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Accolade Comics: Steve Keene

by FredMSloniker

Part 76

At the last of the minigames, Jetpack.

Jetpack plays a bit like Defender. You cruise around on your jetpack in a looping sidescrolling arena while the robots from Building and an occasional stray from Robots try to terminate your subroutine. You have a fast-firing laser, again much like the one in Defender, but turning is sluggish; it's generally better to run away from the robots until you're headed toward them again rather than try to turn and fire. Unfortunately, the robots will just keep coming...

...until either you succumb to their cold, metallic embrace, or you cut them off at the source. Fortunately, the robots have glitchy programming; they won't descend below a certain altitude, which means you can attack the ground-based hydrants with near impunity. The only tough part is that one of the hydrants is positioned so that you can only attack it from one specific location. A little double-time running and gunning, however...

...and Steve Keene is home free!