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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 40

This is Conveyor Belt. The controls are simple. Push left to run left; push right to run right. Keene will automatically jump when he reaches the end of a belt. Your objective is to reach the top.

While the boss will periodically reverse the direction of the belts, your true enemy lies here.

See that little wheel? If you jump off while the conveyor belt is going against you, you won't reach it. If you jump off while the conveyor belt is going with you, you'll overshoot it. So what are you supposed to do?


Simply be near the end of the conveyor belt when it switches to forward motion, then stop moving, and you'll be thrown off with just enough speed to reach the wheel. In mid-air, quickly push left on the stick, and you'll bounce off the wheel to the next belt. (Which is why you want to be near the end of the belt; you need enough time to bounce off the wheel before the belts reverse again.)

Keep this in mind, and jump off all the other belts as they throw you forward...

...and success is yours.