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Original Thread: Another Metroid 2 LP - Let's Play AM2R



It's all but impossible to not have heard of AM2R. Nintendo made a very big deal of publicly sending a Cease & Desist to the guy making it just after he had finished work on it. "Coincidentally" later that same year, Nintendo published Metroid: Samus Returns... their own remake of Metroid 2. AM2R is still out there, though. You can't download it from any one place anymore, however. If you want it, you have to track down a torrent for it.

However, a new dev team has taken over. They reverse engineered the source code from the last public release and have been maintaining it. The last major release they put out was back in June of 2018, and they're hard at work on more changes.

About The LP

This is a 100% run, done on Normal difficulty. 100%, in this case, means all power-ups and upgrades. Yes, including the ones that require shinespark buffoonery.

The videos will all be around 10ish minutes, and will be put out twice a week.


Metroid 2 came out in 1992. It's 2019 right now. The game is 27 years old, which is probably older than some of you reading this. The statute of limitations on spoilers for this game were up a long, long time ago. So while you can talk about whatever, please try not to be That Guy who comes in to talk about the final boss while we're still in Area 1.


#01 - Surface
#02 - Golden Temple
#03 - Golden Breeding Grounds
#04 - The Hydro Station with DocHospital
#05 - Spring Guardian with DocHospital
#06 - Hydro Breeding Grounds with DocHospital
#07 - Jump Guardian with Yapping Eevee
#08 - Industrial Plant with Yapping Eevee
#09 - Industrial Breeding Ground with Yapping Eevee
#10 - Mining Facility with Yapping Eevee
#11 - Weapons Tester with FPzero
#12 - The Tower with FPzero
#13 - Thermal Plant with FPzero
#14 - Distribution Center with FPzero
#15 - Golden Temple Redux with FPzero
#16 - Ice Guardian with FPzero
#17 - Distribution Center Roundup with FPzero
#18 - Lower SR388 with Yapping Eevee
#19 - Omega Metroid with Yapping Eevee
#20 - Metroid Nest with Yapping Eevee
#21 - GFS Thoth with DocHospital
#22 - Queen Metroid with DocHospital

Link to Playlist

In case you're interested, here's all three ending screens:

>4 Hours
2-4 Hours
<2 Hours

These and all other AM2R art stuff were drawn by Zim Kahn

Here's how to find her stuff:

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