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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 64

Welcome to Building. Keene's objective is to get to the top of the building without being shot by the robots hovering on either side... that. He has only a few resources available to him. If he's on a ledge and a missile is fired near his feet, he can jump over it; he can also jump over gaps in the ledge. Loose bricks are positioned at the edge of each ledge; he can bump into them to kick them into a robot, which will destroy it. (He doesn't get any air on the kick, though, so the robot has to be level with the brick or lower.) If he's clever enough, he can even get the robots to shoot each other. Unfortunately, new robots are continually supplied, so the only way to truly escape is to climb, climb, climb!

It's tough, especially when you have to climb a ladder on the side of the building; your best bet is to goad the robot into firing when you can easily dodge it, then go for it before it can reload. With enough perseverance, though, and a little luck (and a x2 speedup in the animation)...

...Keene can make it to the top!