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Part 28: Mission 20 – Operation Last Resort, September 7th, 1998

Pursuit of Giant Submarine

Mission 20: Operation Last Resort – September 7th, 1998
Mission 22: Operation Last Resort (Legacy Version)
Ace Combat 2 Bad Ending

Overview: The missing second Dragonet-class submarine, Folkvangr, has surfaced off the coast of Saint Ark and is preparing to fire a submarine-launched burst missile (SLBM) at the city. If the Folkvangr is able to deploy her payload, Saint Ark will be obliterated and the loss of life will be unfathomable.

Phoenix is scrambled on an emergency sortie to intercept the submarine and destroy it before the URF remnant can destroy Saint Ark.

GAMEPLAY NOTE: This mission (and Mission 21) are only unlocked if you manage to shoot down all the ZOE planes up till this point. This mission also features the second of the three possible endings, the "Bad" ending, which plays if you fail to shoot down the SLBM before it reaches Saint Ark. If you are successful, however, you will move on to Mission 21 and the "True" end of the game.

Guest Commentators: Joining me for this penultimate mission are frozentreasure in the vanilla game, and Lunethex in the Legacy remake.

FT has multiple LPs under his belt, including the Nintendo 64 cult classic(?) Mischief Makers (with dscruffy1), FEZ, Croc: Legend of the Gobbos (also with Scruffy), 007: Everything or Nothing, and Kororinpa. He also recently wrapped up an LP of Metroid Prime.

He is also considering doing an LP of the North American version of Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere to compliment Lunethex’s LP of the Project Nemo translation of the Japanese version. Though that probably won’t be happening for a while, especially not this late into Ace Combat 2. And definitely not before we start Ace Combat 04 in late August.

Lune, meanwhile, has recently begun an LP of Colony Wars, and also recently wrapped up a massive series-wide LP of the Syphon Filter franchise with Coolguye, TheLastRoboKy, and Jade Star. However, while Lune might be done with Syphon Filter, as we’ll see in the video, Syphon Filter isn’t quite done with him yet…

Ace Combat goes dipping into the pool of Norse mythology yet again with the name of the second Dragonet-class sub. Fólkvangr, as a compliment to Fensalir, is Old Norse for “field of the host”, “the army-field”, or “the people-field,” and refers specifically to a meadow in Asgard ruled over by the goddess Freyja. According to the Poetic Edda and the Prose Edda, of the Norse warriors who died in battle, only half of them would go onto Valhalla to drink and dine with Odin till Ragnarök. The other half would go to Freyja’s hall of Sessrúmnir in Fólkvangr to party with Freyja till Ragnarök.



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