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Part 3: Episode 10 - Fates Intertwined

Here's my next batch of Ace Combat 3. I'm pretty happy with how my subtitles turned out. There may be a video or two I don't directly subtitle the pre- and post- gameplay sequence due to sheer amount of though. It took forever for these to render mostly because of how I smudged out the original text. No matter how I went about it I wasn't able to render that much faster because of the way Vegas effects work, and having dual layered the video just to achieve this. Still, it looks good imo. For those videos I'm gonna just load up the LP Screenshot Test poster thing and you can have that up next to the video to watch with or just read it and skip to planes, but it would just be impractical to subtitle it. Especially since the massive wall of text coming up in the next update's first video is repeated in all paths for plot reasons. Also I need to stop making a habit of posting updates early morning.

Update 03 - Just to fly without a doubt

-Episode 10 - Fates Intertwined
Reform of UPEO
-Episode 11 - Reaching for Stars
Light Aiming for the Stars
-Episode 12 - One-Way Ticket
Unit Recovery
-Episode 13 - Bug Hunt
Nanobites Run Amok
-Episode 14 - Pawns in the Game
Park's Scheme

In this update we get some more plot and the overarching plot of Ace Combat 3 starts revealing itself to us. But, this is just one route of five and as part of UPEO we have a very limited perspective. What we know now makes evident that UPEO has been used as a weapon to antagonize both companies into fighting each other, by playing each side and, rather than preventing conflicts, only stirring them. Dision and Park are in league and seem bent on burning Usea to the ground. But in a world without governance, without unity, what can three SARF Aces hope to do against a conspiracy years in the making? Anyway, we attack Neucom, we attack General, then Neucom fucks up royally and we bomb General with Neucom colors...when will something give!? Also how can Rena be so dense when Erich is literally the only one questioning this shit!

Also Jesus Christ, Bug Hunt. I am always haunted by that cutscene, especially after playing Homeworld: Cataclysm enough. Suffice it to say, this is one of many times Ace Combat 3 gets dark.

There is also some Mission Over dialogue I think pertinent to the narrative so I'm gonna go ahead and post that as well.


Fates Intertwined MISSION OVER Debrief
I think I was bad today.
I didn’t mean to say those sort of things.
If it’s alright with you, tell Rena, too.
I wanted to understand.
It wasn’t her fault; this is war, after all.
But for me, the thing with Fii was....
That’s enough; forget about it.


Reaching for Stars MISSION OVER Debrief
Do you think that UPEO is seriously trying to maintain peace and order right now.
At this rate, SARF
will probably only go on to become Commander Park’s pawn.
I still don’t believe that. I want to think that I’ve got some goal to fly like Rena.
It’s just, I’d hate to die for the sake of someone’s self-interest.

Based on the Su-37 Terminator, the Super Flanker is one the most advanced aircraft in the Universal Peace Enforcement Organization's arsenal. It was one of the first aircraft acquired by the group, being obtained along with other planes such as the MiG-33 Fulcrum SS and the EF-2000E Typhoon II to avoid accusations of a General Resource hardware monopoly. As with the original Su-37, it achieves superb maneuverability through aerodynamic features and three-dimensional thrust vectoring. It is a highly versatile machine in combat, being able to conduct air dominance and ground attack roles with ease thanks to its large fuselage. Over time, it underwent upgrades such as enhanced powerplants and canards, weight-reducing alloys and composite materials, the inclusion of arrestor hooks for carrier operations and an upgraded flight refueling system.

The Su-37 was one of the aircraft operated by the UPEO in the General Resource-Neucom conflict. A particular model, the Su-37R Super Flanker-R, was specially customized for SARF pilot Rena Hirose. It was mostly identical to the conventional version, the largest difference being the inclusion of the Electro-Neuron-Synapse-Interface (ENSI) system.

The second ground attack aircraft of the R-series, the R-211 Orcinus was first conceived as an evolution and upgrade to the R-201 Asterozoa. The Orcinus boasted stronger engines, greater damage resistance, stability and enhanced air combat capability. As with the R-201, the R-211 uses a combination of laser weapons and air-to-ground missiles, and uses similar wing morphing technology. It entered service with Neucom in 2040, seeing combat action in the Usean Corporate War. All in all a really good plane that could definitely hold its own in an air-to-air battle as well as dominating the ground.

Named for Killer Whales.