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Senpai said it would be better to have someone else do it.
She didn't say the method directly, but I can kind of see what it will be based on how she is acting.

The instant I think about it, my heart jumps.

"Damn it, what am I thinking?"
I try to calm down by shaking my head.
Ciel-senpai said it was just a method to suppress Roa, so it does not have any sexual meaning.
Roa's consciousness is quiet now, so I can't be excited myself.

"…… Calm down, calm down."
I repeat it over and over like a mantra.
While I do that, Ciel-senpai comes out from the bathroom.

"Se, Senpai! Wh, wha wha, why are you dressed like that………!?"
I wave my arms in surprise as Ciel-senpai gives an embarrassed smile.

"Um, is it that strange? I dressed like this to help you out."
"H-help? With what!?"
"…… Um, I tried hard so I could help you be more turned on……"
Ciel-senpai gives a mumbled answer.

I'm speechless.
Being stared at in surprise, Ciel-senpai looks away uneasily.
"…… I'm sorry. I guess I should've known it's not sexy at all for me to be dressed like this."
"Wha-what are you saying!? Of course you look sexy in that!"
I respond instantly, and realize I blurted out too much.

You really have to try to write this badly.

I look away from Ciel-senpai.
The contour of her shoulders under that white shirt.
The color of her concealing underwear.
Her tender-looking thighs.
Looking at them directly causes me to go out of control.

…… I know she's intending to get me turned on to refresh me, but still---

"Senpai, I think we should stop. I don't have that much confidence."
"Please don't worry. I heard males are quite sensitive, so I think even I can refresh you."


"Uh, no, that's not what I meant by not having confidence."
I meant I didn't think I could hold myself back.

"Then, let's begin, Tohno-kun."
"Wha, what……?"
"Can you take off your pants? It's alright if you just unzip them and pull it out."
Senpai is ready.
And she doesn't seem that embarrassed about it.

"Oh, Tohno-kun. While I do this, please don't watch too much. I can't concentrate with people watching me."
Saying that, Ciel-senpai draws closer.
I---get more confused inside as Ciel-senpai stays calm.

"Wait, we should stop.
This is wrong. Senpai, I still---"
want to go all the way, but I don't want to do it for a reason like this.

"Tohno-kun. I have to leave you here tomorrow morning.
This is the only time I have with you, right? If I don't do this right now, you will be like this the whole time I'm gone."
"That…… right."
"Yes. It's okay, so please just sit there. I'm not experienced, but I'll try my best."


Well, that was certainly abrupt, but I'm glad that's over! Oh, wait, this is where my script changes

Today's censorship is brought to you by ice cream. Sweet, delicious ice cream.


"…… I understand. Um, is this good?"
I draw my zipper down and lower my underwear.
Seeing my fully erect Strawberry-Banana Smoothie, Ciel-senpai suddenly freezes.

"…… Senpai……? Um, should we stop after all?"
"N-no, that's not it! I was just thinking that this really is you."

"Actually, it's prosthetic. I don't know what kind of accident I had eight years ago, but ever since then..."

Taking a deep breath, Ciel-senpai walks towards me.
"Um, please just look at the ceiling, Tohno-kun."
Her body disappears from my view.
Ciel-senpai sits between my spread Peaches & Cream.
She faces my Chunky Monkey so close that I can feel her breath on me.

…… Her fingers touch me.
With one hand, she takes her hesitating fingers and runs them down my Chubby Hubby.

I promise you, these are actual ice cream flavors. I couldn't make this shit up if I tried.

"Tohno-kun, how does it feel? Tell me when it feels good."
I can't answer that.
…… How can I put it? I kind of feel guilty.
She touches me hesitantly, as if cradling something fragile.

"…………… Mm."
With just that.
She is only touching me, but my mind is going crazy.
My mind is going crazy, but my Vermonty Python doesn't feel anything at all.

"Hm…… you're a little harder than before……"
Saying this, she wraps her delicate fingers around me.

…… It seems what she's doing doesn't feel good, as my Banana Split Decision hasn't even let out anything yet.
As dry as I am, Senpai continues to try to "calm" me down.
…… This awkward, unpleasant feeling continues for a few minutes.

