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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 42

This is Bomber. Keene has picked up a trash can lid from... somewhere... and is using it to send the boss's bombs back at him. You can run left and right; pressing the fire button both jumps and raises the trash can lid. You can also steer freely in midair.

The pipe at the bottom periodically disgorges a rat, which you must jump over. The main threat are the bombs, though; if you're not careful...

...well, you have a bad day. The good news, any damage you've done to the platform is persistent across lives--perhaps the only example of such being true in the minigames--so if you keep at it, and you haven't lost too many lives to wrong turns or minigame failure...'ll win the minigame!

(Oh, and don't get blown up after destroying the platform. That would just be embarrassing.)