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Part 10: Mission 8B – Operation Cuckoo's Nest, June 1st, 1998

Interrupt the Enemy’s Supply Operation

Mission 8B: Operation Cuckoo’s Nest – June 1st, 1998
Mission 10: Operation Cuckoo’s Nest (Legacy Version)

Overview: Phoenix disrupts a Rebel air drop operation above the Chopinburg rainforest near the central Usean metropolis of Los Canas.

Guest Commentators: JamieTheD joins me again for Mission 8B of Ace Combat 2. In the Legacy version, I am joined by poorlywrittennovel. Novel is ostensibly the captain of Team Frog Nugget, which I, Jamie, Blind Sally, and the majority of my co-commentators are allegedly a part of.


The Chopinburg rainforest is a vast subtropical heavily wooded area off the western coast of Axel Bay covering the lowlands of south eastern Usea between Axel Bay City and Los Canas, stretching into parts of Ugellas as well. The FCU Allied Forces military complex of Istas Fortress lies on the eastern edge of the rainforest in the mountain range south of Los Canas just inside the “Tango Line”; the estimated operational range of the Stonehenge Turret Network, which is nearing completion in Delarus.

Chopinburg was most likely named after Polish Romantic Era composer Frédéric François Chopin. On a practically unrelated note: the final hours of Chopin’s life set the stage for the JRPG Eternal Sonata, currently being LP’d by Instant Grat and hbomberguy, taking the form of a bizarre anime fever dream as Chopin lays dying of tuberculosis in Paris in 1849.



Tracks featured in Mission 8A:



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