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by batebro

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Original Thread: Let's Play 7 Sins!




The Game in a Nutshell:
European game developer Monte Cristo attempted to make an "adult" game along the lines of Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. The result is a strange, vaguely misogynistic adventure game that mixes hitting on women (which is done with dialogue trees and general awkwardness) and "sinning" (which is done by pissing on plants, breaking things, stealing money, sniffing underwear, etc). Of course, like any wannabe adult game made for the PS2 at the time, the game cannot be actually sexual or involve real nudity, so it ends up being the equivalent of what a 12 year old thinks is "adult."

Wikipedia Description:
7 Sins is a life simulation video game where the player must get to the top of the social ladder and make decisions related to the seven deadly sins. The game is set in the fictional Apple City. Throughout the game the player makes decisions based on pride, wrath, greed, envy, lust, sloth and gluttony. Once a relationship has been built new missions are unlocked. In total there are seven chapters and one hundred non-player characters to interact with.

The LP
Because a lot of 7 Sins is broken and/or boring, a strict completionist run is not attempted here -- the rewards for picking up women 100% are terrible, and a lot of times merely involve more minigame grinding and luck-of-the-draw in the dialogue trees. Instead, this LP focuses more on just showing off the game in a steady but efficient manner, showing off all of the women and locales in the game without spending too much time on either. This means more random talks and gameplay and less awkward sex minigames. As a bonus video at the end of the LP, we'll show off what happens with each woman once you seduce her completely (though this almost certainly will involve the bad sex minigame and little else).

Episode Frequency/Length
As much as possible, we will adhere to a M-W-F upload schedule.


EPISODE 1 - The Face of Botox

EPISODE 2 - Slapfight

EPISODE 3 - Our Boss Hates Us

EPISODE 4 - Premature Ejaculation and America

EPISODE 5 - More Premature Ejaculation, Less America

EPISODE 6 - Punchfight with Tyrone and Ms. Hank Hill

EPISODE 7 - Brief Attempts at being an Abstinent Hippie

EPISODE 8 - Gimps are for Stress-Reduction

EPISODE 9 - Adventures in Dating a BDSM Chick

EPISODE 10 - We Love Fatty

EPISODE 11 - No Fighting Back in the Kombat Klub

EPISODE 12 - Flaccid as Western-style Noodles

EPISODE 13 - Soap Between Our Butt-Cheeks

EPISODE 14 - We Finally Pee in the Shower

EPISODE 15 - Do you like Gladiator Movies?

EPISODE 16 - We are Pro-Ass Piano Players

EPISODE 17 - Don't Lose Your Head, Man

EPISODE 18 - Copy Machines are the new Sex Swing

EPISODE 19 - Sexy Latin Lover Alfredo Gomez

EPISODE 20 - Jimmy Neutron, Take me Now

EPISODE 21 - Mergers 101

EPISODE 22 - I Have More Lobsters Than You


EPISODE 24 (End) - Wait for it...
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