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Part 18: Mission 16A.1 – Operation Visiting Hours, August 20th, 1998

Breaking Into the Geothermal Plant

Mission 16A.1: Operation Visiting Hours – August 20th, 1998

Overview: Operation Alphaville presses on. Scarface Squadron heads for Rocky Island to disable the Turntable geothermal power plant, which supplies power to Saint Ark’s early warning radar systems and perimeter defense installations.

Guest Commentator: I am joined by FPzero, where I get him to spoil his Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc LP while we wait for a door to open.

Constructed on Rocky Island off the coast of Eastern Usea in early 1998 by the Usean Rebel Forces corps. of engineers, the experimental facility codenamed Turntable was designed exclusively to power the Rebels’ defenses around their provisional capital of Saint Ark using geothermal energy extracted from an open lava vent on Rocky Island, an area rich in volcanic activity. If Turntable were to be disabled, it is highly unlikely that the Rebels will be able to restore it to operational status before the Allied Forces arrive in Saint Ark, thus leaving the city functionally defenseless before the Allies.


Tracks featured in Mission 16A.1: