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Ace Ventura: The CD-Rom Game

by Rocket Baby Dolls

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Original Thread: Let's Play - Ace Ventura: The CD-Rom Game.



What is this?

Ace Ventura: The CD-Rom Game is a point and click adventure game that is based on the animated series Ace Ventura: Pet Detective which is based on the Ace Ventura films that were filmed and released in the mid-90s. If you have seen the films or TV series then expect more of the same in this game and it more than likely hasn't aged well in the last fifteen years. This is my first time playing through the game in full, I did play the demo when I was younger but that is my only experience with this before now.

The game feels very unfinished as there are a lot of hotspots that we can't interact with or they just give us a generic response, according to a text file released with the game there was meant to be a manual save\load system which was a feature in the manual but was removed, and there also seems to be missing audio along the way too.

LP Details

This is going to be a VLP and I'll be recording commentary live as I play through the game. I'm going to aim to do at least one video a week, there won't be a strict schedule as a lot depends on my work rota and childcare. This game is relatively short and will probably be completed in a couple of weeks as it's only going to take five or six updates.

Let's Play: Ace Ventura: The CD-Rom Game

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