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Part 27: Mission 19 – Operation Kingpin, September 7th, 1998

Attack on the Enemy’s Headquarters

Mission 19: Operation Kingpin – September 7th, 1998
Mission 21: Operation Kingpin (Legacy Version)
Ace Combat 2 Normal Ending

Overview: The time has finally come. After breaking the URF’s fighting power and liberating the rest of Usea from their military control, the Allied Forces have pushed the Rebels back to their occupied capital of Saint Ark in the north of Usea. The Rebel commanders have retreated to the old capital building in the heart of the city and are unwilling to surrender without a fight.

All that stands between Scarface Squadron and the end of the Continental War is a lone red fighter.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: The first of the game's three endings occurs in this mission. If you fail to destroy the ZOE General in this mission (or failed to destroy any of the other ZOEs across the game, thus preventing the General from spawning in this mission), then you will get the "Good" ending upon the completion of this mission, and the game will end here. Missions 20 and 21 and the "True" ending are locked out otherwise.

Guest Commentators: I am joined in the Ace Combat 2 version of Kingpin by ACES CURE PLANES and by Kadorhal in the Assault Horizon Legacy version.

Zone of Endless
Usean Rebel Forces Mercenary Air Division, [SQUADRON NUMBER REDACTED]
Squadron Composition: F-14D Super Tomcat (x1 [?]), F/A-18F Super Hornet (x1[?]), F/A-22 Raptor (x1[?])* YF-23A Black Widow II (x1[?]) – Legacy only, F-15S/MTD (x1[?]), [NO ADITIONAL INFORMATION AVALABLE]

After intensive analysis of the fighters belong to the so called “Zone of Endless” squadron fielded by the URF air division, FCU Allied Intelligence has determined these aircraft to be unmanned in nature, or at the very least, heavily computer-aided fighter craft. The latest incarnation of these Zone of Endless fighters sports a suite of performance upgrades gleaned from the previous models’ engagements with Scarface Squadron over the course of the Continental War, including an unprecedented direct cyber-warfare component capable of wirelessly hacking an enemy fighter’s avionics and tampering with its radar and targeting computer.

However, with the destruction of the ZOE F-15S/MTD over Saint Ark, specifically its flight computer, Allied Intelligence has been unable to determine the origin of these strange fighters. Research into several possible leads is ongoing, and FCU Defense Ministry officials have reached out to officials from the Osean Federation, the Kingdom of Sapin, and the Nordennavic-based Macmilian Heavy Industries defense contractor for help investigating this matter.

Located on the north eastern coast of Usea across the Gulf of Saint Ark from North Point, Saint Ark is one of the most populous cities on the Usean continent, third only to the FCU and Erusian capitals of Expo City and Farbanti.

In many ways, Saint Ark was the birthplace of Usean Rebellion, as many of the central command figures that would come to make up the Rebel forces hailed from the city, and Saint Ark itself was one of the first metropolitan areas to fall under Rebel control at the outbreak of the war. The Rebels held the city uncontested for the entirety of the Continental War, refusing to give up control over what they had planned to make the capital of the new USEA under military rule.

Thanks to conflicting information across various games, some sources claim that Saint Ark is largely obliterated by the oncoming planetfall of Ulysses 1994XF04, paving the way for the Saint Ark Geofront seen in Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere, while other sources say it survived Ulysses unscathed because it still shows up on the map in Ace Combat 04: Shattered Skies.

So who the fuck knows, really


Medal: ZOE General
Awarded for: Shooting down the ZOE General in Mission 19.
Description: N/A



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