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Part 4: Episode 15 - Damage Control (Translation)


EAPN [GN Rushing into Hostilities]

Yes, on location flying a few kilometers away from the skies of Port Edwards....

Oh, we’re live? A lot of black smoke is rising from Port Edwards. In the skies above it, the shapes of countless fighters that sortied from both the Neucom and General Resource corporations’ bases are...


It’s another explosion! What a dreadful sound that was! Everyone, if my voice reaches....

-News Caster-
Yes, this is the studio.

To sum up the reports here once more, we will repeat: This afternoon, at Port Edwards, USEA: General Resource and Neucom have broken into a state of hostilities. the battle is still ongoing.

The NUN—the Neo United Nations, in order to resolve the situation, has decided to dispatch UPEO’s peacekeeping forces....



GBS [Terrorist Outbreak]

In the Meriton region, the chance of rain within the next hour is 76.5%.

The high is 20 degrees Celsius, and the low is 15 degrees Celsius....

It started with the ATM’s. In the control systems of the Electrosphere’s core routes, a large number of interrupts occurred; it seems that all information coming forth from the Sphere is garbled.

For this reason, banks and many other such institutions related to both General Resource and Neucom have gone out of service.

In theory, an accident like this is supposed to be impossible with the Sphere, but I think we’ll want to wait on an investigation into the cause.

-News Caster-
This is no accident. According to information just in, a letter claiming responsibility from a group calling itself “Ouroboros” for causing this panic was delivered to General Resource headquarters.

However, the company’s PR is denying access to information concerning this item.


As far as we are concerned, this attack was necessary.

The world is ruled by materialistic desires that cling to that curse known as flesh.

At the point in time when the economic strength of joint-managed-style giant multinational corporations exceeded the governing structures of the government and justice systems of the so-called old world order, we should have awakened.

However, as long as we are in the flesh,to refuse control by materialistic desire is also difficult; that, too, is a fact.

And so... due to the limit insofar that it is hard exceed the flesh, our lives, being thus maintained, are always being bound by desires — desires for food; lusts; sleep!

In order to maintain life, even if only the bare minimum, these must be obtained with currency or not at all. We of mankind would obviously suspect that there will never, ever, ever be any perfect release from this curse. The limit of mankind is the flesh, bound by countless desires!!

GBS [Terrorist damage follow-up report]

Yes, this is the airport. Here, air lines connecting to all sectors have suspended all mail services. There is still no announcement as to the reason.

There are even rumors that in one sector, General Resource’s air superiority has been completely compromised; the airport is showing the extremes of disorder.

Everyone, I’m broadcasting from a location about 50 kilometers away from the Geofront. Can you see me?

In the skies above me, countless fighter formations have caught numerous figures headed for the Geofront area on camera.

SENDER UNKNOWN [The true meaning of revolution]

Our rise to action... many people still seem to be misunderstanding. Certainly, the things people are seeing at the present point
are little more than the mutual killing so familiar to mankind.

However... that is all we shall say for now. The forces that the organizations known as General Resource, Neucom, and UPEO and the war they carry out even now, are the entrances for the revolution we hope for.

...indeed. For us, the true enemies are not the powers known as General Resource and Neucom, much less UPEO and such. When this revolution is complete, what we — no, all mankind will grasp — will not be powers like these at all!

NVS [Uncensored news.]

-News Caster-
On General Resource affiliated news outlets, there was an announcement that at present, keyword censorship for broadcast contents has been included in delivery systems.

A large-scale restriction of the press like this being enforced is a first. This current program is being broadcast from an independent station.

That being said, you will be able to see our uncensored images here.


We already possess the technology for the purpose of allowing all mankind to exceed its limits, and are preparing it.

—cast aside the flesh!

This is a revolution done to set lives free. And now, we will declare: Sublimation of all mankind! That is the one and only truth that will advance our lives into a new generation!

This technology is not a dream. Perhaps we should show you a piece of evidence.


This man, due to a General Resource trick 10 years ago, completely lost his flesh.

...and yet, as a life in the Electrosphere, he certainly exists even now. Indeed, the “Will”, organized by the powers that came to be called by the names of “Life”, “Mind”, and “Consciousness” which we all equally hide from the start, made not a limit of the frail existence known as Flesh and such, after all.

And this truth we came to hand down as information from prehistoric times. We need not look back to history——

As for the existence of Life without the limit of flesh, we transformed in this way. That is, “the new image of mankind.” And so, above human history, Dision was reborn into the first life without flesh.

We install him as the Leader of the Beginning, and put this revolution into action!

Park [To the ladies and gentlemen of SARF]

Well, I am thanking all you of SARF for the great service you have poured your hearts and souls into. Until now, we have been demanding the reward of the vague, intangible feelings known as peace and such, so it is to be expected that there have been many who shed their blood in vain, as well as dire times.

However, today... the curtain closes on times like those all too soon. From now on, I will be sending word to you SARF-affliated aces individually. Now, stand up, and participate in our revolution.

As of today, SARF is dissolved. It is now a revolutionary of Ouroboros, under the command of Abyssal Dision....

Rena [I can’t believe it....]

It’s not true....he’s the leader of the coup!?

It can’t be true! The cause of all these battles was... Dision.

Everybody... I’m sorry.

I’m going to make sure of it with my own eyes.