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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 47: Operating room

[Music: Septenary Game]

Alright, so our penultimate door... Let's get to it!

There's quite a fair bit to this room, so we'll do our usual routine of going clockwise through everything.

It says kg on the display.
You think maybe it's a scale?

Why don't you try opening it?
Can't. There's no handle. I can't get under it with my nails either.

There's probably something to the mannequin itself. I highly doubt it's gonna be Kim Cattrall but you never know!

Hey, it says something here.

You think that's this doll's name?
This thing is creepy...
I wonder why it's on the bed.

...Okay, maybe it will turn out to be a robotic version of Pygmalion or something after all. Why else would it be named before Junpei can give it a name of his own?

Nothing else left over there, though, so let's start to look around the room. This desk right here has a lot on it; something useful should be here.

Let's see... Syringes...cups...a plate... There's a sort of scissor-ish thingy...

Are... those forceps?

Let's grab those, while we can!

No, that's probably a pair of Kocher forceps. Surgeons use 'em during operations. They can hold blood vessels shut, and keep tissue outta the way. We can use it to pull stuff outta small holes, or something like that.

As you might've guessed, these really exist. Apparently they're named after a Swiss surgeon.

Much more importantly, there's this thing just behind it!

Maybe it's a heater...?
There's nothing inside it.

Hmm, that's a shame... but we can also use it to our advantage.

I'm sure you know where this is going.

There's a pipe going outside.

Are you nuts? What the hell is wrong with you? Junpei, are you flexible like an octopus or something?


But, alas, we can't do anything else with this potential early escape avenue so we'll look under the very conscpicuous white sheet now.

From the looks of it, this one's a chick.
She has a name too.

Poor thing... Looks like Miss Lucy only has a head and a left arm.
Maybe we're supposed to gather all her parts?

Sounds like a plan. This gives us some form of a goal to work towards in here; it's worth a shot.

Speaking of shots...

I wonder if one'a these is a laxative...
(Yeah, it sounds kinda gross, but...)
(I'm pretty sure every one of us has had the same idea.)


That is rather unfortunate, but it also makes sense. Even if there were laxatives here that Zero didn't remove, for some bizarre reason, he would at least make it obscure what they are. Really, leaving them here wouldn't make sense in the first place.

Ah well, you probably noticed this thing over here. It does kinda stand out.

This's the chest... It's a woman's chest...

If that kinda thing turns you on, Seven, you're a real creepo.

Nothing else left over there, so let's look over at the last part of this room. This table also looks like it has a lot of things on it.

There're some scalpels, a few pairs of forceps, and a couple'a syringes. All of it's too rusty to be useful, though.
Hey, there's a scalpel here that looks new!

A scalpel that looks new, huh?

Well, that could come in handy. It's certainly reminiscent of a different room we've seen at least...

Seems like it was put here for a reason, huh?
You think it's telling us to cut something?
Yeah, I do.

That's a scalpel.
What about Seven?

You guys are jerks.

This thing stands out, so its got to be useful in some form. It doesn't have anything about it that appears immediately useful though.

Ew... Gross.
Hey Junpei. There's a slit in this thing's chest.
Yeah, sure is.
There's somethin' in there... Maybe we can get it out. *Grunt*

It's stuck.
Well, I guess you can't use force on this one, then. We need something small that can fit into that little hole...

Something that fit into a small hole and pull this thing out?

Nope, no idea.

There's nothing else left in this part of the room so let's take a look around the other side of the partition.

There's two doors here, so let's try them both. The one on the right stands out a bit more so be worth looking at first.

That's the door we came through.
The only thing out there is the numbered door...
I'm pretty sure I don't need to tell you that the numbered door is a one-way deal. So...

(...Aaaand they're nodding. Awesome.)

Well, that one was a bust.

So let's try this one instead then.

Guess we're gonna need a key for this one.

So, there's nothing over on the right we can do. Well, there was a turn to the left so let's go look over there and see what's over there.

...Of course, it's another locked door.

I guess we're stuck in this part of the room trying to find the key or something.

Well, this is the only thing we've seen so far that would maybe make sense.

It's a lung, not an "organ thingy".
Huh? This part here, on the back... It's all rubbery...
You're right.
(So? It's a fake organ, of course it'd be--wait, what's Seven grabbing it for?)

You think we can cut through the rubber part?

We might already have the lung from the miniature mannequin, but we should probably check it again.

The organ is...?

Really Clover? I expected more from you.
Oh, like you could do better!

