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Part 26: Epilogue: Ragequit

Epilogue: Ragequit

There's really no canon way to get everybody in the team to go batshit crazy and just shoot everyone, so screw the narrative. Here's the team in Olvidad, ready to take as many souls with them as they can.

Jenova sets up a firing position down the main road through town, and anybody in it will be in his field of fire all the way up to the church. LvK runs off to shank some dudes. Nick Buntline is also aiming down the road, with raverrn and Volcano Style taking the side alley.

First exchange goes to Volcano Style, while raverrn covers the corner.

Look carefully and you'll see the GAZ at the far end of the road. That's where Jenova is, and this guard he's going to shoot at is literally on the steps of the church.

With a volley from the UMP adopted from Deadmeat, Volcano Style gets his first kill!

At least this guy's body won't have to go far for the funeral. Jenova must have had his Gamer Grub beforehand, because like any good sniper, it was one shot, one kill.

LvK runs over to the gun store to introduce sunlight to some people's guts. As she rounds the corner, however, we see that there are three dudes waiting for her. Meleers win in one-on-one combat, but three-on-one will be unpleasant (unless it's raverrn we're talking about, in which case it is awesome and costs $19.99 but you must be 18 to order).

With a practiced hand, Nick Buntline draws down on the first guard to wander into the street.

Nick drops his target (the small red number near the building on the right) while Jenova drops another one further down the street (foreground guy).

Beacon runs over and sends the butt of his rifle across the chin of a civilian hiding in the bushes. Behind him, raverrn and Volcano Style wheel around to fight a guard that has emerged from the wooden hut.

Meanwhile, LvK gets stopped cold by a laser-guided Grease Gun round to the hoo-hoo. Damn.

She manages to fight through it and close a bit more ground, but... oh, yuck. Seriously, that NPC has issues.

The guard who was posted inside the gun store finishes off LvK, making her the first friendly death in our impromptu rampage.

As Volcano Style engages the guard in the hut, raverrn moves back to re-secure the corner.

Another burst of .45s from Volcano Style, another dead guard.

On the other side of the building, another guard moves into the open, inviting the attention of Nick Buntline and Jenova's 7.62 NATO rounds.

A guard beats raverrn to the draw, stunning her.

Volcano Style moves up to reinforce Nick Buntline as he fires upon the guards pouring out into the street. Beacon decides this is a good time to go pee in the bushes.

The fence provides concealment, but not cover; Jenova hears stirrings off from the back of the gun store.

Nick Buntline and Volcano style drop some more guards, but not before Volcano Style takes a hit himself. Beacon moves out into the road to throw a grenade.

While this is happening, Jenova takes aim at a pair of submachinegun-wielding guards the next block down, outside the hospital.

A well-thrown grenade goes off between Nick Buntline and Beacon, shattering the windows of the white building and stunning all four of the guys there. No real damage is done, thankfully.

Nevertheless, Volcano Style has to fall back into the alley to treat his gunshot wounds.

The slaughter in the road continues as Beacon's grenade goes off while Nick Buntline and Jenova continue to pick off guards.

Beacon's attention shifts from throwing grenades to returning fire from two gunmen inside the building who have been roused by the grenade blast which blew out all the windows.

raverrn is in a bad way, being too much in shock to return fire or retreat.

A round streaks toward Beacon from somewhere near the gun store, shaking up his aim on the men in the white building.

raverrn loses consciousness. She's just about had it.

A second grenade blast goes off, this one laying out both Beacon and Volcano Style. They're alive, but are now at risk of bleeding out.

Beacon's unconscious form is now blocking Jenova's scope, so he drops his rifle and switches to his sidearm.

Two of the guards who killed LvK have moved up to join in pinning down Volcano Style and Nick Buntline.

Volcano Style and raverrn have now bled to death, with Beacon only just recovering enough to stand back up. Nick Buntline falls back around the corner under the withering fire while Jenova charges forward to relieve him. Jenova's gunfighting skill is 0 so he's going to have to get right up on the attackers to-

-well, they were ready for him.

Since the windows are gone anyway, Nick Buntline takes the opportunity to toss a grenade into the room with the two gunmen.

They run into the next room, escaping the blast but also unable to keep shooting at Beacon.

After the grenade goes off, Nick Buntline runs to try and help out Jenova.

He is too late, however. Jenova does his best Sergeant Elias impression as he is shot to death.

Nick Buntline raises his rifle to magdump into the cluster of gunmen.

Unfortunately, there are now guards surrounding him and Beacon, who is still standing, but in shock.

Nick Buntline is riddled from all sides.

He falls back, dead.

Beacon too finally succumbs to his injuries, and is no more.

Well, that didn't go so well, did it? We didn't even get out of Olvidad. Final "enemy" body count was around twelve or thirteen.

Thanks for everyone's support, and thanks to everyone who submitted a mercenary to be included. In the end, the bugs did us in, but hopefully more patches will be forthcoming, especially after the EU/US version is released. Sorry to everyone whose merc didn't show up-I myself was eager to write scenes with lots of these folks in them. I think some of these combinations would have been awesome.

I think I'll be taking a break from LPing for a while, but if I get the itch again and nobody's done a Brigade E5 LP yet, that may be my next one. Here's hoping it's more accommodating!

Thanks for the artwork, ScotchDK! I've put it into the OP. Gooch181, thanks for offering to jog my savegames, but I'm running a pretty extensive mod for all of the goon names, portraits, and stats, and games loaded or saved without all these files present would freak out and possibly corrupt. Besides, even if we got past this point, this is the start of the game shifting more and more toward  ambushing convoys and moving with NPC forces to attack/defend cities , and apparently my configuration isn't of a disposition to allow this to happen at all, so it'd be delaying the inevitable at best.