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007: Quantum of Solace

by FrenzyTheKillbot

Part 8


SUBJECT: Alex Dimitrios


Alex Dimitrios is a dealer in arms and information with ties to various death squads and right-wing paramilitary groups. He is also a known associate of terrorist financier Le Chiffre.

Case status: Open. Suspected base of operations is Miami.

UPDATE: Suspect shipment delivered to the Miami Science Center, exporter noted as known Dimitrios associate. Recommend investigation.


Mollaka was hired by Alex Dimitrios, who has affiliations with multiple unsavory contacts worldwide. It's important we discover who is his handler in the organization. Whatever Mollaka's target was going to be, it's important enough for Dimitrios to contract someone else to finish the job. They are expected to meet at the Science Center tonight, where a large shipment of unknown goods is being delivered.

Dimitrios' men have the Center locked down. Clear any sentries posted around the building and head to the roof.