Her fingers, originally light and hesitant, now grip me harder.
Even though she's still simply moving up and down, she does so with a tighter grip.

"…… That's odd…… why isn't it doing anything, Tohno-kun?"

It's just like malfunctioning electronics, try hitting it.

She sounds troubled.
My mind is about to go crazy just from hearing her voice.

Being stroked by Senpai's fingers does feel good, but it's far from making me melt.
But more than that, right now---the better Ciel-senpai's fingers feel, the more I want to wrap my arms around her.

Her voice becomes more full of heat.
It might be because she's embarrassed, or trying that hard to caress me, but her breath really does feel hotter.

"N…… ha, ah…… m, mm……"
I can hear her breathing become wilder.
Then I realize she's now using both hands.


That's what I'm saying!

A pleasure different than the previous touching sensation makes me arch my back.

"…… M, mm, ah---"
Her voice seems more labored now.
She sounds as if she's having difficulty breathing.
But the breath I feel is hot and close to me.
And more than that---my dry Nutty Coconut is starting to get wet.

"Ah, m---"
…… Her breath grows even hotter.
"Hey, Senpai……!?"
Unable to resist the temptation, I look down without thinking.

My mind goes blank.

That's what's causing the chills of pleasure.
My hardened, twitching Bananas 'n Strawberries.
The delicate fingers wrapped around it.
The face close enough to breathe all over me.

The red tongue licking at my Cheesecake Fantasy as if it had a mind of its own.

"N, m, ha, n……"
With her eyes closed, she twirls her tongue enthusiastically around my Almond Praline.
The feeling of her tongue is on a whole different level than her fingers.

…… This is bad.
If I see this kind of thing my mind will get excited, too.
In reality, I'm already too excited, my Uncanny Cashew swelling even larger as if trying to escape her grasp.

Clawing out my own eyes in 10... 9... 8...

This is bad.
Really, seeing her like this is going to drive me insane.

"Senpai, stop……! If you keep doing this, I'll go crazy before I let it out……!"
"N…… no, Tohno-kun. It doesn't matter. We have to keep going."
Another sensation shoots through me.
Her tongue has licked the back of my Strawberry Kiwi Swirl.

"…… Let's stop……! I won't be able to hold back like this……!"
"Please don't hold back.
If you release what's inside of you, you can calm down."
"But I can't, since it's you……! It's okay, let's stop Senpai…… I know it's bad to say that after you've gone this far, but I can't calm down with you doing this……!"

"Please don't worry about me. I… don't… mind… really."
Saying this, she continues caressing my Caramel Cone with her tongue.

I let out a small gasp.
…… If she thinks this is only a chore, I guess I have to think of it that way, too.
Trying not to look at her, I do my best to focus on just letting it out.

They seriously couldn't make this any less erotic if they tried. At least that's what I tell myself so I can sleep at night.

"Ah……… m, mm---"
I can hear her small breaths.
Her tongue feels as if it's trying to taste all of my Pineapple Coconut,
and her captivating fingers torture me unrelentingly.

The sound of my heartbeat and Ciel-senpai's breathing echoes through the room.

"Senpai, is this position too difficult for you? It looks like you're uncomfortable."
"Eh---why do you say that?"
"Well, you're breathing pretty hard…… If it's too hard for you, should we stop?"

"Eh…… no, I'm not out of breath because it's difficult…… but you're right, I'll move.
It seems like you're not feeling anything, either."
She seems a little displeased.

"…… Hey."

She doesn't seem to understand that I was feeling more than enough earlier.

"Then get up on the bed. You were kneeling on the floor so long, I'll bet your knees hurt."
"Eh--oh, yes. I'll do that. Please look away."

I don't quite get why, but I look away.

Ciel-senpai gets on the bed and tells me to look at the ceiling again.

"…… Senpai. I think it would feel better if I could look at your face… do I really have to look up at the ceiling?"
"O-of course! I-if you see me like this, I'll die!"
"Die?---how come? If it's really nothing more than lancing a boil, then it shouldn't matter if I look at you."

Oh yes, lancing boils is just what I want to be thinking about when I'm trying to jerk off. HOW DO PEOPLE GET OFF TO THIS?!

"Um---well, that's true, but……"
Her blush deepens and she tells me to just look up at the ceiling.

I steal a glance at her as she does.
…… Her Crème Brulée looks even hotter than before.
I don't know why, exactly, but for one thing, the skin on her thigh is tinted red and reflecting the light.

……? Reflecting…… huh?

My mind jolts as I realize what it is.
"---Senpai, wait."
"Mm…… wha, what…… is it, Tohno-kun?"
"Just… lie down."
I push her down on the bed.

Her face stiffens.
"…… Senpai. Why are you wet down there?"
Ciel-senpai's face turns red.

"…… Hmm. You said it was nothing, so why are you like that?
You soaked through your panties, and you're even dripping down your leg."

In h-games, horny women can fill buckets.

"N--no---no, that's just---"
Ciel-senpai blushes brighter as she stammers.

"No? What is it then?"
I place my palm on her thigh.
Her whole body shakes.
When I pull back, a sticky line forms between my hand and her thigh.

"N---no……! Don't, please don't look, Tohno-kun……!"
She's so embarrassed she's practically crying.
But this kind of reaction is so cute, it makes me want to tease her more.

It's a discontinued Ben & Jerry's flavor. It's on their website.

Her hips instinctively pull back.
"Wow. You're really wet.
It's pretty selfish of you to be feeling this good when I was worried that I couldn't melt.
…… I see. You were having fun by teasing me."
"N, no--! I really was trying to help you calm down, but you didn't react at all, so---"

I push with my index finger.
I press through her well-soaked panties and into her slick Cherries Jubilee.
She cries out with embarrassment.
That voice.
Seeing that face, hearing that voice, my heart starts pounding even faster.

"C'mon, answer. Why is your body reacting this way, Senpai?"
"…… I…… started feeling hot while I was touching you---and I thought it was strange myself, but my mind just blanked out, and I---"
"Used your tongue and licked my This is Nuts like a lollipop?"
Her face turns so red it looks like it's on fire.

"But, I didn't do anything myself……! Just touching you made me hot, and---"
"You soaked right through your panties?
You're more perverted than I thought, Ciel-senpai."
"To… Tohno-kun! Y-you're being mean! I told you, so please stop looking……!"

8... 7... 6...

Hearing her voice convinces me.
Blushing so much and becoming so aroused just by touching me.
No wonder everything beforehand didn't work.
It has to be her.
More than her fingertips or tongue, just seeing her face makes me feel the most pleasure.

"…… Senpai. I have to have you."
"I finally figured it out. No matter what you do, if I can't see your face, it's no good.
I won't feel it unless it's you.
I probably won't be able to melt unless I'm doing it with you, Senpai."

"Um…… I'm flattered, but---"
"It doesn't have anything to do with Roa! Even if he never existed, I'd still want to eat ice cream with you.
Being---being alone with you when you're so cute, I just can't hold back."

Ciel-senpai looks at me in surprise.
Her shyness seems to fade away.

"Tohno-kun…… are you serious?"
"You think I would joke about this? …… But, if you don't want to, then I'll stop. I don't want to do anything to hurt you."
After a brief, radiant smile, she suddenly looks downcast and averts her gaze.

"Ha, ahh, aha----"
Ciel-senpai's breathing.
Her Phish Food is already burning with passion, so it seems like I won't have to do anything to prepare her.

"Tohno, kun."
"…… Senpai. I'm going to undress you now."
I peel her shirt and panties from her.
The pure beauty of her naked Entangled Mints beneath me is enough to cause my brain to melt down.

Her skin glowing with sweat.
Her taut, perfect little Heath Bits.
Her firm, sizable S'mores, shuddering with every heavy breath she takes.
And, below that.
Her pink Cherry Garcia is already soaking wet, her swollen Oatmeal Cookie Chunk reflecting the light.

"…… What's this? Already this turned on, Senpai?"
With the tip of my finger, I gently caress her Marsha Marsha Marshmallow.
Being touched in the most sensitive part of her Kiwi Midori, she jumps in response.

"N, nah, gg---!"
As I roll one finger around it, I slip a second inside her Cherry Vanilla.
A wet sensation.
She's soaking wet inside, too.
If she's like this, I wouldn't have any problems entering her Cherry Chocolate Chip at all right now.

"---Senpai, I'm going to put it in, alright?"
"Ah---y, yes, but, Tohno-kun."
Speaking in a faltering, hesitating voice.
Ciel-senpai looks directly into my eyes.
"…… Can you…… please stop calling me Senpai? I want you to just call me Ciel."
As she asks this, her eyes are brimming with tears.

"---Okay. Then, I'm putting it in. Lift your legs a little, Ciel."
…… She raises her legs off the bed.
Supporting them with my hands, I gently take my Bovinity Divinity and ease it into Senpai…… Ciel.

The feeling of it,
Of merging, is unbelievably good.
Even just this small movement sends strong waves of pleasure racing through me.

"Hn…… inside, you're inside my Sinless Island……!"
As I plumb her Makin' Whoopie Pie, Ciel cries out.
I pull back, then push in once more.
"Agh……! Ah, ahn, ahn----"
Her sweet, short sighs.
I make only small movements, as if matching her breathing.
It feels like I'm hitting her with something heavy---

"N, nah, ah---! Tohno-kun, ama----zing!"
Maybe because my Peppermint Schtick is more erect than usual, it seems like I'm squeezing into her Root Beer Float rather than just entering.
Ciel is so, tight.
She squeezes me so hard it feels like she could tear me off if I try to pull out.

4... 3...

*pant*, *pant*, *pant*, *pant*----!

But I keep going.
In rhythm with her wild breathing, I push into her Eggnog over and over.

"Ah----nh, haa, ah----"
She almost sounds like she's crying.
Blushing furiously, she tries to resist the competing embarrassment and pleasure.

"Ha, ahn, ahah, aah---ah--"
Ciel's body oscillates.
I put my hands on her shaking Monkey Bites.
I squeeze them as I thrust my hips.
Her Cherry Walnut feels so good.
I caress her Pralines 'n Cream with my fingers and slowly bring my tongue to bear on them.

"N---Tohno-kun, that's good---"
A different reaction than before.
It seems she's really sensitive there.
I want to hear her voice spike like that again, so I lick harder.

"Ah---Tohno-kun, gentle---!"
I can hardly hear her.
My breathing reaches a feverish pitch.

ah---haa, aahh, ah---!

But, I keep thrusting into her Mango.
It's not the time to hold myself back.
It's not, but, if I can…… I want to be connected like this with her forever.

"N, nah, hah, aha, ahn----!"
She grips me even tighter.
Ciel's passionate voice,
her nearly crying eyes,
I don't want to let go.

"Ci, el---just, a little more---"
"Y---yes, Tohno-kun, harder---!"
I can hardly understand her.
Just matching our heartbeats, I push into her Rum Raisin with all my might.
And then,
I finally reach all the way to her core.

"Hwa, ugah, ooh……!"
Does it hurt? She tightens all around me.
She keeps gripping my Gingerbread Cookie, the most sensitive part of my body.
Ciel's eyes are brimming with tears.
But she doesn't seem like she's in pain.
I, only feel love for those eyes right now.

"Ciel, I love you, Ciel………!"
---I really, don't understand.
My mind is completely shut down. Those are the only words I can even understand.
"Yes--I, I love you too----!"
Ciel's voice strikes the very center of my brain.
And, it becomes the last straw.
From my hips,
from my very center, Pecan and Cream Passion starts to rumble forth.

Seriously, what the FUCK?!

But, more than my tiredness, I felt great pleasure from Ciel's body.
Just thinking back on it causes me to zone out.

"Oh. Ciel---"
I lift myself up and look at her.
"…… Hu, h?"
That's a little surprising.
I thought she would also be savoring the feeling, but she looks incredibly full of energy.

"Ciel…… um, you're not tired?"
"Eh…… um, are you tired……?"
She seems surprised, as she covers her mouth with her hand.

"I see---Ciel, you didn't really move much. I guess I'm the only one who's tired--"
I sigh and fall back to the bed.
"But, I had no problem releasing everything. Thank you Ciel, I'll sleep soundly now."
"Yes……… that's, true."
…… She doesn't really sound too happy.

"…… What is it? Is something wrong?"
"Well, um---I was just thinking that you got dirty there."
Come to think of it, she's right.
Geez, I guess I don't have any sensitivity at all.

Yeah, if you leave melted ice cream all over the place it'll just be harder to clean up after it's dried.

"S, sorry. Can I use a tissue or something?"
"Oh, I'll clean it up. Just lie down."
"……… R, really? Thanks."
I don't know what she's thinking, but I lie down.

I take a deep breath.
Now that I've calmed down, I can sleep soundly.
I shake at a sudden burst of pleasure.
Ciel is wiping me with a tissue.

It feels good.
I really do enjoy the feeling of her fingers over the tissue.
Slowly, she wipes me down.
It was pretty thick, so it's probably a hard task.
She is cleaning me carefully and diligently.

"……………… Uh."
…… Men really are like wild beasts.
Just being touched by Ciel, I start to harden again.

I can't. I can't.
I tell myself to calm down.

This sensation.
The feeling of her tongue running over me…… and the fact that she's licking my Turtle Soup off of me.

2... 1...

From just that, I'm fully hardened once more.

"Ah----Hey, Cie, l---"
Engrossed in caressing me, Ciel doesn't hear a word I say.
The earnest movements of her tongue.
Her fingers stroke my Cookie Mintster up and down and I start to leak pre-melt already.

"…… Man, and I just melted already---!"
I'm a little bothered by how simply I got aroused.
But, can it be helped?
Would any guy be able to resist those kind, passionate caresses?
But, more than that---Why is Ciel going so far to make me happy……?

"……… Oh."
And it hits me.
Maybe, but, she must be---

"Ciel. Um, don't tell me, you didn't get to melt……?"
She pulls back from me and, blushing furiously, gives a nod.

"Then, then you got me up again so that, um………"

She wants another round, I guess……

"…… Ciel, you couldn't melt?"
"…… No. Um, I, want to be with you again, Tohno-kun."
Looking down, she blushes to the tips of her ears.

It hits me pretty hard.
Having heard that, no, having made her say that, I'm a little embarrassed.

"…… You're right. This isn't enough for me, either.
We won't be able to see each other after tomorrow, so I should be with you as much as I can.
If we do this until I collapse, my body would probably be calm for a long time."
"That may be true…… but Tohno-kun, you sound rough."

"What? Weren't you the one looking for more? We can stop if you don't want to do it."
"Oh--no, um--s,sorry!"
Embarrassed, she apologizes with all her might.

"Sorry, I was kidding. Being all energetic like this, I want you too.
But I really am tired, so can you be on top?"
"Eh---on top, on top of you??"
"Yeah. I can't really move a lot, so it's your turn this time."
It's what they usually call a "cowgirl".

"Um--like, this?"
On her hands and knees, like a cat, she walks over and positions herself over me.

"Oh---it's in."
"Yeah it's in. It was in before, right?"
As soon as I say that, she blushes even more.
…… I can't tell if she's easily embarrassed or really outgoing.

"Can you move? You can start slowly if you want, then when you get used to it, you can go faster."
"O, okay---"
She starts to rock hesitantly up and down.

A slow, gentle tempo.
Is that enough to please her? She's already breathing heavily.

"Mm…… oh, ah, oh----"
She slowly starts to make bigger movements.
She leaks her warm juices all over me.
Our bowls are soaked with sticky fluids.

"N, nah, ah, ahn, ahn---!"
The sound of Very Berry Strawberry meeting French Vanilla meeting Dulce de Leche.
Probably because I'm not moving this time, nothing but pure pleasure flows into my brain.

…… But, just to stay like that is boring, so I decide to move too.
Ciel's hips rise, and fall.
Matching her timing, I raise my hips.
The sensation of her weight bearing down on me.
It feels like I'm thrusting all the way into her Coconut Cream Pie.

"Ah, ha…… oh, aaooooh………!!"
Ciel moans loudly.
But she doesn't stop sliding up and down, and I continue to match her rhythm.

"Ah, so…… good, Tohno-kun, wonder, ful--!"
Her back arches in pleasure.
She's so wild it looks like she might fold herself in half.

"…… Mm, ah, oh, hwa…… ah, ngg, ah……!"
Seeing her getting so worked up causes my breathing to become wilder as well.
Thrusting in this position is more tiring though.

