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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 37: Laboratory 2

[Music: Quaternary Game]

So, we kinda need to rescue Clover, get a plug from her and hand her something or other to remove permanent marker. Not necessarily in that order!

Case in point, doing the middle one first.


cable into a 2-pronged one.

Nothing else from this, but we're stood here so let's just chat to Clover for a little bit. It could give us an idea for what to do next.

For now, just have a look around. I'm definitely gonna save you, so you just hang on a little longer.
Okay. I'm counting on you.

Alright, that was... nothing. I guess since we've got the plug we can go and do something else now, at least.

So we could connect it to the plug.
Okay, then you do know. Now, hurry up and do it, quickly!

I'm working on it, okay? Figuring this stuff out is a lot harder than it looks! Honest!

This should be just what we need.

(This is the power cable with the 2-prong plug attached to it. This should do the trick.)

Great, we've got exactly what we need. Let's put it to use.

Huh? What are you trying to say?

You still don't get it?
A-Ah... Of...course I do.

Oh, right. Yeah, that. Before we do that thing, though, I'm not feeling to confident about this. There's one little thing I'd like to do first.

You should be able to wipe off that permanent ink with it.
What am I gonna wipe with...?
Oh, well, your clothes, of course.

...Ha ha ha! Kidding! Just kidding! Please don't look at me like that. You're scaring me.

Look, Clover...
Right now, at this moment, you're the only person we can depend on. I'm trusting you with this.

Alright, so we managed to hand her the one thing she needs right now. The only thing is, where did she want to use it... oh, right. Yeah, there was that one spot.

Soak it in ethanol, and then use it to wash off all the stuff from the permanent marker, okay?

(Well, she's got the cloth, but she seems to be having a little trouble with the bottle of ethanol...)
Soak the cloth in ethanol, and...

Huh? There's some kinda weird drawing under all the permanent ink...
(What's the deal with that drawing Clover found?
I wonder what this is...?

I can't see it from here...
Clover, you've got a pen and a notebook, right?

Okay. Roger.

Well, that's odd. Considering how much effort we had to put in getting it, though, it's bound to be useful so let's go get it right away.

That done, this is the first time in a long while that something in particular has happened:

It's added to the files screen, appropriately enough. We'll worry about the actual content of the note when it's more relevant though!

(I'm pretty sure this will work. Under the desk I go... And let's just plug this thing into the monitor.)
All right, that ought to do it!

Uh... I don't think anything's going to happen.
Why not?
Well, it's not connected to the main computer.
You never know until you try.
(Pretty optimistic...)

[Music: Silence]

With a soft hum, it turned on...

Huh...? It's actually working?
So it would seem.
Uh... Isn't that kinda...weird?
Well, it's not connected to the main computer, right? There's just this keyboard and monitor. The only cable connected to this thing is the power cable we just plugged in.
So...why is it working?

Clearly, this was a reasonable explanation to Lotus.

A...wireless display?
Yes, it connects to your computer wirelessly. Hence the name. Have you been living in a cave, Junpei?

He most certainly had not, but...

Is that...normal...?


As they spoke, the lines of letters suddenly stopped, and disappeared.

The only thing left on the screen was the word "pass", followed by a colon.

Again. There must be a hint around here somewhere...
Could you go take a look?
Yeah. I'm on it. What are you going to do?

On your own?
Yup, on my own.

Lotus pulled over the nearest chair and dropped herself down onto it, in front of the keyboard.

All right, let's kick some ass.

Lotus smiled to herself and rubbed her hands together in anticipation.

Uh... Wh-What?!

Junpei was, for once, at a loss for words.

Of course I didn't!

Junpei was, for once, at a loss for words.

Lotus grinned, pleased with herself.

*Giggle* Did you fall for me again?
Whoa, whoa, whoa. What do you mean "again"?
I'm not into you--
I know, I know. Don't be so stubborn, shy boy...
I'm not being stubborn, I'm not shy, and I'm not a boy.
I'm a young, healthy 21 year-old man. I'm not gonna fall for an old lady like you.

[Sound Bite: Regret]

...Or so Junpei thought, for just a moment.

Lotus' hands suddenly stopped, and her shoulders stiffened.

Go see if you can find a password hint or something. I'll try and open this from here. You're distracting me. Go. Now.

Lotus waved her hand in the universal gesture of dismissal. Junpei was clearly not wanted. Time to cut my losses, Junpei thought, and left as quietly and inoffensively as he could.

Junpei wandered around the room for a while, looking for anything that might help find the password for the computer. Unfortunately...

Damn, he thought, looks like we've hit a dead end this time. But, just as he was about to tell Lotus that his search had returned nothing...

He hurried back to find Lotus looking rather smug.

The strange text from before was gone. In its place was something entirely different.

What is that?
I don't have any idea. It just showed up after I cracked the password.
You think it's a puzzle?

As she spoke, Lotus stood up.

Huh? Aren't you gonna...I more computer stuff?

See, the keyboard... Nothing. So, there's nothing more I can do.
Well, I guess I'll leave this to you then, Junpei.
Let me take a break, all right? I did my part.

I shouldn't rely on other people so much, Junpei thought to himself. From here on out, he told himself, he would rely on no-one else.

Junpei crossed his arms and stared at the puzzle shown on the screen.

