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Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere

by Lunethex

Part 13: Episode 41 - Zero Gravity


It’s me... it’s Simon. Are you there, I would hope?

No matter.

Oy, oy... well, whatever the case, in regards to your work so far, I’m honestly impressed.

—about which, is the general idea. Even after you transferred from UPEO, I didn’t know just who you were. After all, I myself didn’t notice anything, at least, you see.

But that’s quite alright; quite alright. You’re alright just as you are. If you go in with nobody noticing you or knowing anything, that’s alright.

For that purpose, you....


Simon [I was so disappointed.]
What’s up... not there again? Or pretending to be out?

No matter.


Maybe I am mistaken, you suppose? Yeah. There is no need for you to answer this question.

But anyway, if you need me again, think on it at that time.

—well then, take care.