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Part 19: Mission 16A.2 – Operation Juggernaut, August 20th, 1998

Attack on the Enemy's Assembled Fleet

Mission 16A.2: Operation Juggernaut – August 20th, 1998

Overview: As Operation Alphaville draws near to a close, the Allied Forces have located the remainder of the URF naval fleet that escaped destruction at the Skully Islands. Scarface Squadron is dispatched to destroy the remnant fleet and give the Allies a clear naval path to Saint Ark.

This is yet another mission that has no Assault Horizon Legacy analog. This mission is another of the game’s hidden branching missions, which is curiously stuffed inside a branching mission, hence why it’s titled 16A.2, and Visiting Hours was 16A.1. There is another branching mission like this one in the Belissima path as well, which will be 16B.1 and 16B.2, meaning that there are four potential “Mission 16”s in the game. This mission, Juggernaut, is unlocked only if every Allied ship makes it through Mission 15A intact.

I didn’t even realize this (or 16B.2) was in the game until I accidentally unlocked it during my cheat/bonus run with the Extra Planes Mode on. So that’s why we’re getting a special guest appearance in this mission by a plane that isn’t on the Normal Mode roster, the MiG-31. We’ll see the rest of the Extra Mode planes in action in the Post-Mortem Bonus video, however.

I’m not gonna say that nothing happens in this mission, it’s just that there’s nothing to really write about for this update. There’s no named ace, there’s no Legacy retcons, no particular additions to the “plot” or what not, it’s just a straightforward fleet bombing run. Our second one now of three in this game, so I can kind of see why it was left on the cutting room floor for Legacy.

Guest Commentators: Tyty returns once again for this mission.


Tracks featured in Mission 16A.2:


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