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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 41: Chart room

[Music: Quinary Game]

Sadly, the only door we know about on A Deck is... rather limited. Clover's best described as "dead on her feet," so as you might expect... well, best to just see it.

This chair'll do.

A chair...

(Clover isn't talking much. Well, I guess that's understandable... I mean, she's been through a lot.)
(Really, it's more surprising that she's still together enough to talk at all.)

So, yeah. Don't expect anything particularly exciting from Clover any time soon. Most of the time she won't even manage anything beyond an ellipsis.

...Not sure I can really blame her, given everything she's been through.

There are a few things we can do in this room though. Like, perusing a few random books just for fun. It's not like we're on a time limit or anything.

(The shelves are lined with books. Let's see what's in this blue one. There's something written on it...)

Huh... Ship's log, huh...

This is certainly a bit unexpected, and it even gets added to our files section if we wanted to actually read it.

For now, though, we have this rather conspicuous map.

It's a map of the world, but with the Atlantic Ocean in the middle. It probably looks weird 'cause you're not used to seeing it that way.

Nothing exciting, but Junpei does raise a good point about how most world maps have their country of origin at the centre instead. So, uh, this one doesn't look all that odd to me. A bit higher than I'm no doubt used to, but other than that perfectly usable.

...And that's all there to talk about in Clover's half of the room, so let's go hang out with the one guy everyone's been clamouring for instead.

This looks like a good starting point.

The helm...
Well, "steering wheel" might be a more appropriate term.

What would be the point of moving it? The ship is stopped. What would be the use of steering it?
Yeah, I know. Still...

Nothing else worth worrying about at the start of the room, so let's spin around a bit and take a look at this... whatever this thing is.

It looks a little like an electronic scoreboard. I imagine it was added recently.

Other than that, there's just a doorway back to Clover over there. I reckon she could probably use some alone time right now, so let's take a look at the only other area in this half of the room.

There's a... second steering wheel? Okay, sure, why not. Seems a bit more cluttered here than by the other one, and judging from the boarded up windows this is the probably the one that was used anyway.

A compass...

I really hope you don't think that sounded cool.

Wow, poor Ace.

I wonder what he can tell us about this thing.

Ah, a human hammer.


Thank you, Captain Obvious.
Ace... You really kinda suck at making jokes...
...That was rather cruel.

Yeah. I found it kinda funny.

Granted, only the first time I saw it but still. At least he's trying.

Not much else we can do over there right now, so back by the door that leads to Clover... there's this other door. It appears to have something stuck to it.

The door itself is pretty... doorish, but there is that thing on it. That seems more worth our time to investigate.

This indentation has a rather unique shape. Perhaps we're supposed to put something in it?
Isn't it obvious? Something that's shaped the same.

What the hell...

...okay, I don't care what Junpei says. Ace, you're okay to me.

Unfortunately, that's all the interesting things in the entire room. It's not a very exciting place, I'm sure you'll agree.

So, come back next time when we actually leave it.

hey where are you going come back i was

i was just

Okay fine we'll do it now. This chest of drawers seems like it'd be the first place we should really look.

A map, huh? It looks a bit similar to something we've seen already. Might warrant taking with us.

There's this line on I think the line is the route the ship is supposed to take.
There are these dots all over the map...
Oh, those are probably ports. Like, for a boat to stop at. It looks like the lines connect the dots...

There's a stack of charts like that one...
How many are there?
I'm not really sure, but I'd say somewhere in the ballpark of 10 or so?

Huh, that's quite a lot of charts. They're probably not all going to be useful. Tough to say for sure, though. Wonder what Ace thinks.

Several points on a map, connected by a line, yes? There seem to be several maps there. They're clipped together on one side.

Back in Clover's part of the room, this desk's got to be important. The log of a ship was in the shelf above it, and it's right by the map, so I'd assume this is roughly where the navigator would work when not, uh, navigating.

My brother's desk looked a lot like this...

(Damn, that's... What am I supposed to say to that? Poor kid...)

...Yeah, wow.

Kinda metagaming here, but this drawer is rather central and prominent. It's therefore more likely to be useful than anything else here.

And there's a... pocket watch, in it?

(She sure hasn't been saying much... And she just keeps looking at the floor. She seems kinda sad...)

(Huh... I wonder if it's broken...)
(...Yeah, I don't feel anything moving when I fiddle with the dial here.)

We're officially completely done in Clover's half of the room, save for one thing which we don't need to do. I guess that means we should leave her to do... whatever it is she's doing in here, and help Ace out.

Oh, a pocket watch. Might I take a look at it?

He spun around to find Ace standing in the doorway.

Junpei shrugged, and handed him the pocket watch.

Hey man. What're you doing over in this room?

I, uh, I guess there isn't.

Junpei looked desperately around the room--anywhere but at Ace--trying to find a convincing reason to dismiss him.

Ace opened his mouth, then took another look at Junpei and shut it again. A small smirk appeared on his face.

He looked Junpei over.

Then glanced at Clover...

I apologize for the intrusion.

[Music: Silence]

How much time passed? He wasn't sure.

But he did notice when Ace strode through the door.

His smile was more of a smirk, and he had the air of a man who knew more than his opponent.

Yeah? What's that?
Pardon me...

With no warning, Ace slipped his hand into the pocket of Junpei's vest.

H-Hey! What the hell are you doing?!

He reached for Ace's arm-- But it was already too late.

In the older man's hand were the pieces of paper Junpei had balled up and hidden in his pocket.

Just as I thought...

Ah well. I can't say that I care. I managed to get through the numbered door I wanted, despite your mischief.
When...why did you...?

Ace smiled, gave Junpei a friendly pat on the shoulder, and then turned on his heel and left.

And THAT is why you destroy all forms of incriminating evidence as soon as you can. Junpei could've tossed them the instant Ace was in the wheelhouse, but he just had to hold onto them for some reason.

Really, no one to blame but himself here.

[Music: Quinary Game]

Might as well ask him about the watch, since we can now.

The hands have stopped at 5 minutes, 39 seconds past 10 o'clock. Turning the knob does nothing...
Yeah, it's probably broken.
It looks as though you could move the hands, however.

Well, with these two items we, uh, we have more or less everything we need to finish up here already if you can believe it.

Our first port of call is the left... "human hammer."

They used this on old ships to adjust the speed of the ship.
Like the gear-shift in a car?
Well, it's a little different. This device doesn't connect directly to the engine.

The navigation officer uses it to set the speed of the ship, and it sends a signal to the engine. There's a handle on top of it, which can be moved back and forth to--
Hold on...

You're right... There isn't. It looks as though it was deliberately removed.

Huh, now that's... unfortunate. I suppose we need to find an alternative source for one.

It's kind of a stretch but the wheel has a lot of handles attached to it for ease of use. Maybe we can just yank one off.

Looks like the steering wheel moves...
So it would seem. I noticed something else as well.
What's that?

What do you mean?
The's moving...

The wheel and the compass must be connected to one another somehow.
Hmmm... Do you think that's important?
Well, let's try turning it again.

This looks... rather odd. All we know is the compass moves when the wheel does. We should probably go and look for a clue on what to do here.

Junpei, this is almost certainly one of Zero's puzzles. There must be a clue here, somewhere, that will help us solve it. Have you...found anything? Perhaps... Something with the points of the compass on it?

Well, there was that one thing. I didn't read it that much, but let's give it another shot.

Junpei, you aren't hiding anything, are you? Have you already found something with directions on it?
Something with directions...?
(Does he mean something with compass points on it? If that is what he means, then maybe it would show the order that I'm supposed to enter this stuff in.)

We actually DO have something that tells us how to solve this, though it's not really all that useful since it's not immediately obvious. We're gonna need something else that's much more accessible.

Yeah... They look like pins.
What do you think they're for?
Who knows?
What do you mean "who knows?"
Come on! Be serious!
I am...

Hey, Junpei...? You sure you don't have any, like, hints or clues or something?
Oh... Hmm...yeah. Lemme see if they match up.

(There are a number of red pins in several locations.)
(What do these red pins mean...?)
(Well, the nautical charts I picked up earlier have a map like this one. Maybe one of them matches up to the pins or something. Let's see...)

