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Part 12: Mission 10 – Operation Toy Box, July 1st, 1998

Destroying the Enemy’s Prototype Bomber

Mission 10: Toy Box – July 1st, 1998

Overview: Scarface Squadron flies to the Comona Islands to destroy a prototype Erusian heavy bomber that has been commandeered by the Rebel Forces and hidden in one of the archipelago’s space launch facilities.

We’re not getting a Legacy companion mission for this one because the next mission in Legacy after Groupies is Seagull, which lines up with Mission 11 of Ace Combat 2. Toy Box does indeed show up in Legacy, but it’s kicked several missions down the line from here (and features a different mission objective to boot), so we’ll get to that one in due time. You can check it the video for it [RIGHT HERE] for comparative purposes.

Guest Commentators: Kadorhal returns once again for this update.

A picturesque tropical archipelago off the south eastern cost of Usea, the Comona Islands are a world famous vacation destination and scientific and technological hub, specializing in aerospace development and space exploration. The University of Comona, which has campuses spread out across several islands, recently came to international attention after FCU President Sinclair officially declassified and published its astronomy department’s research findings on the oncoming Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid.

The central economic driver of the Comona Islands is the Riass Space Center and its associated facilities, maintained jointly by the International Astronomers Union, Federation of Central Usea Space Administration (FCUSA) and the Erusian Air and Space Administration (EASA), in addition to several smaller private space exploration enterprises.

Riass Space Center is home to a number of launch facilities including rocket pads for satellite launches, a space shuttle launch tower, and a mass driver for a proposed single stage to orbit (SSTO) project similar to the Osean Federation’s top secret “Arkbird” project currently under construction at Osea’s Basset Space Center.

Though the Allied Forces are aware of its general existence, the Erusian government has thus far refused to divulge any actionable intelligence on the prototype next generation heavy bomber craft known as the XB-10, which was stolen from its development hangar in Farbanti by the URF during the initial chaos of the coup and moved to Rebel-held territory in an attempt to use it against the FCU.

Redacted blueprints uncovered by FCU Military Intelligence appear to suggest the craft is a heavily modified recreation of the Belkan-made XB-0 “Hresvelgr”.

Allied Intelligence is currently investigating this matter.


Medal: Stalker
Awarded for: Shooting down Stalker in Mission 10.
Description: N/A


Tracks featured in Mission 10: