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999: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors

by Dragonatrix

Part 73: Twilight

[Music: Chill and Rigor]

He was just a shell of flesh and bone.

Seven turned to Snake.

You were there that day, weren't you?

Don't misunderstand me. I told you before how Zero threatened me. There was nothing I could do. I couldn't say anything about what happened 9 years ago.

Of course not.
Clover...? What about you...?

I did hear that a detective rescued the kids on the boat, but I didn't know it was you...

Her surprise seemed to be genuine.

Seven regarded Clover for a moment, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully.

Hm. Well, I guess I believe you.

Clover nodded.

All right, lemme ask you another question.

He stuck his hands into his pockets and took a few steps.

Then he stopped, and turned to face them again.

He's Akane's brother. You know that?

Well... Yes, I know Aoi Kurashiki was her brother.

9 years ago, he was in the middle of puberty. His voice is entirely different now. I'm ashamed to say that even my

As such, I had no reason to think Santa was Aoi...
When did you figure it out?
A short time ago, Clover told me that Santa might have been one of the subjects of the initial experiment. When she told me that, I had a...feeling.

Junpei blinked. He was back.

I mean, like, a lot a lot.
But...there is one thing I think we can say we know.
What's that?
The body we found in the shower room had

C'mon man... What kind of a detective are you? You didn't figure that out already?

Cut me some slack...
Hmm... Well, if he is, the 3 murders make sense then, don't they?

So why did these murders take place...
If Junpei is correct, and the body in the shower room was Nijisaki's... That means all of the people who were

You mean this was all just revenge?

If I'm right, then it's not hard to figure out who the next victim's gonna be, is it?
I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you...

Snake, Clover, and Seven all nodded.

The person who planned the Nonary Project.

There was a moment of silence--

[Music: Silence]

[Sound Bite: Explosion]

Whoa! What the hell's going on here?!

C'mon! We need to get outta here!

Junpei grabbed it.

I'm betting this sucker opens the exit! C'mon! Let's go!

[Music: Nonary Game]

Zero... Zero...
(Goddamnit... Zero's just screwing with us, isn't he?!)

Well, it's certainly a key card, even if it's not quite like any others we've seen before. We don't have time to mess around any more either, so let's just make a beeline for the exit!

This thing better work...

Junpei, look! It's unlocked!
Yeah! Now we can go back to the library!
Hurry up, Junpei! We don't have time!

Aoi Kurashiki official art.