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Part 5: Mission 4B – Operation Opera House, April 14th, 1998

Destruction of the Off Shore Oil Field

Mission 4B: Operation Opera House – April 14th, 1998
Mission 5: Operation Opera House (Legacy Verison)

Overview: Scarface Squadron is dispatched to cripple the Rebels’ offshore fuel base, Opera House.

Guest Commentators: For the second time in a row I am joined by CJacobs for the vanilla AC2 video, and by Cirvante and Evie in the Legacy version.

Located in the center of Axel Bay between Erusea, Delarus, and Ugellas, the Opera House oil drilling platform complex is one of a number of privately operated offshore facilities dotting the oil-rich southern coast of Usea. The URF has commandeered the facility and is using it to power their war machine. They are also in the process of arming and fortifying the oil rigs in an attempt to turn Opera House into a massive naval station and sea fort. Disabling Opera House’s production capabilities and retaking the complex will effectively grind the URF’s war efforts in western Usea to a halt.

While the name “Opera House” has come to refer to the entire Gunter Sound drilling and refinery complex as a whole, only the central facility itself actually bears the name Opera House.

Aircraft featured in Mission 4B / 5: Operation Opera House

Su-25 Frogfoot
Manufacturer: Sukohi
Role: Close air support fighter
Manufactured: 1978–Present
Status: In service
Primary Operators: Russia, Ukraine, North Korea
Quick Facts:



Medal: Danger Cowboy
Awarded for: Shooting down enemy Aces D-Cowboy in Mission 4B.
Description: N/A



Tracks featured in Mission 4A:



Tracks featured in Mission 4: