You better get used to that!
SoN will kick your ass...
About a year ago, when the Clan Plaid gang got bored with beating Shadow of the Mountain on Legendary with no zerks, the original Nightmare plugin was born. Now comes the next evolution of pure evil fun, Son of Nightmare.

While the original Nightmare plugin was simply tweaks to the dark units, making the levels more difficult to beat yet retaining the same scripting, SoN has modified scripting for nine levels AND one 'new' level.

But be warned, winning on legendary will not be easy. It will take skill, teamwork and in some cases a bit of luck.

Drag the file 'SoN.gor' into your Myth TFL plugins folder and fire up Myth. Then start a net game (on - haha - or tcp/ip). You will need to do the 'space bar' trick to enable the new 'SoN' levels. When hosting, go to the game option screen. Enable the SoN.gor plugin screen, click in the 'Name' field, then hold down the space bar. While holding down the space bar, click on the Single Player Levels checkbox to enable (or click twice to disable and enable it). You should then see the SoN versions of the solo levels and the new, Training Nightmare SoN level. Select the one you want to try and have at it. Or join a SoN game with someone that already has the levels loaded. Once you play a level, you will not have to do the trick for that level again. Also, winning a level will take you to the next SoN level.

Click the thumbnail below to see a screen shot of the game options screen.

NOTE: You can play the non SoN versions of the levels. This will make it very similar to the original Nightmare plugin. Just enable SoN.gor, then choose a non SoN level.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Nightmare and SoN, the idea of Nightmare was to make Myth: The Fallen Lords solo maps more difficult. In general, heroic should play similar to legendary, and legendary be a 'step beyond'. Special attention was given to Shadow because it had always been a favorite of mine. 'Dark' archers and dwarves were cranked up a bit, making it very difficult to beat. SoN takes this another step. Units are more or less the same as in Nightmare, but I decided to tweak some scripting to make things more interesting/difficult. Also, SoN contains my first attempt at scripting a 'new' level, Training Nightmare. Training Nightmare has a few unique items, including...
  • A scripted journeyman that will heal you, retreat from bad guys, heal enemy wights and generally behave in a realistic manner.
  • Modified CTF rules... you must hold the flag. If you lose the flag ('Flag Lost') you have 5 seconds to contest or capture it back.
  • Evil ghols (watch out for 'Kalli') who will try to foil your plans.
Follow the links below to learn more about Son of Nightmare. Please note, the following may contain what could be considered spoilers. If you don't want to know, don't look. Enjoy!!!

I would like to thank the following people...
Drunk Bob, Chikatilo for pointing a total newbie in the right direction. El Bastard for his scripting 'help'. Thanks for not making me feel like a total idiot with my questions. (:
Wang Dang Doodle, Ephemeris and Kalli for helping me push Shadow to the extreme. MuffinHead, Ramses II and everyone else that helped with unit names and flavor texts. The rest of Clan Plaid for their testing and suggestions.

Myth: The Fallen Lords is Copyright 1997 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created using several differnet thrid party tools, including but not limted to Ichor: Ichor is Copyright 1999 by Thieu Nguyen; Bartok: Bartok is Copyright 1998 Lucena Systems; Despair: Despair is Copyright 1998 by Kris Amiko. Thanks guys for making this and other TFL creations possible!

Concept and Design: Conner #CP#J,