(Okay, so we've got 7 locations, connected by straight lines. And each one has a word next to it. That's probably the speed...)

Alright, so with this we have more than enough information to solve the puzzle with the wheel and compass now.

Just have to follow the route outlined above: south, west, southwest, northwest, east, north.

The handle came off...
Heh... Stooping so low, are you, Zero?

Hmm... A handle.

You pulled that handle off the wheel with your bare hands...
No, I didn't! It just fell off!

Why are you showing me this...?

Yeah, okay let's just go use this thing.

This wanted a handle so it could be used; let's just jam it in there.

We're almost finished. There's only one thing left to do.

Oh, uh, oops. Might want to equip that before trying again.

Excellent. That should allow us to operate the engine order telegraph.
Let's give it a shot.

I, uh, I think this is the right setting.

No, I don't think so. Take a look. Over there, above the door to the chart room...

Um, okay. I guess that means we got it right after all!

(There's only stuff displayed on the left side.)
What the hell is this...?

I imagine it's showing us the ship's route. You know, just like the ones you might see at an airport.

Oh, I get it. It does look like those are the names of all the ports along the ship's route.
But there's only one line that shows the arrival time...
Ah, the time on the bottom, right?

Yeah, I know. I mean it's set even to the last second. There has to be meaning behind it.
Hm...? Oh...perhaps...

Uh... why is that on the... well, that's odd.

Excuse me, Junpei.
(Hey! He just took my pocket watch!)
H-Hey! What the hell are you doing!?
Just trust me.

(Well, thanks for giving me the pocket watch back, but you don't need to look so smug about it.)

I took it and looked at the needle. Then...

47 seconds and 25 minutes past 7 o'clock...

Ace nodded slowly.

You know what to do next, right? Give it a shot.

(It's set to the same time as the estimated arrival time at the final destination. Ace changed it so they match.)

The hands stopped at 7:25 and 47 seconds...
Yeah, Ace set it to that after looking at the arrival board in the wheelhouse. The arrival time at the final destination was 25 minutes and 47 seconds after 7 o'clock.

If it's got something to do with the other room, talk to the person in the other room about it, okay?

...Well, at least we tried and that's all that matters.

So, let's get out outta here!

I saw something earlier that's the same shape as this hole, I know it.

...I keep making this mistake. One of these days I'll actually get it right.

Perhaps we set it to the wrong time?
Well, the arrival board had the time for the final destination and we set the hands on the watch to that time, so...
Are you saying that the arrival board has the wrong time?
Yeah, I think it might. We need to figure out how to get it to show the right one.

...Well, shit. I guess I misremembered that order after all.

Well, in that case, FULL POWER! should be more than sufficient.

No change in the arrival board either. Ideally, there ought to be a clue somewhere that might suggest what speed we need to input.

Huh? Oh, this? It's a nautical chart or something, I think. I found it in the chart room.

Did you put in the speed it shows on the chart?!

Oh, uh, oops... now let's see what does it say on the chart? Umm, I put it over here somewhere...

Right, that's it. Pretty sure this is what it said, at least.

Did I mess up?
No, I don't think so.

Yeah, you're right... Let's check it out!

Yeah, you're right... Only the left half of it's on, though.
The last line... It says that the estimated arrival time at the final destination is 10 seconds past 3 o'clock.
Oh. Then, you mean...

You matched up the hands on the watch like I did earlier, didn't you? Now you've set it to 10 seconds past 3 o'clock.
Then surely you know what need to happen next. Let's give a shot, shall we?

(It's set to the same time as the estimated arrival time at the final destination.)
What are you doing? There's only one thing for you to do, you know. Now, give it a try.

Yeah, there's really nothing else here. We could go show the watch to Clover again, but she doesn't say anything about it really so there's no point.

Instead, let's just get outta here.

Good work. It seems you were successful. Well done, Junpei.
Heeeey! Clover!

Now we can get out of this roo--...
...Oh... Well... Let's go then...

...Yeah, I, uh, I think we really should just leave now. It's probably for the best.