My arms aren't doing anything.
I place one on her leg, the other on her hip.
"Mm--it feels, so, goo, oo--d……!"
Ciel's body rocks as if she is longing for more pleasure.
Her well-developed Macadamia Brittle and her black hair sway in time with the movement of her hips.



"K, ah---!?"
Her back arches again and she stifles a cry.
And tightens around my White Russian even more than before.

"Ciel…… are you that sensitive?"
"Ah---well, when you touch it, I feel a bit weird----"
"Oh? …… It feels weird, Ciel-san?"
I slip my finger inside.
Just a bit, just halfway past the fingernail.

But she responds more to this than any of my other caresses.
"Ah…… ah, gg---Tohno-kun, please, stop that."
She's breathing so heavily I can hardly understand her.
Her cheeks aren't red just because she's hot, but she must be really embarrassed to have that done to her.

I feel excited too.
Unthinkingly, I just want to tease her Hunka Burnin' Fudge.

"I see, you like it there, huh? You should have told me earlier."
"Let's switch up. I'll move this time."
I pull away from her and stand up.

"Ciel, put your hands and knees on the bed."
"…… Um…… like this?"
She gets down on all fours.
Her juices drip almost nonstop.
She's leaking all the way down to her ankles.


"Hm---You really are bottomless, Ciel. You were soaking before, but it's still dripping out."
Starting at her ankle,
I lap the juices off of her body.

"Ha…… mm, Shiki-ku… please, don't, do that."
"Why? You did it to me, Ciel. This is just… payback."
"N……… hah……… ah."
From her ankle to her knee.
Behind her knee, tracing a helix with my tongue all the way up to her thigh, and then from her thigh to the pink wellspring between her legs.

Left uncensored for sheer

Make... it... end. What did I do to deserve this?

"It's not dirty at all. This is what made both of us feel so good. Or were you faking it?"
Stopping my kiss, I bring my finger up to her Candy Land.
"Hwaa----ah, it---feels, good."
"I see. But, I think you really feel much better here than there, Ciel."

Up between her legs.
Using the hand drenched in her juices, I spread her cheeks.
With her own fluids, I completely coat the area around her Fudge Central.

"N---! Tohno-kun, don't tell me, you're……"
"That's right. I heard it's better not to grit your teeth, though, cause it hurts less if you breathe through your mouth."
"Hey----Tohno-kun you idiot! Don't, touch there---ah!"
Holding onto her as she tries to escape, I bury my face between her cheeks.
Holding her tight, I lick her twitching Chocolate Fudge Brownie.
Barely teasing the outer surface.

"Ha, n---! Ah, aha, aaooh, oh……!"
She stops trying to escape.
"You really like this, don't you Ciel?"
"No--Tohno-kun, please… don't… lick… me there---"

Hearing that only makes me want to do it more.
I only licked the outside at first, but this time I put my tongue in.
Working diligently, I soak her Rocky Road with her own juice and my saliva.

"N---! Haah, ahn, aaa………!"
Having her react so strongly to just the tip of my tongue, I'm almost afraid to see what might happen next.
But, I've gone this far… I can't stop now.
And more than that, I want to see what it will feel like.

"Nah, aaaaaaa----!"
Ciel practically screams.
It's only natural. This hole wasn't designed to receive a man.

Pain, and another sensation, are probably mixing inside her.
But it's also tight here.
I slowly push myself in as she tightens around me, as if resisting the foreign object sliding into her Black Forest Dream.

The pressure around me is enormous.
I fight to spread walls that shouldn't be opened.
It's the same for me--I'm feeling more pain than pleasure.

"Ah, hwaa, ah, ah---"
Her frantically rising voice.
"---Ti… ght---"
Not giving in, I push harder.
…… But, maybe because I lubricated her with my saliva and her juices before, once the Strawberry is in… it becomes easier than I thought to stick the rest of it in.

"Gua---ha, no, something that big, won't, fit………!"
Sweat beads on her forehead.
…… It has to be because I'm forcing myself into such a small Black Walnut.
She has to feel it twice as much.

"Ah, uh, oh, oh, aaa---!"
She tightens even more.
Tight doesn't begin to describe it.
The pressure increases around me a thousand fold, as if to punish me for entering her this way.

"---K---ha, ha, hah."
I'm out of breath.
It hurts. It hurts, but this----strangulation is pleasure too.

"Mm, mm, mm----, ha………!"
My voice slips out as I thrust in.
"Ah, haa, Tohno… kun, haa, oh………!"
Ciel is the same way.
As the pleasure starts to win over the pain, she starts to accept me.

"Mm, ah, haa, ah, ah, ah………!"
Just a bit.

"Ah---n, it feels good, Tohno-kun…………!"
Just a bit.

"Hwaa…… ah, aah, ah---more, Toh, no, kun."
Just a bit.

"Ah, nn, mm, ah----Tohno, am, nn--Tohno-kun, deeper, more---"
Me too.

"Deeper, deeper---!"
I've reached my limit.

"Ciel, I---"
"---No, no…… I won't, let you, finish, already……!"


My withdrawal is halted.
She tightens around me like an iron clamp.
I can't get out.
I can only move a little bit.
I'm on the verge of release, but she won't let me.

Even still---I don't stop moving.

"---Ah, aah, Tohno-kun, Jamaican Me Crazy."
Ciel grips the sheets as if resisting the pleasure.
I also try to resist the heat welling inside me.
Holding back, I thrust deeper.

I've already put myself in all the way to the base.
I feel like I'm almost in her stomach.

"Hu-----ng, nah, ahn----"


"I, I---I can't, take it anymore----"


"Ah---nah, n, nn, nn-----!"

Three times.

Ciel's body tightens.
This really is the end.
I'm there too.
I have to pull myself out of her Fudge Tracks.

"----Tohno-kun, inside, do it inside me---!"
Her voice is pleading.
Instead of pulling back, I thrust deeper inside her Fudge Swirl.

I thrust harder than ever before.
Thump! The feeling assails me.
The feeling of spurting forth is so intense, it almost feels like I'm releasing hot magma inside of her Devil's Food Chocolate Sorbet.

"Ah---aha, ahh---I, I-----!"

Splurt. Splurt. Splurt.
Over and over, it doesn't stop with just a few times.
I just keep shooting Karamel Sutra into her.

"Ah-----ha, ah."
Ciel's body begins to buckle.
As she grips the sheets, a line of tears forms around her eyes.

Ciel collapses onto the bed.
Even though she's collapsed, the tightness of her Mud Pie Mojo doesn't fade.
I manage to take my tool out with a large, heavy popping sound.

Goddammit, if I had to read that, then you do too.

As soon as I do,
a large amount of my Dastardly Mash flows out of her.


She gasps my name.
…… Like how I called Senpai, "Ciel".
In the end, she called me by my first name.

Music: stop

I think I'm going to throw up.

"Ciel----Are you, okay?"
"…… My Deep Dark Chocolate, it hurts."
"I-I see…… I'm sorry, you were just too cute, I wanted to tease you."
"…… No. I won't be fooled by that."

Lying down, she glares up at me.

"…… What do you mean? You liked it too, in the end. I was in pain too, you know.
Ciel, you're always swinging that heavy weapon around, but did you train your New York Super Fudge Chunk muscles too?"

This is like TERRIBLE fan-fiction.

"Wha, what are you saying, Tohno-kun!?"
Ciel gets up and hits me in the head.

"Ouch! So violent!"
I lift up my hands in protest.
Ciel lets out a sigh.
"…… Geez, you won't even let me savor the moment. We won't be able to see each other after tomorrow morning, so can't you treasure the mood a little more?"
"…… That's true, but we were pretty wild. Shall we take a shower and change the sheets?"
Ciel reacts like she just found that out now.

"Th-that's right! Then, I'll go take a shower……!"
Ciel runs to the bathroom.

"-----Ha, haha."
I start to laugh.
I am carrying a bomb called Roa, but I don't even feel worried about that now.

…… The person who I thought I lost so many times is here with me now.
As long as she is here, there's nothing to be worried about.

I embraced her at school.
But that was more out of sadness than love.

But this is different.
This is only love.
I love her so much, I almost want her to just stay here.


The next/last choice will be up as soon as I can recover from this. Christ, even censoring it barely dulls the pain.

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