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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 6: 1st class cabin

[Music: Binary Game]

This room's deceptively large. It looks really small, and like there's not much in it but it's packed with stuff to see and do. We didn't get a good look at whatever it is that's locking us in, so we should probably do that.

Is that...a microphone?
It looks like a satellite dish.
Let me see. Hmm... Well, judging by the feel of it I would guess that we are meant to produce some sort of sound and this device will sense it, and unlock.

So, uh, this is super nitpicky and it's probably expecting a specific pitch but we were just talking right in front of the microphone. I'm pretty sure that would generate some kind of response from it. Anything sound activated will usually generate a ton of false positives (along with not working when you expect it would) making it not particularly safe or useful. I guess Zero managed to somehow fix that.

Ah, well. We know what we need to do in the end to get out of here. Let's see if we can find stuff that'd help with that.

Looking at this bed conveniently next to the door seems like the perfect way to achieve that.

I've seen things like this in movies and stuff, but never in real life.
True. You don't see too many these days. I can't see the details, obviously, but I imagine it's one of those princess beds Clover is so fond of.

She wants a princess bed.
Didn't I say that? You think it doesn't suit her?
Uh, yeah, I guess you could say that.
Ah, Junpei. Judge her by appearances, will you? And where you should not.

That was odd. I can't help but think we were just threatened, either.

Oh well, doesn't look like there's anything else there so let's move around and see what's sitting in this area.

Normally, you can only examine certain items from one camera angle and trying to do it from another pans the camera. In this case, we can examine the desk and seat from either this one or the previous one and we get different dialogue for it. We want to do it from here, because it's less generic "it's a desk" stuff that way.

This is a high-quality desk. Teak...or perhaps mahogany.
Wow. How can you tell?
Oh, I have my ways.

That's... quite an impressive talent. It also reminds me a lot of this for some reason.

Oh well, let's look at that chair instead.

(A small round chair. It's really soft.)


Squish... Squish...

Squish... Squish... Squish...

Squish... Squish... Squish... Squish...
Junpei, how long to you intend to abuse that chair? I suggest you finish soon. Otherwise, I may be forced to teach you a lesson in physical pain.
(His face might look calm, but there's a monster under there. Gotta admit, I'm a little scared...)

I dunno, what's the worst that could happen? Let's poke it again!

(so I think I'm gonna leave the chair alone. ...For now.)

That was certainly... different. Speaking of different, one thing that usually results in a dud is examining the lights around a room.

Just like this one above the desk.

H-Huh? What the hell, man? It''s just a light.
O-Oh... Of...of course...

Yeah, see. What a waste of time. And that's why we don't examine the pointless things.

Speaking of which, we can examine the bed from here too. We don't get an inexplicable zoom this time, though.

For the first... about four times or so we examine it, we get this. There's no reason to assume the fifth would be any different but it is. It's very different.

Junpei, I cannot help but notice your interest in the bed.

Gah! Y-You--! I-- Don't say stuff like...damn! That's not a mental image I want!

I'm pretty sure it's impossible to dislike Snake. This just helps show exactly why.

Let's do the next logical thing and look at a mirror!

Ah yes. You know, that sort of thing is known as a "vanity". Of course, "vanity" also refers to self-love, conceit, and narcissism. As such, you could say that every day, when a woman looks into one of these...

Doesn't that strike you as terribly sad?

Yeah, it does. Kinda rude too, so I wouldn't say it around anyone else!

...Okay, fine, now we'll look at the obvious point of interest. I guess the piano could prove useful on account of that whole "needing sound" thing.

Y'know, we know we need sound and this is a piano... There's no reason we couldn't just press a bunch of keys and hope we get it right!

[Sound Bite: Piano]

Rare though it might be, there could be times when a sound effect is worth listening to because it's mentioned in the dialogue or the like but there's nothing else that warrants a full video. In these cases, I'll just post the audio as is (even though it's only a couple of seconds long).

This piano... There's something amiss with the keys.
You mean it's out of tune or something?
No, no, not that. It's properly tuned, just... Well, the sounds are clearly purposefully different. C key doesn't yield a C, but rather a different note entirely. The same goes for the D keys. They play...some other note.
Huh. Why do you think it's like that?
Isn't it painfully obvious? Zero modified it in some way. This piano, you see...

Perhaps if we play the keys in the correct order something will happen.
In other words, we need to play a song on the piano.
I believe so.

Hmm, so it might be best to find the actual score we need to play before we can continue then. Shame that there's something in the way. Let's see what that is.

: What's this...? This... isn't a score...

A map?! There's a map of the ship here!?
Then I imagine it will prove very helpful. You'd best hold onto it, Junpei.

So, now we can see a map of the ship whenever we're in what the game calls "novel sections." We can't use it during the actual puzzle bits because... we just can't, okay? There's a minor control overlap, but there's no logical reason why we can't look at a map here.

Functionally, it just helps pick what other rooms we'll be going to later since you can see every potential room on whatever floor you're on. Even if you can't go there this playthrough now. I'll keep a version of it in the second post, but it'll just include places we've been to.

Well, it looks like we've finally exhausted this first room so let's head to the double doors. We'll check out the one on the right first, which gives us a small closet of some kind. There's probably something in that cupboard, so let's give it a look at shall we?

I... what's that?

A rectangle of glass... Transparent, I assume? I can feel something printed on the surface... What is it?

Though if we head through the door on the left instead, we come out into a hallway. If we examine it there, we get something a bit different.

It's got a C note on the staff here a couple'a times.
Seven, you can read music? Huh. Didn't call that one.
What, you think I'm some kinda idiot? Yeah, I know how to read music!

There's not many items that give different dialogue depending on where you actually look at them, but there's a few. Usually it's because there's different characters in the area so from this, and how every piece of dialogue so far has been exclusively between Junpei and Snake, we can deduce that Seven's been searching the second half of the room.

Anyway, we have a glass plate with some sheet music on it now. Might as well hold onto this until we find the rest (which should be A, B, D, E, F and G if they follow this one and have one note on each), before worrying about it.

There's also one other thing in the closet you probably noticed. Let's take a look at that before continuing on.

It's one'a those dial locks. It doesn't have a key. We just need to get the dials in the right place, and it'll open.
Did you find anything, Seven?
Nope. How 'bout you, Snake?
I also found nothing.

I... I think we should head on out and help Seven now. Seems like he could use our help more at this point.

So, back in that hallway we can head to three possible rooms; the bedroom or one the two doors we can see. There's a fourth door around the corner, but we can't get to it from here because we just can't. We'll take a look at the door closest to us first.

It's a... rather small bathroom. There's probably something here we can use, even if it's hidden just out of sight right now.

Clearly, therefore, the shower head is our most important clue!

Hey, it's great to see you all here. I just flew in from New York, and boy are my arms tired! Yes, thank you, I'll be here all week! Try the veal!

I would, but I think it's a little dear.

That's not a mic, Seven. It's...just a shower head.

I think I can see... half... a mirror on the left there. Let's give it a look, shall we?

(...And there we are in the mirror. What a)

(Stuck in a cramped bathroom... With this beast of a man...)
(What would my parents say?)
Hm? Something wrong, Junpei? You looked real sad all of a sudden., nothing.

If we examine it twice more, we get to generic "it's a mirror" messages. If we examine it after that though?

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...


The only other thing there is to look at is the bath.

Incidentally, that is some fucking nasty looking water.

(Man, doesn't matter how hard I yank on it, this thing won't budge.)

Damnit! Nothing... Might as well be a damn rock. It looks like something's holding that knob in place.
Well, if you can't do it, Seven... Guess we might as well give up.

Well, so much for that idea then. Let's just get rid of that water because... seriously, it's awful.

There is a plug at the end of this chain. Let's see if I can pull it out...
Whoa, hold up!

That's pretty gross, but whatever. I guess he saw something where it might come in handy.

If we head out into the hallway again and look in the other room?

We're in the second half of the room now. From here we can finish up when we come back, but first I think I'm missing something...

Right back here; in the bedroom, under that pillow.

A rectangular plate of glass. Is there something written on the surface?

Just As?
Yeah, that's it. Kinda weird, huh?

Blind or not, Snake was clearly attempting to do something.

At last, Junpei could no longer contain his curiosity.

What're you doing?

Snake waited a moment before answering.

I heard something...strange.
...Something strange?
Ah well. Nevermind. It doesn't seem to be anything suspicious. I don't wish to toot my own horn, but my auditory senses are considerably more advanced than those of most humans. I notice even the slightest of noises.
Right, are you gonna tell me you can hear a needle drop from a mile away?

However, by listening to the sound of footsteps and breathing as well as sound echoing off the environment, I can locate most objects.
Oh yeah, that's right.
When Clover fell on the big staircase a little while ago, you were at her side immediately. So that
Yes. I could hear it happening. In fact, I can run quite fast--certainly as fast as you. And should someone attempt to start a

Junpei was somewhat taken aback by this revelation. He stared at Snake, skeptical.

You don't believe me, do you? Care to give me a try? I must warn you, you'll no doubt regret it.

Snake's official art.