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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 59: Snake

[Video: Snake]
If you can, watch this. No, really: do it.

The door stopped Junpei in his tracks. It simply shouldn't have been there.

As his brain finally began to consider why--

The whine of a warning klaxon filled the air, drowning out any thought.

[Sound Bite: Warning]

[Music: Tinderbox]

Warning. Emergency incineration command has been acknowledged. Automatic incineration will take place in...

Please evacuate the incinerator immediately.

You've run quite a show here, Zero!

A terrifying smile twisted Ace's face.

What's the matter? Too frightened to understand? Here, let me explain--

In 9 minutes, this room will be engulfed in flame.
Huh? Who are you...?

Snake...? Ah, yes, you are alive. I'm afraid your bizarre style had me confused. I'm...quite glad to see that you're alive.

Ace's voice didn't change.

Snake ground his teeth.

If you don't mind my asking, how did you get here?

Did you use Clover's bracelet, perhaps?

Ah. Well, your reaction suggests that you did not.
Hold on!

Junpei felt his chest tighten.

Oh... They...haven't told you?
T-Told me what?
Hm, clearly not. Normally, I would take some time and enjoy the moment, but I'm afraid my time is at a premium just now. I'll have to make this quick. Clover--

Keep your goddamn mouth shut!
I said stop it! Don't listen to him, Snake!

Junpei could feel his voice going hoarse, but Snake didn't listen to him.

What happened to Clover?

Ace looked at him. The corner of his mouth curled into the hook of a cruel smile.

The color left Snake's face.

He shook his head, weakly...

It's a lie. It has to be a lie...

I'm sorry, did I stutter?

[Music: Silence]

Snake's face twisted into a mask of rage, mottled red rising to dot his pale skin.

His entire body shook. He looked, to Junpei, disturbingly like a demon.

[Music: Chill and Rigor]

I would have rather she died with less suffering... A bullet in her brain, perhaps, would have been ideal. Unfortunately, that would have made quite a bit of noise.

The one the 9th Man had, you remember?
I believe I caught her just below the shoulder blade. I was rather lucky, in fact. My first thrust went right between her ribs. Her flesh was so soft.

That feeling was... I confess, I feel rather excited. It is a...powerful memory. Someday, perhaps, I hope I can feel it again.

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

Hm? I'm sorry, what?
I'm going to kill you...
Ah, so you're going to kill me.

Don't do it! Don't listen to him, Snake!
Stop it, kid! He's screwin' with your head!

Don't you want me to send you to join your sister?

But Snake could no longer hear them. Snake could no longer hear anything.


[Music: Silence]

[Sound Bite: Bang]

She ran across the room toward Junpei, her eyes wide with terror.

Snake's ill-fated attack had loosened Ace's grip on her, and she'd made a run for it.

She reached Seven and Junpei, and ducked behind them. Junpei could feel her fingers on his arm, tight enough to be painful, keeping him between her and Ace.

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

He raised the gun.

I need her. Without her bracelet I will be unable to open this door.

I see. Then it would seem I have no choice. The rest of you must die as well. Fortunately, I have 5 bullets left. 1 for Junpei, another for Lotus, and the

I will take Lotus's body with me, and leave this room.

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

Well, it looks as though our time together is at an end. I rather enjoyed playing with you. Goodbye.

Junpei could see Ace's finger tighten.

He could see it begin to squeeze down on the trigger.

His body tensed, preparing for the catastrophic impact of hot lead against human flesh.

Then it happened.

[Music: Morphogenetic Sorrow]

What?! No... That's impossible!

His voice was the mournful wailing of the undead.

Stay...stay away from me! Get back!

Little by little, Ace was retreating.

Snake didn't stop.

He continued his stiff, inexorable approach, his eyes twin pools of pure fury.

L-Listen to me! I said, don't come any closer! Shit! You bastard!

[Sound Bite: Revolver]

Snake's body twitched as 5 clouds of blood and torn flesh leapt into the air across his body.

A fine pink mist drifted from his body and disappeared.

Snake made a strange sort of choking cough...

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

Y-You son of a bitch! You''re a monster!

He kicked at Snake with his free leg, driving his foot into Snake's face, his arm, his shoulder... It made no difference.

Hurgh... This, Ace...


[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

Aaahh! Damnit! Damn you! Get off! Let me go, you monster!
Okay, okay okay... Look. Think about it this way.

Y-You're not wounded too seriously. I'm sure they can fix you up easily.

Then Seven and Lotus began to speak.

Junpei could hear tears in their voices, and their words were strained...

I apologize, but I'm afraid I...can' that. You'd best forget...about me. You...need to leave soon... I'm going to...take him...with me...
Shut up! Be quiet!

Perhaps this will...begin to...atone for that... Perhaps in...the afterlife... She can...forgive me.

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

We have to go!

Seven ran toward the exit. Lotus followed him.

But Junpei... Junpei couldn't move.

Junpei's chest tighened, pulled taunt by anger, misery, and a cold feeling of emptiness...

Pure emotion surged through his heart, alongside the torrent of blood.

He could feel it building, a tremendous wave growing taller and taller and taller...

And then it broke, crashing down with thunderous force onto his shaken, unprepared mind.

[Sound Bite: System]

Incineration will begin in...

Zero! Zero!

[Music: Silence]

[Sound Bite: Incinerate]

Even in what would normally be death, Snake couldn't be stopped by anything other than the incinerator itself. His raw determination to murder the shit out of Ace is all that kept him alive.