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A Hat In Time

by Hamsterlady

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Original Thread: Let's Play A Hat in Time: The Original Hat-Based Platformer



A Hat in Time is a "cute-as-heck" 3D collectathon platformer starring Hat Kid, a humanlike space alien who finds herself stranded after her spaceship's fuel, Time Pieces, are spilled and scattered across a strange planet.

In this Let's Play, I will be finishing the game to 110% completion. This means collecting all 56 Time Pieces (40 from the base game and a combined 16 from the two DLC worlds), and completing all 114 Death Wishes; extremely difficult optional challenges added in the first DLC pack. I'll be getting most of the other collectables as well, but may miss a yarn ball here and there. There are significantly more of them than you need to craft every hat in the game, and they don't count towards your final completion score.

I grew up playing N64 and PS1 games and still consider the collectathon platformer to be one of my favorite game genres. A Hat in Time does a fantastic job of capturing the magic of N64 and Gamecube era platformers, while learning from the mistakes of its predecessors. The highest praise I can offer A Hat in Time is that it's as good as I remember Banjo-Kazooie and Mario 64 being when I was a kid. This game is easily one of the best of its genre, and if I'm being honest, might be my favorite game I've ever played. I hope you'll join me as we look at this incredible revival of the collectathon genre.

Act 1: Welcome to Mafia Town
Act 2: Roaming Through Mafia Town
Act 3: Battle of the Birds
Act 4: Rift Roundup
Act 5: Subcon Forest
Act 6: The Annual Bird Movie Award
Act 7: Vanessa's Manor
Act 8: Death Wish
Death Wish: No One is Around to Help
Act 9: Alpine Skyline
Act 10: The Illness Has Spread
Act 11: The Golden Vault
Death Wish: Life is Hard, Life is Stressful
Act 12: Bon Voyage!
Act 13: Rock the Boat
Death Wish: I Need Peace and Tranquility
Act 14: The Nyakuza Metro
Act 15: Rush Hour
Act 16: You Are All Bad Guys
Death Wish: I Don't Have to Prove Myself to Anyone
Act 17: Tour
Mod Showcase
Death Wish: Have a Cool Day!
Death Wish: Presto! This Death Wish is now Harder!

Extra: The Food of the Metro
Extra: Collecting 51 Stickers
Extra: Cruisin' for a Bruisin'
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