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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 16: Shower room

[Music: Septenary Game]

Well, escape number four. We're used to this part by now, so let's see what we can find that might prove useful.

There might be something out in the hall we missed when we had to rush through to the DEAD!

I guess it's not locked, but there ain't really any point. All that's out there is the numbered door. We can't go back through the numbered door, even if we wanted to.

Okay, fine, whatever. There is something else in that area, though, that's much more interesting and worth examining.

Snake's corpse, of course. Maybe there'll be something we can find to give us a hint as to who did this.

(Snake... Why did this happen to you... Damn... I just can't--)

(Snake's body. I can barely stand to look at it...)

(That's what's left of Snake's body...)

(There are just...chunks of flesh all over the place... Shit, I can't look at this anymore.)

Okay, maybe that was a bust. At least there is one other thing over here left to examine though. Plus, this one's quite prominant and easy to notice.

"LLR"... Do you think that might be some sort of dying message from Snake?
No, that's impossible. You saw the body. You aren't doing anything after something like that happens to you.
Then, this...
The way the blood's dried tells you it's real old.

Then you're saying this blood was put here a long time ago?

Nothing else by the entrance, so let's spin all the way around to check out some bathroom stalls.

Nothing unusual there.

C'mon man, I said I already checked 'em! What, you don't trust me?!

Okay, okay, fine.

You may have noticed something on the wall before Santa got in the way, so let's take a look at what that might be.

Can you get it off?
No. It's screwed on to the wall.

I'm sure this will never be relevant again.

More importantly, there's a very inconspicious drain here. It's just small enough to be easily overlooked, but it's also big enough to be noticable if you're looking for it.

Also it's not really hidden so there's that too.

It's the drain.
Huh? I think there might be something in there...

I wonder if we can get to it somehow...
Don't think so. It's too deep. I can't reach it.

Next up, we have an entire row of nothing but showers. I'm sure these won't work either, since the one in the first class cabin didn't, but it's worth checking anyway.

(There's water coming out of the showerhead. Let's see if--)

(Really hot!)
(Man, that water must be just about boiling.)

(Well, now I know that really, really hot water comes out of that shower. Maybe I should just leave it alone for now, though.)

(Boiling hot water... Is there anything I might be able to use that for?)

Hmm, I think we might be able to do something with this already. Let's take a look inside that compartment just beow the shower. Maybe we'll be able to make these usable or something.

Well, that's clearly worth taking a look at, so let's do just that.

"Please do not flush the water in these pipes. Doing so may cause the drain to overflow."

The pipe on the right here must be connected to the drain in the middle of the room.

Oh, so that explains both issues. Clearly we have one thing to do here:

Let's go poking around some other bathroom stalls!

We'll start with the middle one, and let's check out the cistern.

I've seen a lotta OC guys try an' hide a piece in something like this. Usually for a 187 or something. Guess they think it's clever. Dunno when they'll figure out everybody else thinks it's clever too.
Huh? I mean, I know "piece", but...what's "OC"?

What is that, some kinda police slang?
Huh? What'd I say? Why's he look all sad now?
That's not really important right now, guys. Let's just check it out, all right?
(Well, he's not wasting any time.)

it are working.
Hey, there's somethin' in there... You see it?

I think there's meant to be something in here, that I can't help but notice isn't. I can't put my finger on what it would be, though.

Next we'll look at the right stall, and look in its cistern too. Y'know, for convenience.

Let's open that shit up...

Is that...a card?

I suppose while we're here, we might as well see if there's anything in the toilet itself.

There's nothing in the toilet.

There's only one place left to check that you might have noticed that we never bothered with...

The exit, of course.

Well, it looks like the power's on... I'm wondering what the deal is with those things that say "LOCK" up there, though.

We can examine each lock seperately, so let's do that. Starting with the red one.

It looks like the red light is off.
Yeah, and it still says "LOCK".
You think maybe we gotta disable the "LOCK" first?

And then the blue...

"LOCK", huh... There's a blue light right next to it, but it's off.

And of course there's the odd mechanism on the right-hand side of the keypad itself.

It's a card slot. C'mon man, you know... For swiping a card.

You think maybe the two locks would open?

Alright, so I think we've seen just about everything we need to now. Maybe we can finally start on getting out of here.

This shelf looks like the perfect starting point for it.

And in this conspicious wooden box, we have...

There's somethin' written on it. "Lumin--...." Can't read anything else, the label's all faded.
Lemme see that.
(He just grabbed it from him... That wasn't very nice.)

You know, forensics guys use it at crime scenes.
Oh yeah, that stuff that glows blue when you spray it on blood? Even if the blood's been wiped off, it'll still glow.

Huh, that's kind of an odd thing to keep in a shower isn't it? Especially next to toilet roll.

Speaking of which, let's give that a look at.

You think maybe that's a scytale cipher?
Scytale cipher? What the hell is that?
You wrap a piece of paper around a stick, and then write several sentences on it, so that the whole paper is filled up. Then you unwrap the paper, and you can't tell what the original message was, right? That's how it works, more or less.

Same diameter as the original one, huh?
Yeah. Then you just wrap the paper around that stick, and you can read the code.

It's worth noting that any real uses of a scytale are much more obvious and often easily readable even without a stick of any kind. It was primarily used for military communications, so ease of use was an important aspect. Though it does also mean that real scytales are broken without much effort. We can't have that here, since that would lead to players skipping puzzles!

It would also potentially make Junpei whoever gets the dumb part this time look illiterate, and I highly doubt anyone here would be able to pull that off efficiently.

Oh well, let's grab whatever it is sitting in the middle cistern.

We can unscrew things with this. Was there something we needed to unscrew somewhere?

Oh, I guess we never looked under the seat here. There's got to be something here since the lid is down and all.

It looks like tar. Santa: It's kinda sticky. I don't think we can just wipe it off. I doubt just pouring some water on it's gonna help much either.
What water?
Hot water?

We're done here for now; next up is the right stall, of course, and its cistern.

Y'know, I think I just noticed that this one has water in while the other one doesn't. Odd.

Do you remember if you saw a card reader anywhere around here?

Well, I guess now we can take a look at whatever's in the left stall.

...Oh. Not a whole lot of anything here, huh?

Hey, Jumpy. Do you remember back in elementary school when you spilled all of our paint across the whole classroom? They made you clean it up, and all they gave you was a sponge and a bucket like this.
H-Hey, c'mon now... Can't we just leave the past in the past?

Let's examine this a few more times!

It's a tin bucket.

It's a tin bucket.

You could probably put hot water from the shower in it.

A broom, huh? I can think of a use for this thing.

The rabbit hutch.

He turned around. June still looked sadly pale, but there was a smile on her face.

Oh, you just reminded me of it. The rabbit hutch, I mean.
How did I remind you of something like that...?
Jumpy and the broom. You were always playing around with the broom in front of the rabbit hutch.
I was...?
Don't you remember?

Junpei stared at the broom in his hand.

You don't remember that summer either?

She looked very sad. He shook his head.

Of course I remember. How could I forget something like that?

Akane Kurashiki/June official art.