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Part 8: Episode 29 - Betrayal

Update 07 - Cracks in the Facade

-Episode 29 - Betrayal
-Episode 30 - Heart of the Serpent
The Threat of Ouroboros
-Episode 31 - Geofront Attack
Break Down
-Episode 32 - Casualties of War
Winged Devil
-Episode 33 - Geopelia
Eight Silver Planes

A very poetic end this time around with some very creepy music! There's a nice touch in the results screen of that mission where Dision's plane, the UI-4054, is shown destroyed with a blue X, indicating the wingman shot it down. RIP Keith

As for the strange things that are suddenly happening, it opens up a lot of things to speculation, and there will be even more once I drop the first Ouroboros path. Indeed, things are starting to change, and not at all for the better. The most egregious thing to happen yet is what happens in Ep33...

Processing is taking weirdly long on Ep33 so I'm just posting now. By the time anyone sees it I'm sure it'll be golden.

The XFA-36A Game is capable of performing any task that a pilot can dream of. Its air frame, avionics and armament systems are extremely advanced and the aircraft employs a unique tailless system. During flight, the 3D thrust vectoring and near-vertical wingtips make up for the lack of vertical fins. As the Game breaks the sound barrier, the wingtips hinge downwards and pivot to maintain maneuverability and stability. The XFA-36A is first deployed by the General Resource Defense Force in mid-2040 just before major GR operations begin. It was the XFA-36A which took part in the famous "Operation: Hit and Run" and lead the GRDF attack on Port Edwards. Eventually, the terrorist group Ouroboros began to use these fighters. They were deployed sporadically during their operations, but were seen in full force during the attack on Megafloat. It's likely this plane was based on the McDonnell Douglas X-36, a prototype jet designed to fly without a tail.

The XR-900 Geopelia was developed by Neucom with the help of former General Resource engineers involved with the X-49 Night Raven, who abandoned the company after the Darkness of Enigma project's cancellation. Noticing the risks of the Opto-Neuron-Synapse-Interface system, it was developed as an unmanned aircraft from the beginning. Research on AI control was carried out under the "Gepetto Project". A conventional Aero Coffin cockpit was installed in early flight tests, but was removed in the final version. Although Neucom has established its naming convention for marine animals, the Geopelia is instead named for a genus of small-tailed doves. The XR-900s seen in the GR path are the only instance of this plane ever seeing combat. It's likely, but not confirmed, that Ouroboros or Dision had programmed these planes to awaken and attack if he was killed, or maybe he had even planned to use them later. Regardless, if these planes were left to their own devices, nobody would be able to put them down thanks to their unmatched specifications...