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Part 26: Mission 18 – Operation Jewel Box, September 1st, 1998

Attack on the Enemy Controlled City

Mission 18: Operation Jewel Box – September 1st, 1998

Overview: With the success of Operations Alphaville and Belissima, the Allied Forces have retaken the majority of Usea from the Rebels. Only the northern city of Port Edwards and their capital of Saint Ark remain under Rebel control. Scarface Squadron is dispatched to Port Edwards to destroy key portions of the city’s highway network, which the Rebels have been using as makeshift airstrips. Grounding the Rebels at Port Edwards will neutralize the bulk of their air power before the final assault on Saint Ark.

Mission 18 is the final Ace Combat 2-exclusive mission. From here out to the end, AC2 and Legacy will be a 1:1 analog of one another.

Guest Commentator: Kadorhal joins me for this final Ace Combat 2-only mission as we begin the rush towards the end of the game at long last.

Situated on the northern coast of Usea on the shore of the Bay of Saint Ark, the city of Port Edwards is one of the largest metropolises on the Usean continent, and northern Usea’s principle port cities. It is home to commercial shipping traffic from all across the globe, namely the Anean nations of Emmeria and Nordennavic, Wellow, the Belkan subcontinent, North Osea, and most recently the Union of Yuktobanian Republics following the signing of the Osea-Yuktobania Peace Treaty and the UYR’s cultural reformations.

Port Edwards is also another city that we’ve seen already in Electrosphere, where it played host to several missions over the course of the game’s UPEO path.


Tracks featured in Mission 18: