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Part 23: Mission 16B.1 – Operation Calvary, August 18th, 1998

Rescue Operation of the Downed Plane

Mission 16B.1: Operation Cavalry – August 18th, 1998

Overview: An Allied E-767 reconnaissance plane has crash-landed in the Sandbury Desert in northern Usea after escaping a URF interceptor flight. Scarface Squadron is scrambled to provide top cover for an Allied search and rescue team as it races across the desert to rescue the downed flight crew before a Rebel recovery team can reach the plane and secure its flight recorders, onboard computers, and crewmembers, all of which hold vital information on the Allies’ next move in Operation Belissima.

Guest Commentator: Tom Clancy-brand military bullshit aficionado* Cooked Auto returns for this this video as we begin to circle the drain on Operation Belissima with this first-of-two branching update.

*He's probably gonna kill me for saying that.


Tracks featured in Mission 16B.1: