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Original Thread: Armored In All The Right Places - 007: Nightfire [GCN]



007: Nightfire, released in 2002 and developed by EA Games, is a semi-tie-in game to Die Another Day. You know, the last Pierce Brosnan Bond film that nobody liked. Top out with Goldeneye and it's only downhill from there, I guess.
However, Nightfire's developers instead opted for a plot more akin to Moonraker. Just with Brosnan's face, but not his voice. And his car I guess. And again, it's by EA. The points keep piling up for this thing not working out.

Luckily, EA had already knocked it out of the park with the outrageous and fun 007: Agent Under Fire, which I had the pleasure of LPing back in 2011. All they had to do for Nightfire was use Agent's general gameplay and update it with more gadgets, more guns, and a more cohesive and serious story. They succeeded, and to this day many consider Nightfire to be one of their favorite Bond games. It helps that both Agent's and Nightfire's multiplayer modes give Goldeneye's a serious run for its money.
(I would argue making it more serious takes away some of the fun, but it's a solid game regardless. And balls hard when it wants to be.)

Bond is sent to investigate a stolen device intended for the US Space Weapons Platform in orbit around Earth. Green industrialist Raphael Drake appears to be behind the theft, thus Bond must infiltrate Drake's operations and stop him from taking control of the space missiles. Along the way there'll be plenty of explosions, rockets, innuendos, and gorgeous and wooden ladies for you to very briefly give a shit about.

This is a 100% LP that follows the format of my Agent Under Fire LP: the main playthrough completes the whole game in order to get all of the gold medals. Afterward, I will go back and collect the 007 Bonus tokens and the platinum medals, along with any other fun stuff I might have missed. I'm playing through the GameCube version, and I am aware that there are differences between the various platform versions (apparently the PC version is atrocious). I'm not in a position to show those differences, but I welcome folks in the thread who would like to share them.
My co-commentators are BigTUnit1 and JigglyJacob. Every update will have two versions: "Edited", where our commentary is cut out for cutscenes, and "Uncut", where our commentary is in place for the whole video. I will endeavor to edit the commentary so that nothing important gets cut out of the edited versions.

I want to say that Agent Under Fire is necessary viewing, but if you would prefer not to wade through the somewhat outdated quality and awkwardness of that LP, I put together a Best Of compilation during one of our channel's downtimes.



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