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Original Thread: Conquering the White Sentinel - Let's Play Aconcagua



Nestled along the western coast of South America, a great geographical scars cuts it's way through the lush tropical forests and scenery. That craggy stretch is the Andes and among it's snow topped peaks is a singular imposing sight...Aconcagua. Standing over 22,000 feet high and reigning as the second largest mountain in the world, Aconcagua has been the siren call to many a mountain climbing enthusiast and ultimately the reason for the demise of many; so what better thing to base around survival adventure game around!

Made by a mostly unknown developer, released in Japan only near the end of the PS1's life cycle, and being a point and click survival adventure title, there were many things that have left Aconcagua to be forgotten in the annals of video game history but I feel that would be a shame to do. Because outside of it's shortcomings there's honestly a lot to appreciate in the game. It paved the way for future, over the top survival action games like 'Raw Danger' or 'Day of Disaster'; it probably used the PS1's graphically to the extent of it's hardware limits (or at least did some interesting visual trickery to make things look a little less shabby in comparison to the PS2 which was shortly to come out); and on top of that it's got some pretty amazing sound work and story telling to get across.

So strap in, get your hiking boots on, and get ready for a leisurely paced romp through the 'White Sentinel'....Aconcagua.

Katoh is a Japanese journalist who was heading to Meruza for a chance to interview it's democratic patriot and future leader, Pachamama. Also he hopes one day to make sweet love to Aconcagua's tender peak.

Pachamama is a democratic patriot hoping to bring peace and civility back to her homeland of Meruza. Sadly it seems that not everyone out there shares her optimistic and altruistic outlook.

Steve is a brash and loud mouthed American engineer that just wants to get off this damn mountain before it kills him....or before anyone else kills him for that matter. Steve is a dick.

Julia is an American journalist that seems to be looking for the same hot scoop as Katoh, but something about her behavior just seems a bit suspicious.

Lopez is another plane survivor and an American business man. He's also burly and strong, and I feel very secure when he holds me in his arms...but that's only in my slash fic.

For extra untranslated fun, I recently did a live LP of an excellent Japan-only FMV game for the PS1. It's kind of a sci-fi murder mystery with action and intrigue and maybe a few finely dressed Terminators....
Part 1: Alive with live commentary
Part 2: Still Alive (though I can't say the police are fairing as well)
Part 3: Alive behind the wheel
Part 4: Alive with smocks
Part 5: Alive...or dead (Schrodinger's Atsuko)
Part 6: Alive with explanations
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