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A Blurred Line

by Tobias Grant

Part 10

Captain: Sir.

Director: I suppose it's time for the next phase of the Schedule... this is where things might get dicey...

Captain: Corporal Dalia will handle the next phase.

Director: Dalia? Isn't she a bit... abrasive? I don't know whether Eisen will choose to cooperate with her.

Captain: He won't have a choice, Sir. The Advocate must be reactivated. Dalia will be acceptable.

Director: Well, there's no denying that she's loyal. But Corporal Dalia sometimes lacks... a gentle touch, shall we say?

Captain: Not yet, Sir. But he will be found.

Director: Good - I want you to offer him a position with the Agency. We can't let his talents remain unattached... otherwise someone might use them against us. Plus, if Eisen refuses to reactivate the Advocate, we might need a Slicer.

Captain: Sir.

Director: That is all, Captain.

The Captain leaves.

Director: ... ... ...

The Director walks up to the window.


Dalia: Nothing! His personnel file is completely clean - no disciplinary infractions at all! Well, this is inconvenient. If he'd told off his supervisor, or tampered with the machines, at least I'd have something to report. I don't want to have to go to the Captain empty-handed.

Dalia continues searching through the files.

Dalia: Hmm - nothing here to report either.

The Captain enters the room.

Dalia moves to meet her superior.

Captain: That won't be necessary, Corporal. We have another assignment for you.

Dalia: We?

Captain: You are to go to the Tasgarde Military Base and get Professor Eisen to reactivate the Advocate.

Dalia: Yes, Sir!

Captain: A mobilized transport is waiting outside the factory to take you to Tasgarde. That is all, Corporal.

Dalia: Yes, Sir!

The Captain leaves.

Dalia: Hopefully this assignment will be more exciting than sifting through all these disciplinary records. I wish they'd assign me to the pursuit of the assassin - who cares whether this Advocate thing gets reactivated or not?

Dalia here has a Portable Console pic, but nothing else.

The various workers and Dessen have a line or two to say, but none of it's really interesting. Let's leave.

Dalia: Do your duty, driver.

Road trip!

The grey block there is Tasgarde.

Dalia: At ease. I have orders from the Captain. I must speak with professor Eisen.

Guard: I'll open the door, Corporal.

The door opens.

Guard: You're all set, Corporal. The professor should be in his lab. He always is. I'll call ahead to the other guard station and have him open the door for you.

Dalia: Thank you.

Dalia continues deeper into the base.

Another door opens.

Dalia: Thank you. Is he expecting me?

Guard: I don't think so. Honestly, we rarely see the professor. He keeps pretty much to himself.

Dalia: I see.

Dalia enters the lab.

Dalia: It's not my place to make the Agency's decisions for it, I guess. My superiors know better than I what should be done with the taxpayers' money.

Dalia: I guess.

We can look around, but there's not much to see. Let's go bother the old man.

Eisen ignores Dalia.

Dalia: Professor Eisen, can you hear me?

Dalia: I think he's hooked up to a simulation of some sort - there's got to be a way to deactivate it somewhere in this room.

Back to the 'awaken' console.

Dalia flips the switch, and Eisen awakens.

Eisen looks around.

Eisen: What happened to my simulation? What?

Dalia: My name is Corporal Dalia, and I am here by order of the Agency to have you reactivate the Advocate.

a brief pause.

Eisen: Oh. Oh my... my, oh my...

Eisen goes back into the Simulation!

Dalia: He's back in his simulation! I don't believe this!

Dalia flips the 'Awaken' switch again.

Eisen: Will you stop that, little girl?

Eisen: Oh, hush. I heard you the first time. Can't an old man relax in his retirement? What's the world coming to? Me, oh my. Harumph!

Eisen leaves the simulation.

Dalia steps back.

Dalia: Why am I letting him get away with talking to me like this? He's just an old man. That must be it.

Eisen walks to the center of the room.

Dalia: Because the Agency has ordered you to. It is your solemn duty to carry out -

Eisen: Bah. So they sent me a dyed-in-the-wool spear carrier, eh? What?

Dalia: What's that supposed to mean?

Eisen: Just an old expression. You probably wouldn't understand. I suppose you'd be "loyal to the last," for this wonderful Agency of yours, eh? What?

Dalia: Of course! Serving the Agency is the greatest honor anyone could hope for! And promotion to the Catch Colony is the highest reward for those whose hearts are most loyal!

Eisen: So they built the damn thing. Bah.

Dalia: How dare you besmirch -

Eisen: Settle down, little girl. My, you certainly are excitable. I can criticize the Agency all I like - Lord knows they've criticized me enough, in my day. Eh?

Dalia: this old man is off his rocker. I think he's been in one simulation too many.

Dalia: Just turn on this Advocate thing and I'll leave you yo your simulation.

Eisen: Kids. Always so eager to finish chores so they can run and play. Harumph!

Dalia: I am NOT a -

Dalia: Well... it's a computer program that... was built to assist construction of the Catch Colony, back before the Shortage.

Eisen: ... ... ...

Eisen: So be it.

Dalia: Fine. I'll listen to your story. But make it quick.