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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 9

CaptainCaveman posted:

Do the funny dialogue choices all result in game over? It kind of diminishes the fun of choosing them.

Well, we are skipping over any choices that don't make a difference, and there's plenty of wacky there. As for whether there are any points where the serious answer is the wrong one... well, you'll just have to wait and see!

Starblind posted:

Box, because that bucket actually looks more like one of those baskets with lids, which traditionally in games contain deadly snakes.

Well spotted, sir! It is, indeed, a basket. The Commodore 64 has a couple of different graphics modes; the one in use here allows the use of a single background color across the entire screen, then the selection of three other colors (from the palette of 16) for each 4x8 pixel area. As a trade-off for the increased color density, the pixels are twice as wide, making the resolution only 160x200. This can make things... fuzzy.

(If you look carefully at the images in this update, you can see some of the artifacts of this slightly arcane graphic mode, used to reduce the memory necessary to generate a screen. A full-on 320x200, 16-color mode would take about 32k of memory... which is half of the machine's total!)

But enough digression. We've got a bucket basket to obtain!

And Starblind called it! Let's get the box instead.

Hm. A Mercedes, eh? There's only one place in town that'd sell a Mercedes to lowlife thugs like we're after...