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Part 9: Mission 8A – Operation Rising High, May 22nd, 1998

High Altitude Chase

Mission 8A: Operation Rising High – May 22nd, 1998
Mission 8: Operation Rising High (Legacy Version)

Overview: Scarface Squadron runs down a Rebel flight of high-altitude bombers and reconnaissance planes retreating across the Amber Mountains in Erusian territory.

Guest Commentators: For this, rather short mission, really, I am joined by Kadorhal in the Ace Combat 2 version, and by Jobbo_Fett in the Assault Horizon Legacy version.

Kadorhal recently wrapped up an LP of Postal 2: Paradise Lost, while Jobbo is currently working on an LP of The Saboteur with Chaos Argate and Robin Atkin Downes’ Irish accent.


Because the potential for stalling out is made into a key gameplay feature for this mission, we should take a moment to discuss what a stall actually is, roughly.

A “stall” is term in fluid dynamics for what happens to an aircraft when it loses lift due to lack of speed, ascending higher than the aircraft’s tolerance limits, or when the plane’s wing's angle of attack and exceeds its critical angle of attack creating more drag than lift.

While each playable plane across the Ace Combat franchise has its own individual stall speed, the maximum operating altitude for most planes is just under 10,000 ft. The principle strategy for this mission is to get up to a high enough altitude to strike each of the mission targets and never lay off the throttle to avoid stalling out.

Aircraft featured in Mission 8A: Rising High

SR-71 Blackbird
Manufacturer: Lockheed Skunkworks
Role: Reconnaisance
Manufactured: 1964–????
Status: Retired (1999)
Primary Operators: United States, NASA
Quick Facts:

U-2 Dragon Lady
Manufacturer: Lockheed
Role: Reconnaisance
Manufactured: 1955–1989
Status: In service
Primary Operators: United States, China, NASA, CIA
Quick Facts:

XB-70 Valkyrie
Manufacturer: North American Aviation
Role: Supersonic bomber
Manufactured: 1964
Status: Retired (1969)
Primary Operators: United States, NASA
Quick Facts:



Tracks featured in Mission 8A:


...Seriously, what is it with Ace Combat 2 and not using songs in the missions they're named for?


Tracks featured in Mission 8: