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Part 11: Mission 9 – Operation Swordsmith, June 22nd, 1998

Taking Over the Enemy Arms Production Base / Protect the VIP

Mission 9: Operation Swordsmith – June 22nd, 1998
Mission 11: Operation Groupies (Legacy Version)

Overview: Phoenix destroys the ground defenses at a URF occupied weapons production facility on Scofield Plains. Later that evening, Scarface Squadron is sent to escort an FCU government VIP, recently rescued from Rebel captivity, through hostile airspace over Mt. Lambert.

This is another pair of missions for which there is no 1:1 correlation between the games. Each mission is entirely unique to its respective game.

Guest Commentators: Joining me for this special all Canadian update of Ace Combat 2/Assault Horizon Legacy are Skippy Granola and Tyty.

Skippy needs no introduction around these parts, but I will introduce him nonetheless. Aside from joining me and Cirv for the Viewers’ Choice Extravaganza at the end of Ace Combat Zero, he’s also done a number of LPs including Syberia, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Saints Row The Third, The Last of Us (with Geop and Panzer Skank, aka one half third of No Goblin Entertainment), InFamous: Second Son (where he plays the good conscience to Bobbin Threadbare’s bad influence over kalonZombie), and Resident Evil: Revelations 2’s Raid Mode with CJacobs.

He’s currently co-commentating on SorataYuy’s (currently on hiatus) LP of GI JOE: The Atlantis Factor.

Tyty, meanwhile, is in the middle of a (currently on-hold) LP of Etrian Oddessy IV: Legends of the Titan. He will get back to updating it one day… Yeah, like I’ll get back to doing Prince of Persia

Aircraft featured in Mission 11: Operation Groupies

MiG-1.44 Flatpack
Manufacturer: Mikoyan
Role: Multirole (Prototype)
Manufactured: 1991-2000
Status: Cancelled
Primary Operators: Russia
Quick Facts:


Medal: Metal Sphere & Tallman
Awarded for: Shooting down both Metal Sphere and Tallman in Mission 9.
Description: N/A



Tracks featured in Mission 9:



Tracks featured in Mission 11: