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Part 13: Mission 11 – Operation Seagull, July 7th, 1998

Assault of the Mobile Fleet

Mission 11: Operation Seagull – July 7th, 1998
Mission 12: Operation Seagull (Legacy Version)

Overview: The Allied Forces have located the bulk of the URF’s remaining naval forces in the Skully Islands due south of Anchorhead Bay. Scarface Squadron is dispatched to sink the Rebel fleet, including its flagship, the aircraft carrier Arquette, but encounter the URF’s top naval ace squadron, and another mysterious red fighter.

Guest Commentators: I am joined by Cirvante in the Ace Combat 2 version of Seagull, and by ACES CURE PLANES in the Legacy version.

Federation of Central Usea Unified Navy, 2nd Carrier Fleet, 4th Air Wing, 14th Tactical Fighter Squadron (Defected)
Squadron Composition: Rafale M x7

A 7-plane naval flight based off the former FCU Unified Navy carrier U.E.A.S. Arquette. When the Arquette’s crew joined the rebellion against the FCU and the proposed Osean sublimation treaty, Cocoon Squadron joined their shipmates in a show of solidarity.

Led by the legendary and charismatic Camilla Almeida, Cocoon was considered among the best carrier-based squadrons in the FCU navy. Over time, he subordinates developed a deep respect for as a commander, treating her at times as if she were their queen. Her fellow naval pilots would jokingly say that her TAC name was actually “My Lady,” given how often her wingmates would address her as such.

Squadron Composition: F-14D Super Tomcat (x1 [?]), F/A-18F Super Hornet (x1[?]), [NO ADITIONAL INFORMATION AVALABLE]

A second lone red Z.O.E. fighter appeared with the Rebel forces’ 2nd Fleet over the Skully Islands during Operation Seagull. Although the Allied Forces were unable to determine if the pilot of the red F/A-18F encountered by Scarface Squadron was the same one encountered over Mt. Lambert during Operation Midnight Assassin, FCU Allied Intelligence was able to confirm that the red fighter was indeed a URF-affiliated unit. While the first Z.O.E. fighter flew with a disabled IFF transponder, the IFF signal on this craft matched the Rebel Forces s IFF signature.

Allied Intelligence is continuing to investigate this matter and recommends the pilot, should he be captured alive, be charged with war crimes for flying an unmarked military craft in a time of war.

Real Name: Camilla Almeida
Callsign(s): Catwalk, My Lady, Cocoon 1
Age: 35
Sex: Female
Nationality: FCU
Signature Plane: Rafale M
Voice Actor: Cindy Robinson

A storied veteran ace of the formerly united FCU Navy. As a woman in a field dominated primarily by men, she had to work her way to the top, impressing her fair share of colleagues and outside observers in the process with her exceptional skill and fierce charisma, eventually landing in command of the FCU Navy’s premiere naval squadron, the 2414th Cocoon Squadron. Her charisma and care for her subordinates led them to refer to her as their queen, addressing her as “my lady” rather than “ma’am” while on duty.

In the months leading up to the outbreak of the rebellion, Almeida had several (highly public) disputes with her superior officers over their treatment of their subordinates. As tensions between the north and south grew in the run up to the Osean peace conference, so did Almeida’s frustrations with the FCU military. When the rebellion broke out, she joined the Rebel forces along with the crew of her carrier, the Arquette, and her squadronmates followed her out of loyalty, taking a principled stand against what they saw as a corrupt government in Expo City.

In her private life, Almeida is an animal lover and rights activist. She has several dogs, which she rescued from animal shelters and then trained as hunting dogs.

A large island chain located southwest of the Usean mainland and a member state of the Federation of Central Usea (FCU). In the summer of 1996, the local government of the Skully Islands was briefly deposed by terrorist forces intent on making the islands their own private military dictatorship.

The so-called “Skully Islands Insurrection” led to the development of the FCU Allied Forces Mercenary Forces Division and the Scarface Tactical Fighter Squadron. One of the pilots in this mercenary force, the current head of Scarface TFS, Phoenix, quickly rose through their ranks and came to lead the counteroffensive against the terrorists, routing them completely from the islands and restoring them to FCU control.

There, that’s all you need to know about Air Combat.


Medal: Hangmen
Awarded for: Shooting down Hangmen Squadron in Mission 11.
Description: N/A

Medal: ZOE Major
Awarded for: Shooting down the ZOE Major in Mission 11.
Description: N/A


Medal: Exterminator
Awarded for: Defeating Cocoon Squadron in Mission 12.
Description: Awarded to pilots who defeat Cocoon Squadron.


Tracks featured in Mission 11:



Tracks featured in Mission 9:


”DJ3no & Noel” posted:

Locked / Gravity Lyrics

Here comes the boom (x5)

I see it, I want it
Nobody can touch me, I'm on it
I go for the rush and no honor
I'm coming through, captain, I'm on it

Missile is locked
Born ready
Mind on the mission
Barrage heavy
Passion burnin'
Blue sky
Enemies fallin'
As they rise

Locked on the mission
Locked on time
Locked on my spirit
Locked on my mind
Locked on the victory, jets fly
Locked on the path, enemies dive
Locked on the enemy, guns blazing
Hard to limit, this is ragin'

This is ragin' (x2)

Drop the bomb!

Mission after mission
At the time to infinity
The passion in my eye
will destroy all my enemies
I'm wishing you death
I'm the hero of the century
No stoppin' me, that's destiny
I'm winnin', it's the best in me

I see it, I want it
Nobody can touch me, I'm on it
I go for the rush and no honor
I'm coming through, captain, I'm on it

Missile is locked
Born ready
Mind on the mission
Barrage heavy
Passion burnin'
Blue sky
Enemies fallin'
As they rise


This is ragin' (x2)

Do it, keep it, don't you lose it
Don't give up, just keep pursuin' it
Put the time in revolution
Dissolution, the solution