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Part 46: Sorry for the Confusion!

Aruit 25-27

It’s lunchtime and your stomach is making odd noises, begging for food. Knowing that the new and improved shepherd’s pie is being served today, you hurry down to the cafeteria, but to your chagrin, there’s already a long line queued up. You can hardly even see the other end, and worse, you can’t find anyone near the front you could use to cut in line. Devastated, you glance over to the alternative, spaghetti with a bland marinara sauce, and huff in contempt. But your stomach is telling you it can’t wait, so you reluctantly join the short line of similarly starving students.

Droop-shouldered and disappointed, you are startled out of your self-pity when you hear two older students conversing ahead of you, whispering loudly enough that they seem to want other students to hear them.

“If we can’t get shepherd’s pie here, maybe we should just go to Debatters in town,” whispers the older boy.

“Debatters! What a great idea! The shepherd’s pie here has nothing on theirs. Let’s go,” offers the girl. She grabs the boy’s hand and hurries out of the cafeteria. But just before she leaves, she pauses to turn around and give you a quiet wink, as if inviting you to join them.

The two older students are just about to disappear around the corner. You don’t have much time to decide.

Interesting how both lines are options when there’s that obvious way to start an adventure. Waiting in the pie line gets you to Debatters by following fellow First Years instead, for the record.

Debatters sure sounds like a good idea, and you sense that your stomach would be willing to wait for the real deal. Your feet move as though commanded directly by your rumbling hunger pangs, and soon you are beyond the school grounds, right behind the two older students.

The girl turns around to face you, grinning with amusement. Only then does the boy turn to see what she is looking at and spot you. You are somewhat worried to see him frown.

“Jane, who is this?” he asks.

“That’s Iliana,” Jane responds. “You know, Oan’s old mentoree? Don’t be so prudish, Charles, clearly she is in desperate need of some stellar pie.”

“We’re not a charity shop. She can find her own shepherd’s pie.”

“I can pay my own way,” you insist. Just then your stomach rumbles loudly enough for the other students to hear, as though to emphasize your point.

Jane turns to Charles. “Come on, be a man. Sounds like we’re not the only ones starving here. And we could use a bit of company, couldn’t we?”

Charles gives Jane a curious look, but mutters, “Well, so long as she’s paying for herself…”

Jane looks back to you. “It’s alright. Come along now, we’ve still got to eat!” Jane hurries off, and you and Charles are hard pressed to keep up with her.

A sign at the door proclaims, “Welcome to Debatters!” but you sure don’t feel welcome. The tavern is filled with strange characters, with strange clothes and strange expressions, and not a few strange languages. The atmosphere seems to hold an eerie edge, and in spite of the early hour, most of the patrons seem to be drunk.

Despite keeping yourself on guard as you wait for your shepherd’s pie, you are assaulted (figuratively) by a pair of aggressive drunks. They want you to settle a quarrel and you have been conscripted to judge the winner. The debate is about the best beer in the tavern, and the two are at loggerheads regarding the two in-house brews.

“So which is it?” one asks. “Yasmin or Mathias?”

Such an odd question to turn into an adventure step, and such odd skills to call upon. Oh well. Since it’s most certainly a bluff, why not just go with that?

“Yasmin,” you declare, rather uncertainly. The man who asked the question eyes you suspiciously, then bursts into laughter.

“Well, I suppose she’s right at that. I’ll give you that, Jonas. This kid doesn’t know a Yasmin from a Mathias, but she sure knows the originals!”

Jonas merely shrugs. “Yasmin has a lot of friends here. No surprise word gets spread fast.”

“Yeah, although I hear it’s so she can get more important than her husband.”

The man is about to continue, but a warning look from Jonas shuts him up. Instead, he pulls his friend into a quiet huddle to continue their conversation without being overheard.

What a queer pair. Although you’re somewhat curious as to what’s going on between the owners.

After finishing your lunch, you finally feel content enough to have a good look around. Right away you notice a woman at the bar wearing some conspicuous clothing, but you do a double take when you realize it is none other than Professor Briardi!

You can’t very well ignore her now that you’ve seen her, and the way she looks at you when you come over makes you realize she must have been waiting for you.

I see word has gotten around among the students about the shepherd’s pie here. Shouldn’t you be at school right now? Never mind. I’ve got a bit of a favor you can do for me, although it may involve a bit of snooping around. Sound interesting?

Not much of a choice, really.

The professor smiles with approval.

Let me tell you a little story. The owner of this tavern, Chef Mathias Dominique, is going to retire shortly, and he plans to announce his successor tonight. Tensions are running high, plots are thickening, all sorts of skullduggery are underway. Why, I’ve even been informed that someone—someone from the Academy, no less—is going to try to break into the secret pantry and steal the contract Mathias has already signed with his successor. But I don’t know who it is. We have to find out before it’s too late.

At this point, the professor hands you a small map of the tavern. You can see it covers every last detail of the building.

Use this to find the cloakroom, where you’ll find the kitchen helper’s uniform. Put it on and sneak into the kitchen so you can keep an eye out for suspicious activity. It’ll probably be one or more Second or Third Year students. You’ll find the entry to the secret pantry on the map. Make sure no one goes in while I keep a watch out here in the main room.

So Professor Briardi wants a spy in disguise? You’d expect the tactic to be a bit underhanded for Durand’s Regent, plus you’d rather not be seen working for a teacher, but maybe you’ll be able to get a better offer from whomever you find. Besides, it sounds like fun.

One more thing. The map is enchanted to be…well, useful to the ultimate owner of the tavern. Don’t lose it.

You find the map to be intricately drawn yet quite easy to read. You return to your table to examine it at length. Ah, there it is: a bit of delicate writing marks the location of the secret pantry, just around the corner from the main pantry. You cautiously follow the map to the coatroom, find a kitchen helper’s uniform just as the professor said, and with it on no one gives you a second glance as you slip into the back.

Once in, you make your way to the wall indicated on the map, where you find the faint outline of a door. You give it a push, but it doesn’t budge. There’s no use in pulling, either, since you can’t find a handle. After a minute, you notice a small stain—wait, those are letters! They read, “Knock twice and we shall answer. Knock thrice and we shall open.”


In spite of what Briardi demands, the script has the PC make a beeline straight for the door instead of standing guard. I think it warrants a closer look, so let’s.

It’s hard to be certain, but there are some things you’re fairly confident about : first, the door is enchanted to respond to knocks, and second, it doesn’t seem likely to do anything lethal if you somehow screw things up.

You also get a sense of other security precautions, but they seem to be inactive. Perhaps the map is enchanted as a kind of partial key?

That’s as much as we’re getting. Social Skills is green, so…

You knock on the door three times and wait. You begin to hear creaking noises, and then, without warning, the door flies open inwards, revealing a bright room filled with colorful and exotic fruits.

Only one thing to do, really.

The room smells just as good as it looks. You wander around for a while, admiring the array of beautiful fruits. Just about everything you can think of is represented here, from the common apples, cherries, and blueberries to the exotic pomegranates, kiwis, and bananas. One particularly appetizing mango seems to be beckoning you to come nearer.

Just before you can reach out and pluck it, you hear footsteps from behind you. You quickly turn to find yourself facing the two older students from the Academagia: Jane and Charles!

“I wouldn’t touch that if I were you,” Jane warns. “The fruits are enchanted to trick you.” Belying her helpful tone, Jane steps forward and demands in a stern voice, “Now give me the contract. I know you have it.”

No skill checks, and Iliana does remember that bit about a contract earlier. Let’s be confident.

“I don’t have any contract, and that’s the truth,” you reply, setting your legs in a defiant stance. Jane seems to believe you, and she slumps over, disappointed.

“Darn it! Where is it, then?” Jane stays silent for a while, pondering, then snaps, “You’re going to help us find it, Iliana. Search the pantry. And don’t eat anything!”

Jane nods to Charles, who shoves you towards a shelf of picked fruit. “Start here,” he commands.

Before you can start the hunt, a soft voice speaks, “Of course she doesn’t have the contract.”

Startling everyone, a strange woman in a cloak strides into the room, then pulls down her hood to reveal her face. She then brings a roll of paper out from beneath the cloak’s folds for all to see.

This is the contract. And it never was in the secret pantry.

She turns to Jane and Charles.

Thank you for your help. You are no longer needed here.

The two frown, but they obediently leave the pantry. Just after they leave, however, Professor Briardi steps in.

Please note that, aside from replacing speech notations with portraits, I have not edited the following text in any way. You need to experience this part the way I did.

Polisena. Pleasure to see you here.

Seeing Professor Briardi’s confused expression, Yasmin proceeds to explain.

I needed to see the contract for myself before letting Mathias make any kind of mistake. He is so trustful of everyone. I couldn’t afford letting this place go to an unworthy successor.
So? Is it a worthy successor?

Yasmin laughs.

Oh, yes. It’s me.

Yasmin hands over the paper to Briardi and both women start laughing.

Iliana, I’m sorry for the confusion here, but…would you indulge me one last time? Please go back into the kitchen and find Chef Mathias. Bring him here. Tell him his wife is waiting.

OK. You have no idea what this chef looks like. There are only a couple of things you can do.

Asking around seems like a more certain option. Still transcribing without edits, by the way.

In the kitchen, you ask a few people to point out Chef Mathias. You are on an errand for his wife. Everyone points to a chef standing next to some decorated cakes.

You approach him carefully and repeat what Professor Briardi said.

The pantry? Oh dear, what is she up to now? Thank you for the message. I’m sorry about my wife. Have a piece of cake.

He hands you a slice of the scrumptiously decorated cake and rushes off. You thank him and enjoy your prize.

All that confusion. It was totally worth it for this dessert!

By now, the room has been filled to capacity and more, for the unveiling of Debatters’ new head chef. Several professors from the Academy are here, as well.

Chef Mathias enters the room, accompanied by his wife Yasmin. Everyone bursts into applause as they take centre [sic] stage.

Thank you all for joining us. As you all know, I am here to announce the person who will follow in my stead as the capable leader of our cherished establishment. It was my decision that there is none other who would fit that role more perfectly than my very own wife, Yasmin Dominique.

The crowd cheers at the unexpected speech. Immediately, Professor Briardi begins to applaud, and the sound is joined in by more applause. Pretty soon the entire room is clapping with vigor.

When the applause dies down, Yasmin steps forward and makes a speech.

Thank you, everyone. I myself did not know of my oh-so-sneaky husband’s plans until tonight. But I assure you, I will do my very best to honor the legacy of this special tavern.
There is one last thing to be done, however. For some time now there has been a rumor going around that my contract had been hidden in the secret pantry [not so secret now, then, is it?]. This, of course, is sheer rubbish completely fabricated by myself to distract people, not least of all my wife.

The crowd laughs, some sheepishly.

In this room are several maps. They show the secret pantry as well as the way to access it [but that was on the wall itself…]. I will have you know that the pantry is nothing but secret. However, I will need the maps back, and I expect them all to be returned by the end of the night. Thank you.

The chef finishes the speech, and the crowd claps once more.

Well, folks, let the party begin!

It’s time for the celebration, and the waiters appear with mouth-watering canapés and fresh beverages.

You would love to join the party, but there is one more thing you must do before you can lunge onto the savoury [sic] bread.

This choice makes absolutely no mechanical difference whatsoever, but since, as an Aranaz student, Iliana owes Briardi no favors, there’s really just one choice.

With some difficulty, you find Chef Mathias and hand him the map Professor Briardi gave you.

Oh. Thank you. I hope you had fun in the pantry.