Now that we know it's orgone, we should probably look at the organ itself again. We need to find a way to open it, and we do have a scalpel...

Found a key in an internal organ...
(A key we found in one of the mannequin's internal organs.)

Hmm, well we have a key now and there's two locked doors.

It's worth a shot if nothing else.

Awesome! It's unlocked.

Looks like there's quite a lot of things in here. We'll start over on the left, and work our way around the room.

Well, if there are, I was thinking we could put salt on them.
(What's she pointing at...)

Sodium chloride, better known as...

Salt, huh...
Do you think Seven will shrivel up if we put it on him?
Hey. You say something?


So salt is made up of...

So, there's a bottle of salt in here. Seems like an odd thing to keep right below...

The stuff on this shelf.

How do you know it's iron?
The label says [Fe].

I must admit, I wouldn't have expected a chemistry area to be adjacent to an operating theatre.

Though there might be a reason for that.

Is it coming from this bottle? It says [NH3].


So, in other words, ammonia is made of...

...Okay, ammonia wasn't quite what I was expecting. That seems like a bad thing to keep here.

It's not the worst thing, true, but it's still quite risky.

What are you talking about...?
I'm talking about that bottle.

There's something about this I don't quite get but we'll cover that in a minute.

It's ethanol...

It's pretty much what booze is made of.
So... you're gonna drink it?
Nah. I won't.


So basically, ethanol is made of 2 carbon atoms...

Right, okay. I'm sure someone will explain why it's written as C2H5OH; I'm presuming that it's due to the molecule's layout or something. But it just sticks out as a bit odd here. I'd have expected C2H6O or something along those lines at least.

Well, no matter right now. I'm sure there'll be something else over here.

...Okay, maybe this could be bad. You might remember this stuff from a while back, when there was something of a general scare involving it. It's amazing, what you can do when science proves that 100% of people who consume this stuff end up dying.

That's because this is just a far less common name for the Most Dangerous Substance:

...Yeah. The whole thing was predicated on just deceiving people. I'm sure most people know about it by now, since it was in like 1997.

[H20]... H must mean "hot", and O probably stands for "orphans".

Seven... Is your head...okay?

So right under all that water, I wonder what there could possibly be.

It says [CO2].
So it's a can filled with carbon dioxide.

[CO2]... C is for carbon, and O is oxygen.
So carbon dioxide is made up of...

So that's all the science stuff in the room, I suppose. Let's take a look then at the thing in the center.

You probably need to put in a passcode. I mean geez. They've even got a keypad on there. How much more obvious can you get?

A passcode, huh? We do get a shot to input the code here but there's nothing interesting that happens if you get it wrong or haven't seen the hint for it, so let's just skip over it for now.

Instead, let's take a look at this note right next to the box.

What do you think this is a hint for?

It's not particularly complicated or difficult; even I figured out what it was asking me for right away.

I just, uh, got it wrong the first time because I didn't know the stuff on that note was peppered around the room.

As a result, I kinda... sorta didn't know how many atoms were in ammonia or ethanol.

That's what the passcode is: number of atoms in carbon dioxide (3), ammonia (4), ethanol (9) in that order.

Nothing too complicated, and the iron/salt/water stuff gives you a decent enough hint to figure it out with.

With it solved, the box opens and we can take the spoils from within! This, uh, is actually kinda weird.

This ain't good for the heart.

Well, looks ike we've got three of Lucy's parts now. Since her left arm and head were already on the table, it looks like we're just missing the rest of her torso and her legs.

But before we go find those, let's grab these bottles. Could come in handy, I guess.

Why don't you try pouring some out into the cap?
(Can't see any reason why not...)

*Sigh* Where the hell did that come from?
Then what do you think it is, Seven?

Ugh. What a boring guess...

Why don't you try pouring some out into the cap?
(Can't see any reason why not...)

No, blood's thicker than that.
Then what is it?
Beats me...

Well, no matter what it is, we're done in here so let's head on out.

Yeah, I think that's probably best.

Clover nodded, and left.

Junpei was about to follow her when he realized that Seven wasn't following suit.

Hey, Seven, what's up?

He looked up at Junpei distractedly, and then back down at the brown bottle he held cupped in his large hands.

What's that?

In response, Seven tossed the bottle gently to Junpei.

He caught it, and twisted it around to read the label.

...Ethy-what now?

Oh, of course how silly of me now I understand perfectly.

What kind of medicine is that?

Why would they have something like that here?
Well, probably to clean stuff up.
Clean what up?
Fuck if I know. Still...

Junpei looked up from the bottle.