[Music: Quaternary Game]

Well, that doesn't seem to bad at all. In fact, for a puzzle I think we solved that quickly and easily.

(Oh, looks like there's some text here...)
[All Panels Green = Unlock]
[Restriction: No more than 4 attempts. Will automatically reset after failure.]

...Oh. Uh, well in that case I have no idea. Fortunately, we did get something that might be a clue!

It seems to fit the puzzle we have in front of us. A 3x3 grid, only 4 numbers in it... let's give it a shot!

Did you hear a noise just now?
Yeah, I did... It sounded like something unlocking...
Where did it come from?

It's a change that's very local and can even be seen from here.

Pretty sure these just turned green!

Then we must have unlocked it with the computer puzzle!

But, that's not the only thing that's changed now. It's the only one that makes sense, but for solving the computer's "puzzle" we do get a bit more dialogue if we spin all the way around again.

Whoa, what's this all about?
And...and also... I'm sorry I messed up.
Hey, we can talk about this when we get you out, okay?


That was pretty nice, I suppose.

Let's look in that locker now!

There's more than one key in here.
This one is small, and looks like it goes to some sort of machine.

I think the [Earth symbol] matches a keyhole in a door on the A Deck.
Well, if that's the case, we probably don't need the [Earth key] right now.
All right then, [Earth key] I'll just tuck you away deep in my pocket. Now, as for the other key...

From the shape of it, I'd say it's not for a door. Probably...some sort of device.
What is it?

The activation key...?
Yes, it has to be! I feel good about this!

It was Clover.

Hey Junpei, do you have a minute?

He put the puzzle aside for the moment, and walked over to Clover.

What's up...?

Hey, hold on a minute, what does--
Sorry. Just...forget about it. It's nothing.

That was... weird.

Well, no matter. We have a key, we have a spot where we can probably use it. Let's go try it!

All right, I'm turning it on.

...And it's full of letters.

"Power restored to experimental device."


Let's think. We know this is has now powered something on. We also know the cable attached to this computer leads into the part of the lab where Clover is. There was exactly one thing in there we have seen that was lacking in power...

It seems like a reasoanable conclusion, then, that we should check this out again.

Yeah, that's 'cause we activated the power over on this side. Could you, like, play with it a little?
Okay. Yeah. I'll turn this dial here... *Turn* *Turn* *Turn*

Maybe if you increase the voltage?
Roger. Will do.

Ma-Max voltage!? Hey--! Wait, Clover!
(Awww shit...)


(Gah! What the hell--?!)
"Fire detected! Fire detected! The emergency system will be activated. Evacuate the room immediately. Malfunction has been detected... Experiment discontinued..."

Uh... this seems like kind of a problem.

Clearly the solution is to dick around as much as we can. It's not like we're going to die or anything!

This is your fault!
(My fault? ...Is it?)

Agh! It's hot in here! And smokey and stinky!
*Cough* *Cough*
I'm gonna die!

What should I do?! Please! Help me!

Okay, I think we should probably help Clover now. There's really nothing else we c-

Wait, no... the mannequin is the source of the fire...

(Science Boy's head is on fire.)

What the hell is "Science Boy"?! Are you...are you talking about the mannequin?!
Forget about the mannequin! You need to help Clover, now!

Right. Clover. Must help Clover.

Maybe this door has opened now!

*Cough* *Cough* I'll try!
(Clover stumbled toward the door, coughing violently.)

Junpei! Help me! Get me out of here!

There's only one other spot I can think of were we should be able to help her at all.

But... something here seems off. I can't quite put my finger on what though. Hey, Lotus, any ideas?

It says "The emergency system has been activated".

Well, I guess setting the lab on fire did have one unintended benefit: we can get the hell out of here now! I'm pretty sure this isn't how Zero wanted us to solve this puzzle, but it worked.

You aren't going to leave Clover behind, are you?

(We can't leave Clover behind.)

(We can't leave Clover behind...)

(! What the hell are you thinking, Junpei?! What is wrong with you!?)
(Then again, she is--)

(I might survive, but I couldn't live with myself...)

So, yeah, we can't actually just ditch Clover and leave her to die. I'm surprised Lotus is the one stopping us, given her rather ruthless nature when we were in the hospital room... but then again, considering her demeanor in the kitchen it also makes sense.

The other door is also open and we know this one leads to Clover. We need to do it, so let's let her out.

Yes, it's green! The emergency system has activated and disabled the lock!
Now, we can save Clover!

(C'mon kid... Jump! She's safe!)

(Time to close this door again, I think.)

*Cough* *Cough*
(Damn, she's coughing so hard she can't even talk...)
Of course I'm not all right! What the hell took you so long, you big jerk! I was almost dead!
S-Sorry... I was going as fast as I could...

That fire's not going to stay in that room forever!

Wait, fuck, the fire's in that room. Science Boy is in that room! We need to save him!

Are you an idiot?!

Heeeeeeeey! Knock that off!
Yeah, yeah, I know...

Whaaaaaaaa?! The MANNEQUIN!?

(Clover's eyes are kinda freaking me out right now. Maybe I should just give up on the mannequin...)

(So long, mannequin... You may not have)

RIP Science Boy. You will be missed.

The least we can do, is save ourselves so his noble sacrifice shan't have been in vain.