He winks with a grin.

The chocolate canapés. Don’t miss out on them.

He then disappears into the crowd.

Now, let the party start!

Right. So. I know the adventure apologized for the confusion, but I don’t think twice was quite enough. Let me see if I’ve got this straight: Mathias wrote up a contract that transferred ownership from himself to his wife—the one he’s still married to—in order to continue “the legacy of this special tavern.” He somehow got his wife to sign this transfer without her knowledge, at least according to Briardi, apparently a good friend to the couple, and in fact he didn’t tell ANYONE who his successor would be. His successor who is in the same age bracket as himself, at least so far as we can assume. And they both make competing beers, of which Yasmin’s was the first.

Yasmin, worried about her husband getting duped, hired a couple of Academagia students without telling her friend, the Academagian professor Briardi, and had them hunt through the secret pantry full of enchanted fruit for the contract. Why this tavern has a secret pantry, what the fruit is enchanted with, why Mathias would use it as a red herring, why he’d need a red herring instead of telling people he’s transferring ownership to his wife, of ALL PEOPLE, none of that is explained. And then it turns out Yasmin didn’t need to send anyone in because the contract wasn’t there, she had it herself. Did she get it from her husband? When? Why was she in a concealing cloak when she didn’t even need to step outside? Bah, just details. Sorry for the confusion.

And what about Jane? Why did she advertise where she and Charles were going when they had a clandestine mission? Did she just randomly take pity on a student waiting for the boring spaghetti (the connection to Oan was something I added)? Why in the world would they need “company” foraiowiengpqoweirgapoisdfpnaodinfqavqowihjdnvpqodjn

Whatever. We got our skill ups, it’s over, let’s just move on and never mention this again.

Oh, yeah. And the Hang Out action failed utterly, so I’m not bothering with a write-up. At least it only replaced some useless class time.

Good morning, Paolo, Vincenzo.
Ah, Iliana! Morning, is it? Hard to tell in here, I must say, though it does seem easier to keep track of time with regular visits.
Rather irregular to come in during classes, eh? Playing hooky, girl? And so young.
I’m already thir—
Though we really shouldn’t complain. Always time for some company these days, what?
I don’t suppose you’ve brought a group for a “special session,” have you? Some of your friends have been bringing new groups in for extra lessons.
What, really? Dang it all…
Cursing? I thought you’d like the news. Your idea is really taking off.
Yeah, but it means someone’s breaking rules one and two of Duel Club. I’ll have to have a talk the next time we meet up.
Why take such issue with it? I know, why don’t I take you through some breathing exercises whilst Paolo there explains more about formal etiquette?
I don’t really need to calm down right now—
Nonsense! Young ladies of schooling age are always in need of good stress relief, that’s what I always say! Start with ten deep breaths, yes, that’s right…

You decided to attend Glamour class about five minutes before it started, forcing you to run to get there in time. However, just when you enter the room and start to catch your breath, giant red bells pop out of the ceiling and walls, all ringing at different pitches and speeds. “Fire drill!” someone shouts.

The class lines up and walks outside, you still panting from the run, but as you leave the building you discover it wasn’t a drill after all. A tiny fire finch is trying to nest on your school roof, and things close to him are tending to spontaneously catch fire.

This fact makes it especially awkward when he swoops down from the roof of the building straight onto your shoulder. The teachers in view of the incident all give you different advice on how to get him off.

Uh oh. So what can we learn from the bird?

The bird gives out a little chirp that sends a lick of fire at your face, causing you to cringe and look away. His face is very close to yours and you’re honestly a little surprised your nose hasn’t lit up yet.

No luck, too distracting. Well…you guys didn’t want to do Cyrus’ quest, right? So no real loss.

You successfully cast the spell and the fire finch turns to stare at Cyrus. Cyrus tries to get some defenses up, but the finch is far too fast, and the student gets the pecking of his life. Luckily, the bird is also distracted enough to be pulled in by the instructors. Good show!

Although your entire class almost loses merit for laughing every time Jere Niemela mimics Cyrus’ voice for the rest of the day. It’s just lucky that even Professor Ringraeyer can’t keep a straight face.

“Hello. I am much too appealing to women to be attacked by a tiny little bird. It is simply impossible to imagine! Oh, no! I have just been attacked by a tiny little bird! OH, MY BEAUTIFUL FACE!”

(Good times.)

So I guess you’ve all heard about my “incident” earlier.
Your what? Sorry, I skipped morning classes today, and then there was this finch during Glamour…
Rui got Mastered during Enchant class.
Creepiest feeling ever, let me tell you. Someone used me to warn little miss Golden Hand about something happening in town. First she started screaming in class, because someone knocked down the Aultrine Chapterhouse. I mean, I didn’t know that right away, but then…this…this other mind took over, my nose was bleeding, and blah blah…
Blah blah blah!
Blah blah, blah.
Blah blah blah blah.

It’s time to return for your captive and your victory! That foolish rodent won’t know what hit him. You’ve got the mouse squealing for mercy in your clutches, but then, all of a sudden, a whole battalion of mice come flooding into the room! They’ve come to save their captured comrade! There are far too many of them for one poor cat to handle.

Forget your catch; you need to get out of there! Fortunately, you can see a tree just outside an open window. If you can just cross the room without getting overrun by the mice, you should be able to escape easily to the outdoors.

Cats aren’t that good at Brute Strength, so I actually had to go with the investigation-unlocked option this time.

There is a mental key to feline stealth, a mindset, if you will, but anyone who says it’s a matter of concentration is just trying to give you a headache. It’s like saying concentration is the key to sleep. Really, it’s more a matter of trusting that you absolutely belong wherever it is you happen to be, while still having the presence of mind to keep out of anyone else’s line of sight. Sort of.

But describing it is beside the point. You’re in it. You’re there.

The mice all stop in wonder as you seem to disappear into nonexistence. Silently, you prowl through the shadows that run along the floor. The ancient art of stealth is one passed down to you through generations of fierce hunters. And maybe a little help from training with your human. But only a little. The warrior mice tremble, as they should in the presence of a superior feline, fearing what they can’t see but know is there. In one move, you emerge from the shadows and leap up to the windowsill, and one more bound has you out on the tree limb. Foolish mice are no match for your cunning.

Strange, is that your human and her pack running into town? Usually they stay in the library for hours. No matter; you’ll follow, but only in your own time.

So what do you need to prepare for?
Mice?! But there are kind of more important things happening right now—
Wait. How many?
What?! I thought I solved that problem ages ago.
…Fine. But don’t be afraid to call for me if you get in over your head.
If you say so. We might not even be there. Things are moving really fast, and I don’t want to—fine, then, we’ll talk about it later.

At Vrenelle’s urging, you’ve wandered into the kitchen to see how things are progressing. Perhaps you might grab an early dessert while you’re here, too.

You’re discussing the new recipes with the head cook, when suddenly a cauldron in the corner begins to bubble and gurgle, far faster than any honest pot of water should boil. That’s when something slimy appears over the edge and climbs out!

This isn’t good.

Oh, dear, that’s a bit disturbing. What is there to learn about this, first?

The creature is boiling and bubbling all over its body, very likely due to the flame burning underneath. Maybe if you smothered it with a lid you’d be able to put that thing out of its misery? Brilliant!

Blue Sleight-of-Hand? Nah, I’ll stick with the certain Revision.

Different options swirl through your head. The problem with destroying this thing is what happens if you actually succeed. Blowing up dinner would earn you little in the way of thanks from the kitchen staff who’d have to clean it up.

You decide on a less messy spell, inscribe its phemes using a handy wooden spoon, and cast it. A dark miasma flows from your spoon to the blob, which slows down. With every passing second, more of the darkness flows into the boiling creature, which grows more slow, rigid, and gray, until at last it becomes a misshapen lump of stone, slowly rocking back and forth over its last extended pseudopod.

The chef steps forward and toes the ugly mass gingerly.

You could use it for a doorstop.

Maybe Vrenelle could. You know she’ll get a kick out of this once she hears the story.

Thanks for seeing me, sir. I actually wanted to ask you about the recent…troubles with the Aultrine Chapterhouse. You know Rui’s my friend, so I heard about it right away, and me and my friends went to see if we could help out, but the place was mostly gone when we got there. We did help out a lot of people who had nosebleeds, though.
Yes, it was a tragic moment, and I’m glad you did what you could. But why have you come to me about it? I had class at the time, and I wasn’t aware of the collapse until well after it had happened.
Because that’s not the end of the story, and I think you know it. Rui got the same nosebleed when he was being Mastered, Mastered by somebody who wanted Golden Hand—sorry, that’s the nickname everybody calls her now—he wanted Golden Hand to come save him from under the Chapterhouse. And he apparently managed to Master everyone who was near the building all at the same time, and from what they told us, all he wanted from them was emphasis to get her down there fast. I’ve seen her around today, and she looks pretty worn out, but pretty okay aside from that. So who did she rescue yesterday, and where on campus are they keeping him? You’re my favorite professor, sir, which is why I decided to ask you.

Professor Sido gives a big sigh and slumps down in his chair.

You’re a smart girl, Iliana, and it seems you’ve already learned more than we wanted any of the students to know. Yes, there was someone rescued from the Chapterhouse basement. Two people, in fact, although one is significantly less of a concern than the other. But you shouldn’t have asked me about this, you shouldn’t want to get involved in any of this! I know you’ve been in some tight spots since you came here, but this business involves Octavius’ Wall, traitors—proscribed magic schools, yes—they haven’t even told me all the details! For once, Iliana, please, think of your own safety and keep out of this.

You aren’t sure you’ve ever seen Professor Sido so serious about anything. Still, this isn’t just about having a good adventure to brag about; it’s about knowing what’s happening so you can properly prepare for the future. It’s what the Sphinx would have wanted you to do.

So you don’t know what’s going on either? I bet that’s eating at you even more than it is me. So what if I were to find out for you, for both of us? Like you said, I already know more than I should, so knowing everything won’t hurt, especially if I shared it with you. I promise, I won’t go following anyone anyplace dangerous.

The professor actually seems to stop and consider your offer.

If anyone spots you—
They won’t. You know us students are good at getting places unnoticed.

Sido raises an eyebrow.

Better than a Glamour professor?
In a place this covered in magic detection spells? Heck yes.

The instructor places his head on his hand and stares off to the side, toward one of his shelves full of curios and mementos from past adventures. You can tell his desire to protect his students is warring with his desire to know what’s really going on. You aren’t completely certain which side will win until he finally huffs out a deep breath and looks back towards you.

Legate Orsi is going to have a talk with our…guest come this evening, assuming his young accomplice is feeling up to it. A good half dozen professors will be going with them, myself not included. What they’ll have to talk about, I can only guess. However, I can tell you that a certain window may be worth listening at on a certain hour, but you must let no one—no one—see you eavesdropping. Understood?

You don’t bother to conceal your smile as you respond:


Alright everyone, what have we learned?
There’s definitely something up in the guest wing. The guards there have tripled, and they still look worried. I believe someone very dangerous is there right now, although I couldn’t find out which room he was in.
Golden Hand has been pretty quiet, which is really strange for her. Usually all of Vernin knows what she’s been up to by now. Things must be pretty serious.
The professors are keeping quiet, too. None of the other staff have any idea what’s going on. Even the guards were just told to “keep alert.” You should hear some of the rumors they’re telling.
I…um…did you get anything useful out of Professor Sido?
Actually, I did. A time and a window. Now, we can’t all go, but there’s a spell we can use to—did any of you just hear that?

You’re jerked awake from what was supposed to be a relaxing nap, but it turned into a horrible nightmare about the mouse army you fled from before. However, as you blink awake, you discover the nightmare was all too real, and the mice have returned to finish things once and for all.

Just then, your human comes from around a bookshelf, appearing quite shocked by the sheer numbers arrayed against you. For their part, the mice turn to face this new, more imposing threat. Your human immediately begins fending them off with spells, but it’s no good; their numbers are too great, even for her. You have to protect her!

Acrobatics sounds like fun, but Intimidation is what Captain Felix has specialized in.

You have to do something to help, even if the mice have forgotten you for the time being. You leap the distance between yourself and your human, arch your back, stick your fur out, flatten your ears, and then give the loudest, most menacing hiss you’ve ever projected.

The mice back down immediately. They can’t help it in the face of the dreaded sound that so often serenades their nightmares. You can hardly believe how well it worked, but your human seems happy. There just may be tuna treats in store for you later…

Hate to leave things there, but holy hell words. To be concluded.

Gains of the Middle of the Week

Hung Out.
--But nothing happened!
Successful advioewnef!
--Curiosity increased by 1 step.
--Learned about Debatters.
--Courage increased by 1 step.
--Relationship with Polisena Briardi increased to 1.
--Magical Appraisal increased by 1 step.
----6th Finger spell learned.
--Composure increased by 1 step.
----Amicita pheme learned.
--Relationship with Polisena Briardi increased to 2.
--Stress decreased by 4.
--Dance increased by 1 step.
----Fitness pheme learned.
--Famous Songs increased by 1 step.
--Sorry for the confusion!

Visited the Spirits.
--Etiquette increased by 1 step.
--Stress decreased by 1.
Handled Familiar.
--Cpt. Felix’s Hide increased by 2 separate steps.
--Cpt. Felix’s Manipulation increased by 1 step.
--Cpt. Felix’s Wit increased by 1 step.
Successful adventure!
--Bond of Stars increased by 1 step.
----Today an Adventure action learned.
--Cpt. Felix’s Escape Artist increased by 1 step.
--Cpt. Felix’s Move Silently increased by 1 step.
Aymeri and Basia used Compete; Aranaz merit now at 337.
Successful event!
--Relationship with Cyrus Dawes decreased to -1.
--Relationship with Olivia Solari decreased to -1.
--Relationship with Jere Niemela increased to 2.

Cast Familiar Education.
--Plus 1 to Familiar Kinship.
--Plus 2 to Cpt. Felix’s Manipulation.
--Plus 1 to Cpt. Felix’s Intimidation.
Attended Office Hours.
--Relationship with Tarvixio Sido increased to 5.
--Endurance increased by 1 step.
Successful adventure!
--Bond of Iron increased by 1 step.
----Refreshment of Body ability learned.
--Familiar Kinship cannot be increased.
--Cpt. Felix’s Intimidation increased by 1 step.
Vrenelle Bonvin used Try to Befriend; relationship increased to 9.

New Abilities

Eat at Debatters: -15 money, +1 step to Conversation and Politics and +1 Relationship with random professor.
6th Finger (Spell): Intelligence/Enchant v3; +2 to Enchant and Forge for 7 days.
Today an Adventure: +50% chance of random event for 2 days.
Refreshment of Body: +5 Vitality once per week.

6th Finger is perhaps the most infamous buffing spell in the game. See what it buffs on its own, how it’s the same skill it needs to pass the roll? And how it lasts a full week? Yeah, you already see where this is going. By the end of a couple of days (especially if you add a few Enchant-buffing phemes to the mix), a single 6th finger could potentially add 20, 30 points to whatever skill you need.

Personally, I think it’s just a bit more useful to finish a ton of adventures and get so many attribute points that you only need something simple like a single Intense Focus to pass a given 20+ roll. But hey, 6th Finger is a close second.