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Part 7: Missions 6A & 6B – Operations Midnight Assassin & Bear Tracks, May 10th, 1998

Night-time Pursuit Plane / Attack on the Mine

Mission 6A: Operation Midnight Assassin – May 10th, 1998
Mission 6B: Operation Bear Tracks – May 10th, 1998
Mission 7: Operation Midnight Assassin (Legacy Version)

A rare triple update because the Bear Tracks mission isn’t in Assault Horizon Legacy on account of Midnight Assassin being retooled into a plot-based mission.

Overview: Scarface Squadron is deployed on a nighttime assault on against a URF electronic warfare air wing and encounters a mysterious and deadly enemy fighter. Later, Scarface Squadron conducts a bombing run on a URF-occupied mining facility to disrupt their supply of raw materials to their war factories.

Guest Commentators: I am joined by Lazyfire for Mission 6A and 6B of Ace Combat 2, and by ACES CURE PLANES for Mission 7 of Legacy.

Lazyfire is in the midst of yet another Call of Duty LP: Call of Duty: World At War, starring 45 minutes-worth of salvaged Kiefer Sutherland audio and Gary Oldman’s weirdass Russian accent from Air Force One. I stop by in Episode 8 to talk Lazyfire out of killing himself over the game’s terrible tank missions.

Squadron Composition: F-14D Super Tomcat (x1 [?]), [NO ADITIONAL INFORMATION AVALABLE]

A lone mysterious fighter craft encountered by Scarface Squadron during Operation Midnight Assassin. Though Allied IFF painted the fighter as hostile, there has been no indication thus far that it is affiliated with the Rebel forces. After-action analysis showed the fighter to be capable of pulling maneuvers registering G-forces well in excess of a typical fighter pilot’s tolerance level and beyond what a typical F-14 could be expected to survive.

The solid red plane bore no identification lettering, numbering, or iconography, and its solid black canopy prevented visual identification of its pilot. Even its transponder broadcasted garbage information rather than actual identifying data. The only discernible information that could be retrieved from the signal was the word “ZOE”.

FCU Allied Intelligence is investigating the matter. Expect more information soon.

Aircraft featured in Mission 6B: Bear Tracks

Buccaneer S.2B
Manufacturer: Hawker Siddeley (previously Blackburn Aircraft Limited)
Role: Strike fighter / Bomber
Manufactured: 1958–1960s(?)
Status: Retired (1994)
Primary Operators: United Kingdom, South Africa
Quick Facts:


Medal: Razorback
Awarded for: Shooting down both Razorback F-117s in either Mission 6A or 6B.
Description: N/A



Tracks featured in Mission 6A:


Tracks featured in Mission 6B:



Tracks featured in Mission 7: