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Part 30: Ace Combat 2 & Assault Horizon Legacy Bonus Finale Update

Extras Finale Special

Ace Combat 2 Bonus Video

Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy Bonus Video
PART 1 - Survival Missions
PART 2 - Nintendo Planes
PART 3 - Extra Missions

Overview: Both Ace Combat 2 and its remake are done. So before we move on to Ace Combat 04, let’s take a little time to explore some of the extra material that would only be seen in either repeated playthroughs of either game, stuff you would have to work to unlock, and little details that got glossed over in our breakneck run to be done with this thing.

NOTE: This update only contains the Ace Combat 2 video at present, as Trizophenie has been too busy to record much of the bonus footage for Legacy, but once that’s done and commented on, I will update this post with it and make sure that it’s linked in the Ace Combat 04 thread—which begins this Saturday, by the way.

Guest Commentators: Team #PilotError reunites for what we’ve dubbed “A Preview of Megalith”—ACES CURE PLANES and Cirvante join me for the Ace Combat 2 bonus video.

In the Legacy videos, I am be joined by Trizophenie to wrap everything up... two years after the LP actually finished

First up, let’s take a look at both games’ complete plane rosters, since I’ve only been spotlighting the new planes that have come up, thus missing the “returning” planes’ stat screens.

Ace Combat 2’s plane roster is split into two groups, dubbed Normal and Extra. The Normal roster is the default option when you play the game for the first time. Upon completing the game and saving a clear flag on your save file, the Extra roster will unlock and in each subsequent playthrough you do on that save file you will have the option of picking either Normal or Extra mode at the start of every new game. The Extra roster features new planes to fly that were previously enemy-only in the Normal run, and shifts the returning Normal planes around a little on the line up.


A-4 (Skyhwak)

Unlocked: By default
Price: 45,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

F-4 (Phantom II)

Unlocked: By default
Price: 50,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

KF-C7 (Kfir)

Unlocked: Mission 2
Price: 60,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

A-6 (Intruder)

Unlocked: Mission 3
Price: 60,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

F-16 (Fighting Falcon)

Unlocked: Mission 4A/4B
Price: 90,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL


Unlocked: Mission 5
Price: 85,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

A-10 (Thunderbolt II)

Unlocked: Mission 6A/6B
Price: 100,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

MiG-29 (Fulcrum)

Unlocked: Mission 7
Price: 110,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

F-14 (Tomcat)

Unlocked: Mission 9
Price: 120,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

F-117A (Nighthawk)

Unlocked: Mission 10
Price: 130,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

R-M01 (Rafale M)

Unlocked: Mission 11
Price: 135,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

EF-2000 (Typhoon)

Unlocked: Mission 12 (Normal), Mission 13 (Extra)
Price: 170,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

F/A-18E (Super Hornet)

Unlocked: Mission 13
Price: 150,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

Su-35 (Flanker-E)

Unlocked: Mission 14A/14B
Price: 200,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

*The game misidentifies this plane as the Su-35 when it’s actually a Su-37.

YF-23A (Black Widow II/Grey Ghost)

Unlocked: Mission 15A/15B
Price: 210,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

F-22 (Raptor)

Unlocked: Mission 16A/16B
Price: 220,000
Ammo: 88 MSSL


A-4 (No change)

Unlocked: By default
Price: 45,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

MiG-21 (Fishbed – Replaces the F-4)

Unlocked: By default
Price: 40,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

X-29 (Replaces the KF-C7)

Unlocked: Mission 2
Price: 85,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

A-6 (No change)

Unlocked: Mission 3
Price: 60,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

F-16 (No change)

Unlocked: Mission 4A/4B
Price: 90,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

SF-35 (Draken – Replaces the X-29)

Unlocked: Mission 5
Price: 75,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

Su-25 (Frogfoot – Replaces the A-10)

Unlocked: Mission 6A/6B
Price: 105,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

MiG-29 (No change)

Unlocked: Mission 7
Price: 110,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

TND-F3 (Tornado – Replaces the F-14)

Unlocked: Mission 7
Price: 95,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

F-117A (No change)

Unlocked: Mission 10
Price: 130,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

MiG-31 (Foxhound – Replaces the R-M01)

Unlocked: Mission 11
Price: 160,000
Ammo: 72 MSSL

SF-39 (Gripen – Replaces the EF-2000)

Unlocked: Mission 12
Price: 150,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

EF-2000 (Replaces the F/A-18E)

Unlocked: Mission 12 (Normal), Mission 13 (Extra)
Price: 170,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

F-15S (MTD – Replaces the Su-35)

Unlocked: Mission 14A/14B
Price: 250,000
Ammo: 80 MSSL

YF-23A (No change)

Unlocked: Mission 15A/15B
Price: 210,000
Ammo: 64 MSSL

XFA-27 (Replaces the F-22)

Unlocked: Mission 16A/16V
Price: 500,000
Ammo: 88 MSSL

Assault Horizon Legacy, meanwhile, features a single expanded roster including planes from the more modern Ace Combats in addition to the majority of the planes from AC2’s roster returning.

F-4E Phantom II

Unlocked: Rank
Price: 8,600
Ammo: 800 GUN | 94 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 8UGB | 8 GPB

“A large fighter with a massive payload and superior range making it effective in both air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.”

F/A-18E Super Hornet

Unlocked: Complete Mission 10
Price: 49,600
Ammo: 800 GUN | 86 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 8 GDB | 8 SOD

“A superior multirole aircraft boasting both high maneuverability and stability.”


Unlocked: Complete Mission 17 on Normal (or Mission 11 on Hard or Ace)
Price: 85,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 78 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 16 XMAA | 16 ODMM

“An experimental aircraft boasting high stability and capable of extraordinary maneuverability.”

F-15SE Silent Eagle

Unlocked: Complete 3 Survival Missions
Price: 84,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 82 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 10 MPM | 8 XAGM

“Based off the high-tech F-15E unit, this attack aircraft has increased stealth capabilities.”


Unlocked: Complete Mission 4
Price: 36,400
Ammo: 800 GUN | 88 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 8 GPD | 8 LRAA

“Forward-swept wings provide exceptional maneuverability, while fly-by-wire is used to overcome instabilities.”

F-14D Super Tomcat

Unlocked: Complete Mission 5
Price: 46,700
Ammo: 800 GUN | 90 MSSL | 8 LRAA| 8 QAAM | 16 XSAA

“A swing wing fighter with improved radar and weapon control systems, this plane can handle multiple enemies at once.”

A-10A Thunderbolt II

Unlocked: Complete Mission 14 on Hard or Ace
Price: 74,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 80 MSSL | 8 GDB | 8 FAEB | 8 XAGM

“This ground-attack fighter is equipped with tough armor and a large Gatling gun.”

YF-23A Black Widow II

Unlocked: Complete Mission 21 on Hard or Ace
Price: 119,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 78 MSSL | 8 SASM | 16 XSAA | 16 ODMM

“This stealth fighter has a unique design, which combines high supersonic speed with low radar observability.”

F-16C Fighting Falcon

Unlocked: By default
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 88 MSSL | 6 LRAA | 8 GDB | 10 MPM

“Small and lightweight, this aircraft is a well-balanced fighting machine for air-to-air and air-to-ground combat.”

F-117A Nighthawk

Unlocked: Complete Mission 7 or 2 Extra Missions
Price: 54,200
Ammo: 800 GUN | 80 MSSL | 8 UGB | 8 GDB | 10 MPM

“The latest in stealth technology comes at the cost of maneuverability and weapons load.”

F-22 Raptor

Unlocked: Complete Mission 21
Price: 172,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 72 MSSL | 16 XMAA | 10 MPM | 8 SASM

“A fighter with both stealth capabilities and thrust vectoring nozzles for superior maneuverability.”

F-35 Lightning II

Unlocked: Complete Mission 19 on Hard or Ace
Price: 124,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 74 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 8 LASM | 8 SOD

“A versatile and lightweight carrier-based stealth fighter featuring both air-to-air and air-to-ground capabilities.”

EF-2000 Typhoon

Unlocked: Complete Mission 15
Price: 59,400
Ammo: 800 GUN | 84 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 10 MPM | 16 SASM

“Computer-controlled operation of its control surfaces gives it exceptional agility at both supersonic and subsonic speeds.”

Mirage 2000D

Unlocked: Complete Mission 2
Price: 20,700
Ammo: 800 GUN | 92 MSSL | 8 GBD | 8 RCL | 8 SOD

“Fly-by-wire control of its delta wing gives this fighter super agility and response.”

Rafale M

Unlocked: Complete Mission 12
Price: 59,200
Ammo: 800 GUN | 92 MSSL | 16 XSAA |8 LASM | 16 ODMM

“First "omnirole" combat aircraft, land or carrier based, designed to be used simultaneously for air-combat and surface-attacks during the same mission.”

JAS-39 Gripen NG

Unlocked: Complete Mission 18
Price: 54,400
Ammo: 800 GUN | 86 MSSL | 6 RCL | 8 LASM | 8 LRAA

“Boasting low cost and high availability, this fighter performs the roles of Fighter, Attacker, and Recon equally well.”

MiG-21-93 Fishbed

Unlocked: Rank
Price: 9,800
Ammo: 800 GUN | 94 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 6 RCL | 8 LRAA

“A small, single-engine fighter with high maneuverability and a low production cost.”

MiG-31 Foxhound

Unlocked: Complete 3 Extra Missions
Price: 90,200
Ammo: 800 GUN | 84 MSSL | 8 LRAA | 8 SAAM | 8 RCL

“A high-speed intercept aircraft able to withstand supersonic speeds at low altitudes.”

MiG-1.44 Flatpack

Unlocked: Complete Mission 16 on Hard or Ace
Price: 108,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 84 MSSL | 8 LRAA | 8 SOD | 16 XMAA

“Thrust vectoring nozzles and large canard wings provide exceptional maneuverability.”

Su-25 Frogfoot

Unlocked: Complete Mission 8
Price: 38,400
Ammo: 800 GUN | 92 MSSL |8 GDB | 6 GPB | 8 UGB

“This relief fighter excels in slow-speed stability, and weapon carrying capacity.”

Su-37 Terminator

Unlocked: Complete Mission 20 or Mission 7 on Hard or Ace
Price: 147,200
Ammo: 800 GUN | 76 MSSL | 8 FAEB | 8 SASM | 16 ODMM

“A multipurpose fighter, boasting advanced electronics and thrust vectoring nozzles.”

Su-47 Berkut

Unlocked: Complete 5 Survival Missions
Price: 127,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 74 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 8 SAAM | 16 ODMM

“Forward-swept wings allow sharp turns, while electronically controlled canards maintain stability.”


Unlocked: Complete 6 Survival Missions
Price: 162,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 74 MSSL | 16 XSAA | 10 MPM | 16 ODMM

“A prototype fighter equipped with stealth capabilities and advanced radar.”

F-2A Viper Zero

Unlocked: Complete Mission 9 with an A or S Rank
Price: 40,100
Ammo: 800 GUN | 90 MSSL | 8 LASM | 8 GDB | 10 MPM

“While this aircraft's design is optimized for air-to-ground and air-to-ship combat, the F-2A is also an effective air superiority fighter.”

XFA-27 Scarface

Unlocked: Rank
Price: 326,800
Ammo: 800 GUN | 70 MSSL | 8 XGAM | 16 XMAA | 16 ODMM

“Originally developed as an experimental aircraft, its true capabilities are veiled in secrecy.”


Unlocked: Shoot down 15 Named Aces or Complete All Story and Challenge Missions
Price: 447,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 70 MSSL | 8 SASM | 16 XMAA | 6 TLS

“Developed as a top secret project, this aircraft is the pinnacle of state of the art technology.”

A6M5 Zero

Unlocked: Rank
Price: 115,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 12 GPD | 8 UGB | 6 RCL | 8 FAEB

“A famous fighter known as the "Zero", offering superb maneuverability.”

F6F-5 Hellcat

Unlocked: Rank
Price: 100,000
Ammo: 800 GUN | 12 RCL | 8 GPD | 8 UGB | 8 FAEB

“This propeller fighter's design incorporates substantial armor while maintaining impressive mobility.”

We also have our roster of special Nintendo and Amiibo planes to go through. We saw these in some detail during the Ace replays of missions in the back half of Assault Horizon Legacy, but there’s an overview of all of them together now. The first half of the Nintendo roster is available to all players in-game without Amiibos should they elect to turn on the Nintendo bonuses at the start of a new game.

If you do that, then in certain missions you will encounter A giant floating ? Box from the Super Mario games. Destroying the box with missiles, special weapons, or guns will unlock a Nintendo-themed plane for you to play with. To access the Nintendo/Amiibo roster, simply press Up on the circle pad at the plane select screen and you will be taken to the special roster. Pressing Down on the circle pad will return you to the normal roster. Levels where Nintendo planes can be unlocked will be denoted by a ? Box icon appearing beside them on the mission select screen. Once that level’s plane has been unlocked, the Box will turn into a Power Star icon.

The Amiibo planes are unlocked by pairing certain Amiibos to your 3DS and the Assault Horizon Legacy cartridge. While you will need Amiibos to unlock the back half of the Nintendo roster, if you have corresponding Amiibos for the front half, they will unlock alternate paint schemes for the planes already in the base game.

Basically, give Nintendo all your so they can keep making stupid gimmicky backwards consoles and handhelds.

And now, the planes!


F-22 <MARIO>

Unlocked: 23
Question Mark Box Location: Above the fortress when the tunnel entrance opens up
Price: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 72 MSSL | 16 XMAA | 10 MPM | 8 SASM
Amiibos Supported: Mario (Super Smash Bros.), Mario (Super Mario), Mario - Gold Edition, Mario - Silver Edition, Dr. Mario, 30th Anniversary Mario - Classic Color, 30th Anniversary Mario - Modern Color
Notes: This special plane was the signature craft of the legendary ace Cpt. Lou “Putty” Piezano. It was donated to the Expo City Naval Air and Space Museum following its pilot succumbing to a rare case of Terminal-7.

F-35 <LUIGI>

Unlocked: Mission 13
Question Mark Box Location: Before the third fork in the canyon
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 74 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 8 LASM | 8 SOD
Amiibos Supported: Luigi (Super Smash Bros), Luigi (Super Mario)
Notes: Designed to be the harbinger of the “Year of Luigi,” budget shortfalls and quality control issues saw it delayed several years before its eventual roll out.

Officially endorsed by Fizzicist.

EF-2000 Typhoon <PEACH>

Unlocked: Mission 3
Question Mark Box Location: Near the first targets near the spawn point
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 84 MSSL | 8 SAAM | 10 MPM | 18 XMAA
Amiibos Supported: Peach (Super Smash Bros), Peach (Super Mario)
Notes: I don’t have anything funny to say about Princess Peach

A-10A <BOWSER> (Also called the A-10A <KOOPA> in Japan)

Unlocked: Mission 17
Question Mark Box Location: Above the rocket carrying the final anti-asteroid laser
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 80 MSSL | 8 GBP | 8 FAEB | 8 XAGM
Amiibos Supported: Bowser (Super Smash Bros), Bowser (Super Mario), Hammer Slam Bowser
Notes: I will buy you a $20 Steam game of your choosing if you make a remix of the Super Mario 64 Bowser theme using only the A-10’s chain gun firing noise.

I am serious.


Unlocked: Mission 10
Question Mark Box Location: Over the large southeast lake; south of the 2nd C-17A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 86 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 8 GDB | 8 SOD
Amiibos Supported: Donkey Kong, Turbo Charge Donkey Kong
Notes: This plane was the icon of the star ace of the Kongobongo Air Force and a symbol of its dictator Adm. Gen. Donkey Kong III’s martial authority. It was seized along with the remainder of Kong’s war making assets by INTERPOL following his arraignment on war crimes charges by Judge Artix.


Unlocked: Mission 20
Question Mark Box Location: Over the south mountain range when Albireo appears
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 74 MSSL | 16 XSAA | 10 MPM | 16 ODMM
Amiibos Supported: PAC-MAN
Notes: Wakka wakka wakka


F-14D <LINK>

Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 90 MSSL | 8 LRAA | 8 QAAM | 16 XSAA
Amiibos Supported: Link, Toon Link
Notes:Chaos Mode, you piece of SHIT!” – Artix, 2015


Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 82 MSSL | 8 QAAM | 16 XMAA | 16 ODMM
Amiibos Supported: Zelda, Sheik
Notes: < ^ > < ^ >


Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 88 MSSL | 8 LRAA | 8 GPB | 10 MPM
Amiibos Supported: Captain Falcon


Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 112 MSSL | 96 XSAA | 96 RCL | 96 QAAM
Amiibos Supported: Olimar
Notes: Commissioned by the Federation of Central Usea following the end of the Continental War in memory of all the innocent Pikmin senselessly and brutally slaughtered by Faerie Fortune.


Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 78 MSSL | 8 SASM | 16 XSAA | 16 ODMM
Amiibos Supported: Samus, Zero Suit Samus
Notes: The flight computer of this plane is noted as saying “You’re probably going to regret this,” in the voice of FPzero upon bootup.


Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: 800 GUN | 70 MSSL | 8 SASM | 16 XLAA | 6 TSL
Amiibos Supported: Fox McCloud
Notes: ChaosArgate was disappointed.



