapon. It has highly customizable ammo, ranging from grey to brown graphite shells. It even utilities different shell calibers. This weapon is so advanced, that it never runs out of ammo, and can change to the different calibers and ammo types instantaneously. Talk about quick on the draw!

Device of Interchangeable Cartridge Kinetics

Even though grey is the default ammo for the Line, most users like to change it to black and use the default caliber.


Pencil's antagonist. Clock has captured Pencil's lover, Eraser, and has forced Pencil to make great works of art to help fund Clock's Doomsday Machine, ImInLikeWithYou! Clock imposes brutally short time limits upon Pencil that would even make sweatshop runners look like the best of friends. Will Pencil's time run out while in the hands of Clock?


Word is the main weapon of Clock. Word launches a sound barrage at Pencil causing him to go under mind control and draw whatever is played out of Word's Automating Signaling Sound!

Will Pencil be able to save eraser? Will Clock take the art world by storm or will Pencil escape and fill him full of lead?

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