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Part 1: Ace Combat 3 Introduction & Episode 1 - Awakening

Update 01 - The Faith Park Dispute

Ace Combat 3 Introduction|(1:48)

-Episode 1 - Awakening|(16:21)
UPEO, Dispatch
-Episode 2 - Bravado|(7:52)
SARF's Ace
-Episode 3 - Enter Dision|(8:07)
Dision of General
-Episode 4 - Paper Tiger|(10:13)
Writing on the Wall
The game starts with but fire and chaos soon erupt over Usea again in the first four UPEO missions. We meet our leading cast, get introduced to the state of the world, and quickly acclimate to our place as a pilot in the PKO, SARF! These inaugural missions are designed to get our feet wet and by the end of the fourth video, the main story is ready to kick off. I keep the commentary light but hopefully not too much.

Nemo is, as with all main characters in the Strangereal games, without body and voice. However, we will learn more of him as the game progresses!

Rena Hirose was born somewhere in Usea in April 27, 2021. She was born with Silverstone disease, giving her a fatal vulnerability to sunlight. She had an unnatural prowess in flying aircraft, joining General Resource at age 9. The company created a special extra-vehicular activity (EVA) suit for her, allowing her to move freely under the sun. In 2037, she was transferred to the UPEO. On the outset of conflict between General Resource and Neucom Incorporated, Rena was deployed with Erich Jaeger, Fiona, and Nemo to intercept a Neucom air unit passing near Expo City. After Gilbert Park became the commander of UPEO, she and her crewmates were transferred to the Special Armed Response Force.

When she was a child, Fiona Chris Fitzgerald received special education to become a pilot for selected children. At the age of 22, she received the Master of Arts in Aviation Engineering and Research from studying at Edwards University. Fiona joined UPEO in 2039, where she currently flies as a pilot in SARF.

Erich Rhoemer Jaeger grew up in a middle-class family and was a loved, impatient, and spoiled child. He had no confidence in himself and after successfully graduating from Oxform University with an International Political Science degree, Erich joined the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization at the suggestion of his parents. He later enrolled into SARF after its formation in 2040.

The Special Armed Response Force (SARF) is UPEO's Armed Response Squadron. The SARF was formed in 2040 as a rapid reaction and interdiction force in armed conflicts, with Rena Hirose and Erich Jager as its first members. Their base was New Ark Airport in Expo City, home to the UPEO's headquarters. The squadron used a variety of aircraft, ranging from conventional models to export versions sold from the two main corporations. The latter, named with the "-U" suffix, led to accusations of UPEO becoming a "puppet" of both groups, in particular of General Resource Limited.

The EF-2000E Typhoon II is a modernized version of the EF-2000 Typhoon. It's manufacturer is unknown, but it's likely that the UPEO was responsible. As with most aircraft of it's time, it uses the Connection for Flight Interface, but it's modifications aren't as extensive as most other aircraft. Even though the original Typhoon was considered a high-end in the early 21st century, the Typhoon II isn't as capable as its predecessor when compared to other aircraft of it's time. Since it's performance is sub-par compared to newer UPEO aircraft, it was most likely retired.

The MiG-33 Fulcrum SS(Super Striker) is a fictional variant of the MiG-29A Fulcrum. It is a front-line fighter plane with high marks, an excellent starter plane for the game until more options are available. The MiG in other games takes the 29A form as well as a few others, and generally appears at the mid-points.

The F/A 18i Hornet ADV is a low-end General Resource multipurpose fighter, roughly equal to the EF-2000E Typhoon II fielded by the UPEO. An evolved model of the F/A-18E, it can be equipped with anti-air or air-to-ground missiles. However, the jet was rarely seen during the events of the Usean Corporate War, implying that it was unpopular among pilots. The UPEO model, the F/A-18U, was produced later. Similarly to the -I version, it was uncommonly deployed. It is the first plane the player has access to that fires up to 4 missiles, but lacks an adequate missile bank for long-term deployments.

The F-16XF Gyrfalcon is an upgraded F-16 Falcon. It has the standard array of modifications of other aircraft of it's era, including the installation of the Connection for Flight Interface system, enlarged flaps, installation of canards, and an engine with a higher thrust. This enhances the aircraft's mobility as well as the maximum speed, making it perfect for dogfighting.

Faith Park Dispute
In 2040, the first of many miscommunications between General Resource and Neucom had taken place. Afterwards, Neucom had said that it was a General Resource attempt to control Neucom growth and threatened General Resource. This was known as the Faith Park Dispute. The Neo-United Nations stepped in and talks were held. The conflict was settled immediately after this, with each group being assigned areas in which they are allowed to operate in, on the Usean Continent. Weeks later, Neucom Inc had began to expand it's business into General Resource territory despite their agreements. Now General Resource was asking for the Neo-United Nations (NUN) to step in. As the NUN talked to Neucom Officials General Resource dispatched it's GRDF to patrol around and over the new Neucom Facilities at all times. Tension was building and Neucom soon began to plan to form its own 'Response Team' to match the GRDF.

The NUN calls in the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization (UPEO) to reinforce all Neo-United Nations sanctions on the continent. However, as they arrive Neucom begins to vector Transport Flights directly over cities in General Resource territory escorted by Neucom's own Fighter Aircraft. Finally shots are fired. A SARF Unit is launched from Expo City Air Base and they intercept a large Neucom Transport group. The following aerial battle resulted in Expo City, the second largest city on the continent, taking much damage from aircraft which were shot down and crashed into the city or bullets and missiles which had missed their targets. The Neo-United Nations then put even harsher restrictions on each company because of this and established no fly zones around every major city on the continent. Unfortunately, this did not change anything.

The COFFIN System
The COnnection For Flight INterface system was developed by Gründer Industries after the Belkan War as a means to enhance pilot awareness in aerial engagements. The system consists of a cockpit covered with a completely sealed steel canopy, separating the pilot from the exterior. Vision is achieved through a series of CCTV cameras installed on the outer canopy that relay information to the user in real-time, projecting them in a honeycomb patterned screen. COFFIN replaces the conventional HOTAS (throttle and stick) system with biological and neural sensors that monitor the pilot's vital signs, as well as voice recognition systems. Combat systems associated to COFFIN were developed in 2020 to improve the performance of aircraft using second-generation systems, ranging from offensive hardware such as the Argus missile tracking program to autopilot technology for preventing flight accidents. Second-generation hardware has the ability of limiting the effects of spatial disorientation, further increasing a pilot's capabilities.