Unlocked: N/A
Price: N/A
Ammo: N/A
Amiibos Supported: Yoshi (Super Mario Bros.)*, Yoshi (Super Smash Bros.)*
Notes: While Nintendo’s website lists the Yoshi Amiibos (not including Yarn Yoshi) as compatible with Assault Horizon Legacy, they will not unlock anything in-game, and it is unlikely that they ever will at this point, as even Nintendo isn’t stupid enough to put out DLC for a game that’s over five years old and only did “okay,” if even, in sales.

No one knows what the Yoshi Amiibo would have been used for or what plane it would have unlocked. Perhaps we might find out one day if and when people start digging through AHL’s code and uncovering its secrets, but that’s a long ways off thanks to Nintendo’s rigid DRM on the 3DS. It’s highly probable that Project Aces either couldn’t get the Yoshi plane working properly or merely ran out of time to finish it before AHL’s launch window, so it was dummied out of the game.

The world may never know.


Rather than force Trizophenie to pour literally months into the game to unlock all the alternate paint schemes for each plane, I have instead simply raided Acepedia’s screenshot bank for all the alternate paints in Assault Horizon Legacy and have compiled them here. Rather than post over a 130 additional images in this update, I have elected to stow the images in an LPix test post page for you to view at your leisure.


Omitted from each line is the default paint scheme, seen on the plane roster earlier in the post. What you are seeing instead are colours 2 through 6 for each plane.

As a rule of thumb for the alt colours in Legacy, they fall into a specific pattern, just like they did in Zero. The second colour is Default Enemy paint scheme (every non-Ace URF plane of that model flies those colours).

The third colour is the special colour (often used for the cameo paint jobs such as Mobius 1 and Yellow 13 from 04, or Pixy and Schwaze 1 from Zero, or the special Hayate Fafale M).

The fourth color scheme is the Alternate Enemy paint colour for that plane.

And the fifth and sixth colours are customizable colours, though the sixth colour option also doubles as the Named Ace colour schemes for the game. Shooting down a Named Ace will automatically unlock the sixth colour for whichever plane they were flying.

And now for a general wrap up of the remaining miscellaneous medals in Assault Horizon Legacy and a brief overview of the rank system in both games, starting, as always, with Ace Combat 2.


Both games feature a ranking system which is based on your cumulative performance in each mission across the game. In Ace Combat 2, the ranking system is broadly meaningless and serves mostly as a bragging rights reward and a means to keep track of your progress. Numerous factors go into calculating your rank across the game and so far I have not been able to find any decent guide or explanation as to what you need to do to level up across Ace Combat 2s ranking system other shoot down all enemies as quickly as possible and try not to take any hits while doing so.

The rank system returns in Assault Horizon Legacy, featuring the same rank levels from AC2 and all, however it is made a little more integral to the gameplay in Legacy by turning it into an unlock mechanic. Certain planes and extra missions are unlocked at certain ranks, and you also have clear point totals (though they haven’t been catalogued anywhere online and I don’t feel like going through the game yet another time to manually get them myself as leveling up in Legacy is a bit of a grind). And unlike in Ace Combat 2, you can easily go back and replay missions in Free Mission mode to accumulate the points you need to reach the next rank. Really, you only need to make it to Brigadier General to unlock everything—the XFA-27 unlocks for purchase at that rank—and you can easily do that in an hour’s playtime.

And so, without further ado, here are the ranks in both games in ascending order:

1. Airman

2. Airman First Class

3. Senior Airman

4. Sargent

5. Staff Sargent

6. Master Sargent

7. Senior Master Sargent

8. Chief Master Sargent

9. First Sargent

10. Warrant Officer

11. Second Lieutenant

12. First Lieutenant

13. Captain

14. Major

15. Lieutenant Colonel

16. Colonel

17. Brigadier General

18. Major General

19. Lieutenant General

20. General

21. Commander In Chief (Marshal in Ace Combat: Infinity)

And now, as well, here are the odds and sods medals from Assault Horizon Legacy that require some special accomplishment to unlock and can be earned at any point in the game (though generally on New Game+ runs, however):

Medal: Bronze Ace
Awarded for: Destroying 200 enemies.
Description: Awarded to pilots who inflict great damage upon enemy forces.

Medal: Silver Ace
Awarded for: Destroying 500 enemies.
Description: Awarded to pilots who inflict massive damage upon enemy forces.

Medal: Gold Ace
Awarded for: Destroying 1,000 enemies.
Description: Awarded to pilots who inflict tremendous damage upon enemy forces.

Medal: Flying Immortal
Awarded for: Completing all Survival Missions.
Description: Awarded to pilots who complete even the most life-threatening of missions.

Medal: Virtuous Patriot
Awarded for: Completing all Extra Missions.
Description: Awarded to pilots who complete all special missions.

Medal: Legendary Wings
Awarded for: Completing five (nonconsecutive) mission with the A6M5 ZERO and/or F6F-5 Hellcat.
Description: Awarded to pilots who win multiple battles with the use of propeller aircraft.

Medal: Special Collector
Awarded for: Unlocking and/or purchasing all aircraft, special weapons, equipment, and plane colours (does not include Amiibo planes).
Description: Awarded to pilot who acquire all aircraft, weapons, colours, and equipment.

And now a quick run through of all the special weapons in Ace Combat Zero and a rough summation of what they do, in case anyone doesn’t have time to actually watch any of the videos.


Semi-Active Air-to-Air Missile

Must be manually guided to a target by keeping the target inside the guidance circle and within effective range, otherwise the shot will go off target. Normally a one-hit kill if it connects. Has the firing code “Fox 1”.

Advanced Long (Medium / Short) Range Air-to-Air Missile

Locks on to four targets at a time, has the longest firing range of any air-to-air munitions in the game, and is a one-hit kill if it connects, but is highly inaccurate. Has the firing code "Fox 3".

Quick Maneuver Air-to-Air Missile

Highly maneuverable missile, most accurate air-to-air ordinance in the game, offset by lower ammo count compared to the XLAA/XMAA.

Omni-Directional Multi-Purpose Missile

Missiles capable of striking four targets at once on land, sea, or air, however, it sacrifices speed and accuracy for versatility.

Short-Range Aerial Supression Missile

Uses proximity sensors to detonate near targets instead of upon impact, creating a large blast capable of destroying multiple enemies near the original target.


Unguided Bomb

Impacts a larger blast radius than the UGB, destroying all targets in effective range. Has the firing code "Pickle" in certain games.

Rocket Launcher

Fires a series of rockets in a spread pattern in front of the plane. Difficult to aim due to each rocket's randomized trajectory and launch vector.

Fuel-Air Explosion Bomb

Creates a massive devastating blast by dispersing an aerosol gas cloud and then igniting it to form a fuel-air explosion effect.


Advanced Air-to-Ground Missile

A shorter ranged air-to-ground missile capable of striking up to four targets at once.

Stand-Off Dispenser

Guided bomblet dispenser that causes massive damage through compounding explosions. Destroys all ground targets in a straight line depending on drop altitude and angle.

Ground Penetration Bomb

Aka a "bunker buster". Does massive damage against a single guided target and all other additional targets within its blast radius. Can lock on to ground targets within 2000ft distance.


Tactical Laser System

A high powered chemical laser beam fired in a straight line in front of the plane and can be aimed by steering the plane towards a target. Anything caught in the beam for more than two seconds is a one-hit kill. However, the laser has been significantly nerfed since Zero in terms of range and firing duration.

Machine Gun Pod

An external mounted burst-fire Vulcan canon pod. This weapon is only found on the Zero and the Hellcat and takes the place of standard missiles in their armament, as both planes come from the era before heat-seeking missile technology.

Tracks featured in the EX and SV Missions:



And that, in essence, draws Ace Combat 2 and Assault Horizon Legacy to a close. I’d had my reservations going into this one from the start about whether or not I’d even wanted to do it or just write it off along with Air Combat and ignore it, but Cirv, in a way, talked me into it, so you have him to thank for this one. That’s not to say it wasn’t interesting to take a look back at Ace Combat in its infancy, it’s just that I’m always going to have mixed feeling about this one—have a major health scare right in the middle of it also probably didn’t help colour my opinion of it positively. But I don’t regret doing it for a second though, so now we can move on with it and put it behind us.

Once again, I would like to thank all my wonderful guest commentators, many of whom I brought in to the game blind because there was just so much to cover and I didn’t feel like having anyone do too many repeats at the mic. I’d also like to extend another final thank you to the incredibly generous Trizophenie for all the hard work he put in to make Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy happen. I didn’t think for a moment I would ever get to actually have it LP’d properly, and just when I’d about resigned myself to letting it go, he sent me that first screenshot over Steam showing the gameplay footage on his PC. Again, I’m just beyond words.

Alright then, that’s it, enough about Ace Combat 2. Let’s close the book on this one, and get on my baby, Shattered Skies. Till then…

See you out there.